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Need help!

hello everyone,

i am struggling with those marks on my face for over four months. No matter what I do and what I don’t do, those marks don’t disappear. I got told it’s not acne scars, and those marks feel like more under the skin than a bump on top of my face. Please help me guys :(! Do you guys know what it might be and what I could use? I used hylaronic acid, a face oil, a Sa cleanser, foaming cleanser. Used different things and also had a break just to see if it would make any difference. No success
thank you 




Re: Need help!

@nitec  You mentioned being told those marks aren't acne scars. Who told you that—a doctor? Have you seen a dermatologist about them? 


Before you try microneedling your face at home with a derma roller, please consult a derm. It's very easy to damage your skin with an at-home derma roller. A better and safer option is to let a dermatologist or medical esthetician perform an in-office microneedling treatment—if they recommend that treatment at all for your skin issue. 


Also, please note that (to my knowledge) no BIC member is a board certified dermatologist, so none of us can accurately diagnose your skin. Only a doctor can do that. A derm is your best bet. 🙂 

Re: Need help!

I've had luck with fading marks using Tranexamic Acid. SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense was the first product to feature TA but The Inky List has a Tranexamic Acid Overnight Treatment and Peace Out has Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots.


SPF 50 over a Vitamin C serum should add in stopping the mark's longevity and progression.


Retin-A (Tretinoin) at night should also help. I'd get a trial with Curology. A physician will look at your photos and answer questions before sending you a personalized formula. $5 for your first bottle. I can't recommend it enough

Re: Need help!

They look like some scars, you may want to try using a derma roller combined with a serum that removes scars, and vitamin c + sunscreen in the morning. And please be very careful when using a derma roller. I’d suggest searching online how to use it first. Like you have to sweep in one direction o it, you don’t want to cause any permanent damage. But it will help! And stay out of the sun or make sure to wear a hat for 1 week after doing the derma rolling! 

Re: Need help!

Is there a vitamin c product that you would recommend?

Re: Need help!

The most effective Vitamin C serums I've experienced are the holy grail, SkinCeuticals C E Furulic and the Timeless C E Furulic. Use under SPF 50 (minimum)during the day. Sun always makes marks worse.

Re: Need help!

Hello have you tried a salycic acid ? 

Re: Need help!


i did try SA cleanser and it doesn’t help at all. Is not even fading. I used Niacinamide by the ordinary as well.

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