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Lapis, UFO, and Luna Help

I have gone back and forth with these brands over and over and over again- I need some input.


about myself:

I have Normal-Prone to Breakouts Skin.

I'm in my late twenties 

I live in a city/high pollution area.


I'm more than willing to spend what I need on a serum that will keep my skin and its barrier protected, hydrated, and clean. I'm only newly a "normal" skin type- it feels like a stretch because I used to be dry-to-very-dry and although I have very random oil days- my skin leans towards dry 90% of the time. 

I've been struggling with an angry breakout that just wont die! I know the warmer weather also means more oils and spf but- I do also really need to update my regimen.  


I'm open to other suggestions too- but I'm been between these three the most and would love advice and feedback on them most! Thanks!

RE: Lapis, UFO, and Luna Help

Thanks for your input girl! I have some SA products for my breakouts and apply them accordingly (but the dry out factor does scare me which I should have specified better in my original post)- so I wonder if UFO would be a good option to apply to areas I typically breakout it. And I like retinol and R-A products! I use great moisturizers to counter any of the products that require moisture balancing for skin correcting. Iโ€™ve been curious about herbivores products but havenโ€™t tried any- doesnโ€™t sound like Iโ€™d benefit from that particular product though. My pores are are real issue and Iโ€™d love to get them cleaned, under control and tighter looking.

Re: Lapis, UFO, and Luna Help

Hey @lindseyshak, I use two of the three oils so I thought I would share my perspective. Firstly all three oils are quite different

1) Herbivore Lapis - Good moisturizing oil for those with combo oily skin

2) Sunday Riley UFO - This has salicylic Acid in it so great to apply where you break out. the salicylic helps fight acne and the oil formula helps to avoid over-drying (common in acne treatments). Does have a strong smell, that if you dislike could be a problem

3) Sunday Riley Luna - I haven't used this, but its a Retinol based oil. Unlike prescription strength retinol this is lighter and mixed with the oil again helps avoiding your skin from over-drying (a possible side effect of Retinol).


Depending on what else you are using I would pick an oil accordingly. If you don't really use anything else maybe you would like the Luna. Also its important to understand your skin type and the difference between 'dry' and 'dehydrated' skin.


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