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How long do you take to shower?

So there's lots of articles saying things like, oh, you should not stay in the shower for more than 10-15min. I don't understand how you can wash everything in 10-15min cuz, honestly, skincare alone take ~10min, so does the hair, and the body (5 min to rub things on 5 min to rinse things off thoroughly). I'm physically incapable of taking less than 30min shower unless I skip washing something (and usually it's 40min). How long does it take for you to shower? Any time saving tips? o.O


Re: How long do you take to shower?

My shower is 8 minutes. I shampoo, then put on conditioner. While my conditioner sits, I wash the rest of my body/shave my underarms. I rinse the conditioner out, and wash my face.

Shaving my legs, on the other hand, is a huge event. I'm in the shower for 20-25 minutes when I have to shave. It's rare that I do though

Re: How long do you take to shower?

I definitely take at least 30 minutes. I shampoo, condition, do a face mask, exfoliate my body, shave, and other miscellaneous beauty stuff, like lightly exfoliating my cuticles and massaging my face. And zoning out. Smiley Tongue


Some tips are to turn off the water when you don't need it, like when you scrub your body or shampoo/condition. You'll go a bit faster because you're feeling cold. Smiley Very Happy Also to multi-task, like scrubbing your body while your shampoo and facial mask do their work, or conditioning while you shave. I also set my showerhead to a stronger setting so I can rinse off faster.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

I dry brush before taking a shower or bath (typically oil pulling at the same time). Dry brushing usually takes about 5 min or so. I do like to multi task if possible/ if I remember (shampoo first, then conditioner/ mask, then body wash/ shaving/ wash/ exfoliate face).So maybe 10 min shower; if I'm not washing my hair it is quicker of course. I should use my hair masks for longer but I don't normally (though stepping out of the shower and then doing a face mask would be a good idea for this).


I don't take a ton of baths since I don't want to dry my skin out (though you can apply oil before to prevent this), but I took some recently since I was sick. I don't do 1 hr baths anymore. A nice relaxing/ invigorating bath tip is to use pretty warm water (not hot unless your bath product calls for it), soak for a bit, then drain some of the warmer water and replace with cool water (nice to stick your ankles under cool water), soak for a bit, and then warm again. I always follow up with oil after a bath. And recently in addition to my bath products, I've been adding apple cider vinegar to the bath which also is pretty relaxing (and the bath products cover up the ACV smell).

Re: How long do you take to shower?

I can usually get done in the shower in about 10-15 mins. I jump in and wet my hair, shampoo, rinse, conditioner. While that sits, I wash my body. To save time, I just use my lathered body wash essentially as shave gel, so you avoid not only the extra step but the extra cost. I shave legit like every day so at this point I can do both legs in about a minute and a half. I then rinse my body, rinse my hair and then wash my face. I use an additional organic wash on my lids because they are SO oily. End of shower :-)


I will say, when I had longer hair, it took me forever. My hair is so thick, and with it being long it took ages just to be able to thoroughly wash my hair and make sure everything was rinsed out. I have drastically cut my hair now and it hardly even touches my chin (I can't think of how to describe it other than pixie in terms of how it frames my face but it is full, not super short to my head). That alone has helped me cut at least 10-15 minutes off the process.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

I am about 10 minutes in the shower, this includes all my washing, skincare and haircare. If I need to shave, it adds 5-10 minutes, but I barely grow body hair so it is an infrequent extension. My husband can knock out a shower in 5 minutes but he is just getting into proper skincare routines now that he works for a dermatology clinic. 

Re: How long do you take to shower?

30 minutes for me also! I mean, I usually wash, shampoo, then I do a treatment in my hair, and i have to wait quite a bit. In that time i usually exfoliate, remove my makeup etc So yeah, its hard to take a 10 minute shower haha!

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Well, I have to get up at 5am to get to work - so no way do I take 30 minute showers... Maybe 10 minutes, tops. I'm all business when I am showering. I might be willing to soak in a bath for a while, when my schedule allows (like at night,af ter the kids are in bed).


My boyfriend will take 30-40+ minute showers with the water just sort of half on. He will get up extra early in order to have time in the morning for this. Sleep is too high a priority for me to allow time for long showers.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

30 minutes for me, sometimes if my back is hurting I'll just stand under the hot water. 

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Im 10 minutes. If I have to shave, it takes 15.  Baths are around 20 minutes 

Re: How long do you take to shower?

I'm much more of a bath person for long warm relaxation.  So I tend to take very short showers.  My hair right now is pretty short and I don't often wash it, so I can conceivably take a five minute shower (and often do) to just clean everything off.  If I'm shaving/washing my hair it'll be about ten minutes. 


But when I get in the tub? with my LUSH goodies and body scrubs and bubbles?   Forget it. I'll see you in an hour or so. 

Re: How long do you take to shower?

i love long hot showers which is terrible, but right now where i almost never have time pressure in the morning i take long showers, like 30min.  in terms of my normal morning pressure shower it's 15min, 20min if i'm using my exfoliating scrub.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Hmm on average I take about 20-30 minutes in the shower. I've never understood how someone could take any longer than that. I have a friend who takes hour long showers O.O.

Whimsically yours,

Re: How long do you take to shower?

lol. If my hair is washed, i can take a 10m shower, and then 5min to wash face, brush teeth and use a lip scrub. If i have to wash my hair then its 20-30m

Re: How long do you take to shower?

It takes me 15 minutes if I'm washing my waist length hair, 5 if I'm not.  That being said the water doesn't run that whole time.


Water on -

Wet hair, shampoo scalp, rinse

Apply conditioner, put hair in a clip

Wet shower poof add soap

Water off -

Lather up

Pumice feet

Shave (I fill a small metal bowl to rinse the blade with the water off)

Water on-

Wash face

Unclip hair

Rinse Everything

Water off - done

Re: How long do you take to shower?



How is it your hair is twice as long as mine but I take twice as long as you in the shower? X.X

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Efficiency born of a water bill lowering contest.  I never really do one thing at a time.  While I lather my face my hair is already rinsing under the spray for example and I let the conditioner work while I do everything else.  After a while it becomes habit.  

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Do you have one of those valves that allows your shower to maintain it's temperature when you turn it off for brief periods.  I used to live in a house with one of those and took short water on and off showers.  but now I live in a house where turning off the water totally destroys the temperature and I have become wasteful again.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Yep, it was put in when we redid the bathrooms last winter.  Between being able to turn off the shower and the new 1.6g toilets we've cut the water bill by more than half.  We're down to a $75 a quarter on the water/sewer bill and I have a fairly large garden to water in the summer. 


Of course the garden will be less of an issue next year since we put up new gutters we're going to get rain barrels in the Spring.  We always use cooled cooking water on the plants as well, goes out when we empty the compost bucket in the bins.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Spray on your soap in seconds!  


Much faster than bar or liquid soap.


  • Simply step into your warm shower.
  • Get your whole body wet, but not your hair.
  • Face away from the shower's spray.
  • Tilt your head back toward the water to get it wet, while simultaneously spraying speed soap on your front private area. Rub it in good. 
  • Turn around toward the spray while reaching to pause the shower's spray or to aim it toward the wall. 
  • Spray speed soap into your hand to do your rear private area. Rub it in good. 
  • Rinse your hands, because that soap is now dirty. 
  • Bend forward and spray some speed soap on your back and hair (if you choose to use it for your hair).
  • Stand up straight and spray speed soap on your face (close your eyes! :-) ), chest, stomach, thighs, arms, and armpits.
  • Hang up sprayer or put it aside.
  • Apply shampoo if you didn't use speed soap on your hair.
  • Rub into your hair.
  • With your soapy hands wash your two feet and lower legs.
  • Rinse your feet so you won't slip.
  • Rub speed soap in, all over your body.
  • Rinse off the speed soap.
  • Dry off and go!

Happy quick showering! :-)

Re: How long do you take to shower?

Unless I'm luxuriating in the warmth of the shower, it takes me around 20-30 minutes to get all my soaping, scrubbing, and shaving done. As someone else mentioned, shaving while you let your conditioner do its work saves a bit of time (as, obviously, does waxing certain areas rather than shaving in the shower); other than that, I think the articles you've been reading must be basing their estimates on either A.) the amount of water usage that's least damaging to the environment, with no regard to practicality, or B.) men.

Re: How long do you take to shower?

It takes me about 20 minutes. I have long hair and now that I have gotten it permed, I spend about 5 minutes waiting for the conditioner to work its miracle. I do not wait around for the 5 minutes to be up though - instead, I take that time to show the rest of my body or even shave. I do not have any time saving tips except that if you are waiting for stuff like your conditioner to work its miracle, use that time to wash your body or do other things.