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Bacterial Acne/ Fungal Acne

Hi! I was wonderin if anyone recommended any products that are cruelty free or clean at sephora that would treat the small bumps underneath my skin on my forehead? I have been looking into korean skin care as well, so if anyone has any recommendations from korean brands that treat this, please let me know! my skin is fairly clear otherwise, except for my forehead!

Re: Bacterial Acne/ Fungal Acne

Hi @amandadlc ! Are you sure you have "fungal acne” and not true acne on your forehead? Have you been diagnosed by a dermatologist or other doctor? Fungal acne is really a yeast overgrowth called malassezia folliculitis. Derms usually prescribe oral or topical medication, or recommend washing the affected skin with shampoos or body/face washes that contain antifungal ingredients like ketoconazole (Nizoral shampoo), selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders shampoo, and I think Neutrogena makes one), or pyrithione zinc (Vanicream Free & Clear shampoo, or Vanicream Z-Bar). 

Sephora doesnt sell any of those, but they do carry some sulfur treatments. Sulfur is antifungal (and antibacterial, which is why it’s sometimes used for true acne). Of the products Sephora carries, Id only use SUNDAY RILEY Saturn Sulfur Spot Treatment Mask 0.5 oz/ 15 mL or Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask , though I think both are overpriced. You can find much cheaper sulfur bars elsewhere, like the Dermisa Sulfur Bar. 
If your small bumps are true acne instead, here are some usual go-to ingredients: 

If you choose to start retinol or adapalene, use it just once or twice a week for a few weeks. Then increase usage to 3 times a week, and keep gradually increasing usage til you're at a comfy-for-you frequency (nightly, every other night, or whatever). You might notice some purging, aka new acne suddenly popping up; think of it as the retinoid evicting bacteria from your pores. You might also go through "retinolization," a fun period of increased dryness, flaking, and irritation; this shouldn't last longer than a month, and there are ways to reduce it, like applying your retinoid over your moisturizer to buffer the side effects. 

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