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I am looking for some skin care products for oily skin that would help me. Any recommendations?Smiley Happy

RE: Help!

Not sure what products you’re using currently, as analyzing them is the first step to figuring out what’s not working. I have combo/oily skin and have struggled to find a skincare routine that matches my skin type. A couple things I learned in terms of the oily nature of my skin: -avoid toner with alcohol in it. It will strip the hell out of your skin, and cause an overproduction if oil along with irritation -face oils are your friend.... when used in moderation. Oil is oil, so drenching yourself in store-bought won’t change that your oils are still there. But a modest amount of oil in your regular routine can help balance your skin’s sebum production and help keep you less shiny overall -less is more. While it can feel great to follow a long and structured skincare routine with a ton of different products, it can actually be more beneficial with oilier skin types to stick to a more trim routine. The more layers of skincare products you coat on your face, the more your skin will sweat beneath them, overall increasing your oil production and breakouts. Along those lines it’s also important to apply a minimal amount of each product to not overwhelm the skin. Hope that helps a bit!

Re: Help!

What's your current skincare routine, @axalea1 ?

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