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HELP! sudden itchy textured face




hi everyone! 


so i don’t know what to do. the past 2 days i have woken up to something similar to a rash on my face- there are several bumps under the skin all over my face (forehead, cheeks) and as u can see they aren’t necessarily red but my face feels hot and does itch, particularly on the sides of my nose and forehead. my skin looks really textured now and overall has a stinging feeling. i’m not sure what to do i’ve never experienced anything like this before. 


in terms of any new skin products i’ve been using; i used to use the tatcha dewy cream moisturizer but stopped because i wanted to try olehenriksen (which i liked) i recently started using the dewy cream again this week. i have also started used the farmacy cleansing balm twice, and i tried the innisfree hydrating serum 2 nights ago.


if anyone could please enlighten me to what’s going on with my face and what products to use to calm my face/ moving forward i’d really appreciate it!! my birthday is literally next week so i’m super sad about this 😞 


for reference i do have combination skin, leaning more towards dry. i don’t break out often but my skin is very sensitive- especially towards fragrances or anything fruity (i have tried both the huda beauty foundation and too faced watermelon infused primer and both broke me out) 

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

Hi!! I was wondering if you found the problem and solution to your post? I’m experiencing a similar reaction 😭

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

Me too!! I have graduation in a week and I suddenly has these bump. I did use cosxs bha solution for black heads. That’s all I have used for active ingredients. 

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

@tesah, I completely agree with all the previous advice. Once you’re able to calm your skin down, I recommend trying the following products first on calm skin to ensure you can tolerate them. If they are tolerated (and they likely will be), they can be used during a future sensitivity flare up. They’re all from the Dermalogica Ultracalming line. 

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser 8.4 oz/ 250 mL, Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster Ultra Calming, Dermalogica Calm Water Gel Moisturizer 1.7 oz/ 50 mL


In the morning, you’ll also want to add in a 100% mineral / physical sunblock (zinc oxide) as traditional, chemical-based sunscreens will not provide benefit when your skin is in flare up with a compromised barrier and May exacerbate your flare up. For that, I use Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30. When my skin is more stable, I opt for Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 PA +++ 1.7 oz/ 50 mL. 


Note: I receive frequent chemical peels to treat cystic and hormonal acne and early signs of aging. The above products were recommended to me by my esthetician as a post-care routine to ensure maximum healing and benefit. This post-care regimen has been pure magic for me. I even had an allergic reaction to a new product long after I’d healed from a peel. Using this routine ONE TIME reduced all hives, inflammation, and redness and restored my skin. Worth looking into!

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

Give your skin a break and use what you know that really works and didnt bother your skin. 


Later, like after your birthday, you could try to re-introduce products (one by one) to find the one that cause the issues. 


Happy b-day in advance 🙂

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

Hi @tesah ! I would have a look at the ingredients in the new products. Are there any ingredients you’re not sure of? Any added fragrance? You may be reacting to an ingredient. It may also be because of something else, and you could always go to a dermatologist if you can’t figure it out. For now, I would stop using the new products and later try to isolate which products is causing this irritation and why. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions, have a great day 😊 and happy early birthday!

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

@tesah  Couple thoughts and questions


  • Did you use the same jar of the Dewy Cream? Could it be possible that the product has expired or is past it's POA? 
  • Did you change your laundry detergent recently?  if yes try taking an allergy medication and see if that reduces the redness/bumps 

Essentially you want to stop using everything you started new (the cleansing balm and the serum) and just use a familiar cleanser and a familiar moisturizer and see if the irritation dies down. Then slowly add in a new product for like a week and see if it comes back. 



Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

I'm experiencing the same problem, 

I woke up one day with really irritated textured, bumpy skin. (My skin is normally clear, with 1-2 pimples  sometimes)

I havent really changed anything, skin care is the same, although i did buy a Vitamin C serum a week ago, but i experienced no bad reaction the first couple of days I used it, (So not sure if its the serum).


Just wondering, how would the laundry detergent affect this?

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

@meou yes it’s the same jar of the dewy! i purchased it end of june. i don’t believe i have a new detergent but ill double check! 


i may just throw out the balm and serum to be on the safe side. i was using the belief cleanser prior to everything- do u think i should continue that or should i try the first aid beauty cleanser/mask? i’ve never tried them before but i heard they are great for sensitive & irritated skin. 


thank u so much for answering btw 🙂 

Re: HELP! sudden itchy textured face

@tesah I hate wasting product so I'd do the slow reintroduction also a weird fascination haha. 


I'd go with the belif just because you know that doesn't bother your skin. Its totally possible that whatever is bugging your skin is also in the first aid beauty cleanser/mask 

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