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Influenster Program Tips/thought

I was wondering for some candid thoughts about Influenster; I just joined today after seeing that so many reviews are free samples from them. Tips on getting the most samples? Should you focus on just 1-2 categories or go all out? Also, thoughts about connecting social media accounts? I’m hesitant as the app notes that they can post and comment on your behalf? 
Honestly, I just want free samples… and to give the reviews… hoping to eventually find products. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@Ecat79 I’m late to this thread but bumping in case anyone cares.  

my thoughts are just be honest about your interests and preferences.  I have a lot of preferences checked.  I get offers for food which I don’t accept.  I’ve also received a lot of cosmetics this year.  For example: a dior serum, a shiseido eye cream, a box of products from well people products (tinted spf, serum, moisturizer, lip gloss, mascara), Charlotte tilbury liquid blush, it cosmetics shadow sticks, and lancome serum. I also received a Brita countertop filter.  

I’ll be honest, it’s more stuff than I can actually review.  And not all of the stuff is a hit.  The well people tinted moisturizer is awful, for example. 

they don’t post to your accounts. You have to make posts to your own accounts on their behalf.  

obviously, I’m doing it for the free samples, too, but it’s also not subsidizing my shopping.  I think the best tip is you don’t have to accept every campaign.  For example I accepted a Kleenex campaign once.  I had to post a box of Kleenex on my instagram feed.  🙄. There are plenty of products I’ve received that I hated.  Like a Bobbi brown palette for example.  

I think it’s best not to game the system and to just try to answer questions as genuinely as you can.  

don’t expect to get la mer and dr. Barbara strum for example.  There are a lot of opportunities for drugstore cosmetics, too.  I don’t accept them because I don’t use them.  Every now and then I’ll try a drugstore item and I’m always disappointed. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

Hi, came across this and would like to know how to do this? I can’t seem to find it 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@JamieLeeJamie @You would google search Influenster and sign up there. Just letting you know you don’t just get free samples right away you have to work for and post reviews of things. They make you work for it. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@Ecat79 @I joined last year and it is a lot of work to try to get something for free. I got a lot of food items which they will reimburse you but you have to connect your PayPal. I don’t do those. It took several months to get an item to review. I just got another one a week ago but now they require TikTok which I don’t have or plan on getting. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it but you can always see how you like it. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought


Thank you!  Yes, it seems like it will not be worth it for me. I am always scared to link my socials and payment accounts... and am not that vested to devote hours for the samples. I will stick to my BI and instore samples.  Really appreciate the honesty!

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@SportyGirly125 Great feedback. Thank you for being honest! I just joined last week, and it really is a lot of work. I don't have tiktok either. Thanks for saving me time!

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