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Dollar Store Haul Thread

Have you ever been browsing around the Dollar Store and found some amazing beauty finds? Lately I have been seeing lots of great name

brand finds. 

Feel free to post any beauty, makeup, skincare, nail or hair care finds here! 



download (1).jpeg

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread


Two little items from Dollarama:

Covergirl Lippie and Sugar Lip Scrub. The Covergirl lippie fills me with both joy and smadness (sad/mad). Smadness because I bought two of these before for over $10 each at Shoppers and now they have them here for $2.50! I’m definitely going back to buy more and replace some matte lippies that are too drying for me. 

Also seen at Dollarama. Their health beauty section is getting better and better! Dove and Aveeno are making an appearance. There also some fun candy themed goodies on the shelves.







Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@JoSometimes Great Dollarama haul! I guessee correct! Yay!! I wonder if the Dollarama near me has this big of a selection. Both items are a great deal. I am intrigued by both. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them 😊

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@Mellmars1185 I have three shades of this lippie now. I like that it’s hydrating and decently pigmented even with the core not having any pigment. I have one deep red that I keep in my car for when I want to add some pizzazz to a look.

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread



An epsom salt haul! I need do some foot soaks for the next week and also for some home spa days. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@JoSometimes What a great haul! Your feet will be happy. Have you tried it yet?

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@Mellmars1185 I did! I I actually bought more than I needed, so now I have extra for some relaxing bath time. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread


I’m extremely surprised to find this at Dollarama. Glaxal Base is the OG moisturizer (at least for me) for eczema. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@JoSometimes Great Dollarama find! Sometimes they have some great brands. I wonder if they get items before they are discontinued (hopefully not)!

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@Mellmars1185 Good question! I’ve been visiting Dollarama more often lately. CP24 posted a comparison between products carried at grocery stores and Dollarama and Dollarama has been coming up cheaper. Exact same item/brand but for less. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@JoSometimes Interesting! That is good to know. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread


This is from two different dollar stores.


The polishes are from an independent dollar store close to work (new year, new school). One blue glitter topper and one rapid dry top coat from LA Colours. They were $3.99 each.


The organizer is from Dollarama and was $4.00. It’s about time I organized my makeup. The plan is to put my usual go-to items here. They had a neat carousel organizer for the same price but it didn’t have the same capacity. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@JoSometimes Great finds. I saw the carousel organizer. It looks handy. You are right about the capacity. I am looking forward to seeing how this helps you organize your collection. I really like the independent dollar stores. Sometimes you can find some really special items. 

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

Thanks @Mellmars1185! First I need to clear some space for it. I might get the carrousel one for smaller items if I need more.

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

I found this at Dollarama this weekend for $4.50. I have not even seen this at Shopper's Drug Mart before. It was $1.00 more expensive than the regular gel shave lotion but I wanted to try it out.



Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread


 (large & small dishes pictured plus their shoe storage I use to store my bonnets which I hung up using their sticky hooks, lol)


I buy their clear candy dishes to store my stuff in! In this pic I have (left to right) face drying cloths, makeup remover cloths, face wash cloths, headbands. Then down lower I have face wipes and eye/face masks (I have another in my fridge). 

In my kitchen I have my walnut scrubbers stored in one. And in my makeup room I have cotton rounds, beauty blenders, satin scrunchies and hair rollers stored in them. 

my best find was a rechargeable face mister which I put toner, essence and water in them! They light up, too. 

The best gem at dollar tree is their shower caps. They’re fabric lined on the outside and sold by the shower curtains. I use them for my pre-wash day treatments. I do a scalp treatment, conditioner mask and oils the night before wash day. I use a satin bonnet I also got there (washed first) and put that on, then apply the shower cap and pull the edges of the bonnet out to flip over the outside edges of the cap. That way it prevents any abrasive rubbing along my hairline. The cap works great since it creates a little heater using the warmth of your head. Of the treatment caps I’ve purchased, I prefer my DT bonnet and shower cap method! 

I also used their school supply containers to organize my hair stuff in my makeup room.


Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@LoriCrosby  Your makeup and skincare is so organized!! I love thé way it looks and the way you organized it thanks for sharing!

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@LoriCrosby Thank you so much for sharing! I really like your idea to use the shoe storage to store your supplies. It looks like you are very organized. The shower cap idea is great. I would love to see your makeup stash one day with all of your dollar store storage 😊

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

Five Below...not exactly a dollar but even Dollar Tree is raising prices.


Furry sandals - count me in!



Did we mention these face masks in the past?



Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

@greeneyedgirl107 I had to do a double take on those masks. What cool finds! Hopefully they smell like the real deal and are at least decent face masks!

Re: Dollar Store Haul Thread

Big Lots has them this year in their kids cosmetics .

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