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Body mist?

What is the difference btw a body mist and regular fragrance? 

I was just browsing the body shop and came across the fact that the most abundant ingredient is alcohol. wouldn't it then just "fly away?" would you spray it after body lotion? or in what cases would you use a body mist? 

Re: Body mist?

Body mist is just like a less concentrated perfume. I like body mists over perfumes because I am sensitive to scents. If I wear one that is too strong for too long I get irritated. I think spraying it over lotion would be a good idea! I also use body mist to spray around the house because you usually get more product per bottle and it is cheaper (well at least at the Body Shop it is).

Re: Body mist?

Thank you so much for the clarification 

I didn't wasn't clear on what it was meant for because there are already perfumes.. 

I think I'm going to try a few Smiley Happy I heard Victoria secret has nice scents as well Smiley Happy 

Re: Body mist?

The brazil nut body mist from the Body Shop is my fave!

Re: Body mist?

Body mist is just a light, fresh scent and lighter than a fragrance which can be heavy..there's different types of fragrances too. Body mist doesn't last as long as a fragrance. Mist is less concentrated compared to a fragrance. Mist gets applied when a fragrance does.

Re: Body mist?

Thank you so much for the clarification Smiley Happy 

I just wasn't sure what it was used for if there are perfumes out in the market.. 

Is there a hidden gem in the market other then the well known Victoria Secret and Body shop? 

Re: Body mist?

Bath and Body Works has a big assortment of flavors. Looks like they changed their body mist name to 'fine fragrance mist'..I still have an original bottle called 'body splash' which was their body mist.

Re: Body mist?

Thank you Smiley Happy 

I will try both body shop and the bath and body as soon as my flu is gone so that I can actually smell different things... Smiley Happy 

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