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BIC Fragrance Finder

Are you looking for a new fragrance to try and fall in love with? This thread is for people looking for a signature scent or a new addition to their scent wardrobe.


It would help if you have an idea of what you're looking for. If you're not sure how to narrow things down, try asking yourself about


  • Notes? Amber, bergamot, jasmine, leather, just name what you like 🙂
  • Type? Looking for something floral, sweet, fresh, spicy, fruity, woody, smoky, aquatic?
  • Vibe? Something sultry, girly, bracing, polished, simple, extravagant, playful?
  • Place? A scent for the office, first date, weekend day wear, something else?
  • Price? Let us know if you have a budget 🙂


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Hey all! So... I am looking for a VANILLA fragrance! I already have a nice collection of scents that I love, however I got a 20% off fragrances coupon from Sephora and it expires today, so I want to use it.  For reference, not sure if this will help, but my current rotation of fragrances is:


Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Byredo Bal D'Afrique

MMM Lipstick On


I have a few others but they are ones I rarely touch.  I was thinking to try the 7 virtues vanilla woods? I DO love woodsy scents, and I dont think I have anything in my assortment that's similar.  Does anyone have other suggestions?  Budget wise, I do not want to spend over $100 after discount, and this is something that I plan to wear for all times of the day, and for all events, thanks!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder



I've only heard people enjoying Vanilla Woods. I think the company reformulated because the version I have is straight up vanilla planifolia in alcohol and it smells like it! I mean, the idea is to mix and match the 7 virtues but seriously? However, I see on Sephora's website that there is now rose and oak essential oils in the ingredients list. There definitely is NO rose in the version I have but that sounds like a nice combo even if it's very simple. Other suggestions


Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@pocketvenus @Titian06 Thank you both!  I have tried the Tom Ford and Juliette Has a Gun before, and I LOVE the Tom Ford, but it is a tad too smoky, and I remember the Vanilla Vibes just didnt stand out too much for me.


I went in store after work yesterday and tried a couple- I tried the 7 virtues vanilla woods and also the Atelier vanille, and sprayed each on one wrist.... The Atelier ended up smelling VERY vetiver on me and I could no longer smell any vanilla after about 30 mins.  The 7 virtues smelled great, and stayed that way for hours, so I ended up using my coupon online to get the gift set they have available (large bottle, travel bottle, and 7 virtues book)  Woohoo!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@sabrinas Glad you found something you wanted 🙂 I should try this reformulation!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@sabrinas - I'm glad you found something!  Enjoy your new scent!  💖💖💖

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Hi, @sabrinas !  I can't be too helpful because vanilla is a migraine trigger.  However one scent that I really like and I can wear is Juliette Has a Gun Vanilla Vibes@pocketvenus might be able to recommend something too.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Titian06 Thanks for the tag 🙂

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I love citrus,fruity love love some type of lemon I just love the smell. Soft Oriental ,woodsy type.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

 I would love recommendations for scents ! I like some fruity florals (berries, cherry) and warm sweet fragrances- I like sandalwood, creamy vanilla. A lot of fragrances I like the smell of turn bad on my skin including poison girl or the newer ysl (the sweeter one). I don’t like green “fresh” fragrances.  They smell too masculine to me. I am looking for a day to night scent, not too loud/strong, but warm and close to the skin. Ty ty ! 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Ooh!! My go-to for everyday is Juliet Has a Gun Not a Perfume. Sounds weird- I know but I saw it was trending so I had to buy it and I definitely don't regret!!

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder



Soft, warm and sweet scents that are gentle

  • L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc
  • Diptyque Tam Dao is a standard sandalwood but if you can spend more, Mona di Orio Santal Nabataea hands down

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

Right now my go to perfume is the original Prada La Femme.

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I have adored Narciso Rodriguez for her Eau de Parfum all my life (I also have the eau de toilette version) and would love to discover similar fragrances to it out of curiosity. I experience it as a warm floral scent with white musc, although I'm sure @pocketvenus would have much better adjectives to describe it 😉 my scent vocabulary is limited haha. Where would you say this fragrance falls on the scent wheel you posted? Would it be under floral only or are there any hints of woods? There were some posts on fragrantica that suggested The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil as a similar scent, which was intriguing and I may pick it up later in the year. Anyone else have ideas?


Side note: I decided to organize my perfume sample vials and list them all in a spreadsheet to get a better understanding of which scents worked for me and which didn't and I'm honestly quite surprised that I've only hoarded 55 😄 I was expecting closer to 100 ahahaha

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Guessgal That's a great description of the fragrance 🙂 The wheel is only meant for guidance but I'd categorize it as a soft floral due to the musk. It's funny because sandalwood is obviously a wood, but sandalwood is like its own kind of wood and really deserves its own category! It has a soft, sometimes powdery, and sometimes even has creamy quality to it, whereas the other woods, what we typically mean when we say woody, are sharp and clean, the coniferous woods like cedar, cypress, and so on. So I would not categorize this as woody. There's also oud wood which is not at all like the coniferous woods and it sort of gets its own category.


Fragrantica users say For Her is similar to Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely though I've actually never smelled it myself! TOCCA Cleopatra might also hit that white musk trend.


For Her's noses are Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian and I think you'll find Kurkdjian does not shy away from musks in some of his fragrances for his own house so maybe give those a try? Nagel is more subtle and less commercial than Kurkdjian. She's done some for Jo Malone that might be to your liking, like Iris & White Musk, Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne . She also did Miss Dior Cherie which isn't heavy on musk but has that sweet floral patchouli vibe.


Another nose who enjoys loading up on white musk is Dominique Ropion. He's done SO MANY perfumes. maybe try Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb ?

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I am blown away. You spoke about woods in a way that transcends reality. Wow, I hope to meet you one day (Sephoria 2022 maybe!? 😉) to hear more of what you have to say about fragrance! Also, you are a smart lady. I never thought about looking at For Her's noses for similar musk fragrances! I was surprised to see your mention of Jo Malone. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't quite understand the hype over Jo Malone and I think it's because the minis I have are on the fruity end of the spectrum. I'll definitely look into the iris musk & peony ones you mentioned. I'm optimistic that it may change my take on the brand overall. 


As for Kurkdjian, I hadn't heard about his own house of fragrance, but I am thrilled that you put his line on my radar! You were right that he incorporates a lot of musk into his fragrances; almost every bottle I looked at of his on Holt Renfrew sounds right up my alley! It's too bad that I can't waft the scents in stores, but I'm thinking of purchasing one of Kurkdjian's body oils to get a feel for the scent, then graduating onto his perfume version if I like it. Thank you so much for your help and sharing your wonderful knowledge in this community 💛💛 I am eternally grateful🙏 @pocketvenus 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Guessgal You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words! <333 And yes, it would be fantastic to meet you someday 🙂


Going by nose is kind of a new search strategy for me. For the most part, fragrance noses have kind of stayed anonymous and some fragrances are composed by a team or it's anonymous and all you know is the name of the company who employed the nose or noses! And liking once fragrance from a nose doesn't mean you'll like the others since most work within the constraints of another company's briefing. But I think with some noses, you can definitely get a sense of their style so there are definitely noses I "follow" even as they are releasing work with different companies.


For me, I like some JMs but find them pretty expensive as they are relatively simple compositions. I think for some, it's the appeal of being able to mix and match these light, pretty and versatile scents that play well with each other. And especially for North Americans, I find perfumes that are clean and not overpowering are appealing as we have so many scent restrictions these days! The JMs also remind me of Hermes' Hermessences line which also pairs two ingredients. Hermes got a lot of flack for this because like JM you have simple, minimalist compositions, but here the nose's idea was to create haikus where the second line counters the first in some way and then your perception shifts with the third. What JM is doing is similar in that they're also offering minimalist pairings, but different in that the two ingredients do not present an unexpected contrast so much as compliment each other with ease. Anyway, price and perfume is a really weird thing!! 


I think you can get MFK samples from his site? Testing new perfumes takes so much more effort and waiting these days!!!! Good luck with testing xo

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Guessgal - I have my samples in a spreadsheet too!  This was not its intended purpose, but it helped me pinpoint my fragrance migraine triggers.  I've learned a lot about what I like and don't like!  💖💖💖

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@Titian06 @Guessgal I love that you're both so diligent with your perfumes <333

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

I’m looking for a scent that I can wear daily/whenever I go out (I work from home for my primary job due to Covid, and work at an animal hospital part time). I’m looking for something that is subtle but not flat/timid, and sunny/warm like me without being heavy, too woodsy/earthy. I want to be able to wear it on my wrists/neck(?), and have it last most or all of the day. I’ve never been into perfumes, but I’m looking to feel more feminine, alive, sexy (but not outright seductive—I’m a professional), and sophisticated when I wear it. Something I won’t mind smelling all day, but that isn’t too boring. And I’m not sure if I want alcohol based or oil based, just long lasting. I don’t want the smell to be cool/refreshing or smell like an old folks home (no offense—l love the elderly!!), I’d rather it be much more sunny/timeless and younger/middle age appropriate. I also have anxiety so I’m hoping I’ll have a good idea of what kinds of scents/brands/items/whatever I want to sample when I go to choose and purchase a scent. I’ve found a few that I enjoy, but not that perfect one yet! I’m searching for the perfect scent totally knowledge-less and in the dark, but hopefully y’all can help me! 

I enjoy several scent profiles/combos from spongelle:

  • “Pink raspberry blended with watery pear, exotic orchid and white patchouli” (but that’s too girly for what I want)
  • “Top: green citrus, tangerine, grapefruit tonic; M: lotus flower, jasmine, dewy lavender; 😧 sheer moss, musk, cashmere woods”
  • “T: musk, aldehydes; M: lavender; B: powdery notes, creamy vanilla”
  • I also liked the honey cinnamon smell they had

I also liked the sample perfume Sol de Janeiro SOL Cheirosa ’62 Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray but it smelled too “yellow-y vanilla-y”

And I didn’t mind the smell of Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum 

Thanks so much in advance! My budget is probably about $50-$100 but I’m open to other scents if they are perfect for me! 

Re: BIC Fragrance Finder

@JessAdamo7 I am by no means skilled at recognizing specific notes in scents, but from what you described, I think you might want to try Glossier You. It is warm with a bit of vanilla, just a bit spicy, and not overpowering (or unfortunately long-lasting 🙄). Just my two scents 🙂

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