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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Play non-subscription box

I noticed the Play boxes are available without a subscription which is awesome! I really want to try one before I commit to a subscription.  My question is, the 50 extra insider points, how are they redeemed if there's a date on the card for 2017...some are from January 2017.

Re: Play non-subscription box

i am wondering that if i order 2 of those playboxes with some other stuff...will they arrive with my order or just like they do monthly...???

Re: Play non-subscription box

@somya07 they'll arrive like a normal purchase (so, most likely with your other stuff.. but sometimes they ship from different warehouses)

Re: Play non-subscription box

oh great..thanks

I'm guessing they will issue newer cards. since they are...

I'm guessing they will issue newer cards. since they are reboxing these

Re: Play non-subscription box

I have the sub, and I don't think I've ever had anyone refuse a card if it wasn't recent.  I keep them in my wallet and don't always pull them out in order, so I've definitely applied older cards a few times. 

Re: Play non-subscription box

@dollyparts I was wondering the same thing. I’d guess they are going to be expired but maybe a nice associate would give the points anyway?  May want to post in customer service to see if they can answer. 

RE: Re: Play non-subscription box

They usually give you a month. So the card I got for November was good until the end of December.

Re: RE: Re: Play non-subscription box

Yes I understand that but the play boxes they have for purchase without subscription include a 50 point voucher that is labeled for the month it came out.  So I want to purchase one that was for January of this I still get to redeem that card since it is now expired.

Re: RE: Re: Play non-subscription box

@dollyparts I think they'll include new 50pt cards because the box descriptions say you'll receive them (and how they can be redeemed). It would be strange to expect customers unfamiliar with Play to know that these cards expired months ago.

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