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Bad customer service.

I’ve always heard Sephora had horrible customer service... even the my subscription addiction chick had a blurb about their poor online service. Well, I just contacted them about my play box, I’m literally laughing about how bad the service was. For a prestige company like Sephora, you would think they could train the people who talk to customers.

Re: Bad customer service.

Have to agree about the poor customer service. Recently opened a credit card…. Spent 2 hours between the Sephora chat and the credit card trying to determine why my order would not process. Guess they left out the part where there was a limit to my order. After finally having a cc rep tell me the limit was $500, the 25% discount was applied and the online rep helping with my order placed it after stating I needed the items to be expedited as I was leaving for a trip. So the order was cancelled. Another 2 hours wasted between the chat agents and the cc rep to determine the discount no longer applies. Ironically, no purchase was ever made. Attempted to email customer service and My valid complaint was dismissed as if they did not need or want my business. Totally disgusted. Figured I might as well post here, as emailing customer service got me nowhere. Feels almost like a misrepresentation of information “25%off your first order” to open a credit card with them just for it to be messed up on their end. 

Re: Bad customer service.

Hi @RaquelDauch,


I'm so sorry to hear this! I'll send you a message shortly.


Warm regards,


Anonymous Insider

Re: Bad customer service.

Horrible customer service . Ordered the Sauvage Parfum and they sent Eau de parfum in spite of several please to not send the eau de. then they wrote to me saying they selected based on best match. when I sent the pic from their site of the parfum, they apologised for the previous email and said there is a cost difference. Now, I am stuck with returning a product to one of their stores, defeating the whole purpose of ordering by phone. My money is never being spent at Sephora again.

Re: Bad customer service.

Hi @Anonymous,


I'm sorry to hear about this! I'll send you a PM to assist you further.



Re: Bad customer service.

I just had a horrible experience too. I paid for the 2 day shipping service and am still waiting for an order that was shipped a week ago. When I contacted them to see where the order is they tell me they don't know and that the items I ordered with my points are no longer available. I can either get a refund or some of the items, but not all of them, resent. That's it. Nothing in exchange for the items or for the inconvenience. I sent them an email saying how frustrated and upset I was at their terrible customer service and they straight up ignored all that and just asked if I wanted a refund or not. With all the money I spend here, I would've expected better.

RE: Re: Bad customer service.

I know exactly how you feel. The in store service is getting ruder and employees more interested in fixing their makeup in the mirrors(which they aren’t supposed to do on the floor ps and btw) than offering assistance. They literally act and look like they don’t care. I’ve had employees look me dead in the face and just walk by without asking if they can help me. I’ve been a rouge for years and with the obscene about of money I spend, I deserve much better service and quite honestly the “perks” of being a rouge are very minimal considering what it takes to get rouge. I’m thinking it’s easier to shop at Ulta or on the brands’ websites than deal with unprofessional and blatantly careless employees. I submitted a detailed complaint and never heard a thing back. Pathetic service. Hire professionals and STOP hiring you tube/instagram wannabes.

Re: RE: Re: Bad customer service.

Hi @j4bailey,


Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us. I sincerely apologize for your experience, If you would like please send me a private message specify which Sephora location you visited and I'd be happy to forward this feedback so improvements can be made. Thank you!



Hi @Sharon720,


I'm very sorry to hear this! I invite you to send me a private message along with your order number so I can take a look further. Thank you!







Re: Bad customer service.

Hi @ZoeyGirl241@gamgams, and @iluvemakeup,


I'm so sorry to hear about your guys' Customer Service experiences with us. Please feel free to send me or any other Mod a private message with details of your experience, so we can assist. Thank you.


Best Regards,


❤️ Raquel 

Bad customer service.

Sephora has the WORST customer service at their stores and online. My ORDERS are never right online and in-store the workers are clueless!!!!!! I took my daughter to a Sephora store and 3 different people helped her and all 3 give her a different color foundation to make her skin all 3 were wrong!!! AS r online CS their reps told me that I should probably shop elsewhere!!!!

RE: Bad customer service.

I have had poor and good experiences with their customer service. My recent experience with customer service, the rep was clueless about Sephora Play box program and told me my card was not going to get charged because I did not meet the deadline, which is fine. The rep even put me on hold to confirm with the manager. In the end I was charged. I was happy to get the box but the fact I was told I was not going to get charged, just on principle, that is wrong.
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