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inconsistent color

Had a sample NARS blush in lovely pink called Orgasm. Just ordered the larger size and the color's peach/orange. What went wrong and how do I get the proper color?


Re: inconsistent color

@dylan9 What year was the sample you had from, and was the one you just purchased the regular full size, or one of the limited edition packaging ones? I don't have more than one version of Orgasm myself to compare, but I did find one blogger who mentioned a color inconsistency between their regular and one from one of the LE collections. Here's their photo:nars-limited-edition-orgasm-swatch.jpg


Alternatively, are you sure you got "Orgasm" and not "Orgasm X"? They have very similar names so it would be easy to select the wrong one, and Orgasm X is more coral than Orgasm.

Re: inconsistent color

@ibblej You are amazing. That is exactly the color difference.  1) I thought I ordered Orgasm but didn't know there were two of them so I can't be certain.  When the case said Orgasm X I thought that meant it was regular size rather than a smaller sample.  2) The sample's (well?) within the past year; the regular size just arrived.

Re: inconsistent color

@dylan9 Aw thanks, glad I could help! If it has an "X" on it, it sounds like you got the "Orgasm X" shade. I really don't know what NARS was thinking, giving their new shade a name that's literally a single letter away from another one! I'll bet this is going to happen to a lot of people.

On the bright side, Sephora should be able to give you a return/exchange for the actual Orgasm with no trouble.

Re: inconsistent color

@dylan9 @I have had samples of Nars Orgasm and the full size and the color has always been peach/coral colored 

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