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What Makeover to get

Okay so Homecoming season is upon us (at least some of us) and I would love to hear advice/experiences/suggestions about getting your makeup done.


I want to look "instagram worthy" glammed up so I'm a bit worried that if I get a 45 minute makeover it won't be enough time. I'm also a bit worried that if it's a complimentary makeover but where you have to buy stuff, that the process would be rushed and too focused on selling me stuff.


So questions I'm asking are-

What has your experience been? How can I get the highest quality makeover? What is a worth it price for a makeover?



also.. they aren't pushy salesmen.. they don't need to be...

also.. they aren't pushy salesmen.. they don't need to be, when you like how you look you want the products to recreate it. that's how they sell it, plus the 50 you have to spend you get to take home in product.. can't go wrong with that!

recently I took my niece to Sephora to have her makeup do...

recently I took my niece to Sephora to have her makeup done for her senior pictures a few weeks ago. it was absolutely not a good experience. I am a die-hard Sephora fan and I have had my makeup done fabulously there... however... if I learned anything from the experience with my niece it will be this: 1. make sure you bring images with you of how you usually do your makeup so that your makeup artist can get a sense of your style that you're comfortable with and how you like your brows etc 2. have a picture on hand of the ideal look that you're going for even if the colors should be different 3. know how fabulous or how natural you want it 4. snap a picture of the outfit you're wearing to homecoming to show them so they can customize coloring I think that partially the makeup artist was not experienced with a super fair-skinned red-headed young lady and partially she was not very specific and what she wanted she ended up with something way more natural than what she would have liked to have. the more clear you are with what you're going for I think will be the better it turns out for you. we booked for a 45 minute session and that was enough time. also if you can do your color iq ahead of time that'd probably save time on color matching

Re: What Makeover to get

as a former employee at Sephora, I can answer your questions. All Makeovers are high quality, they use whatever you want to use in the store. Or if you don't know what you want to use, they will pick for you. Maybe if you want the most beautiful look possible, you might want an hour. Ask sephora first if they can do it in 45 min time or not. Makeovers at sephora isn't just to make you buy makeup, so you don't have to worry about them pushing sales. They only thing required normally for a makeover is you need to purchase 50$ in product before hand atleast for a makeover, but since you said it's complimentary you don't need to purchase anything for it.  They will just suggest something for you to buy but it's not a big deal. They will also give you a card to give to the cashier that says they did a makeover on you. So even if you don't buy anything, just go to the cashier to give the card so they can get their work recognized 😉 

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