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Please Help!!

Hi all,


About a month ago, I had a bad accident in my home. I tripped over one of my puppy’s toys and face planted through my glass coffee table and had to get 18 stitches in my face of all places.


The stitches came out 7 days later but I still have scars all over my forehead and on my nose.


I love skin care and makeup but the two things I don’t really know about is cover-up or foundation because I’ve never needed to use it. I usually just use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or Fenty Eaze Drops.

Can anyone please recommend anything that will help me cover up these scars? I would really appreciate it because right now I don’t even want to go out in public.


Thank you to anyone who offers some advice. 

- Jess lion


Re: Please Help!!



First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your accident, it sounds pretty awful and probably traumatizing.  I'm glad you're okay and luckily you are gorgeous so hopefully this won't impact you long-term.


I haven't kept up with makeup too much, but I remember that as of some years ago, Dermablend was the industry standard for heavy coverage concealer.  Ulta carries it, so hopefully you can get to a store and test it out, maybe even with a sales associate who knows some tips and tricks.  Drag queens are actually a great source of info for heavy coverage makeup brands and methods as they often have to cover beard shadowing, etc.I would think that methods would be as important as products when it comes to dramatically changing how you use makeup.  Though drag queens tend to go pretty heavy handed for performance makeup, you can adjust it to a level you're comfortable with for daily wear and maybe ramp it up for special occasions.


One thing I can recommend from my own experience is using glutathione supplements to reduce redness of scarring.  It's not exactly on every pharmacy shelf, you'll probably have to order from online. It helps the redness fade faster.  Do research first though to make sure you don't choose too high a dosage and it doesn't interfere with anything else you are taking.  There are some topical products that use glutathione but not tons.  Go on the cosdna website to search for products with glutathione in the ingredients if you're interested.  I remember there were a couple of brightening Japanese toners with it, I just don't remember what they are.


I hope your doctors talked to you at least a little about what to expect over time.  If you've always had healthy skin, you may end up with no permanent scarring, or the kind it takes a microscope to see.  But don't get caught up in thinking that how you look on any given day is permanent --it totally isn't.  You are healing and everything is temporary.    Take care of your health and understand that things like how much sleep you got or how dehydrated you are may give you a day where it looks worse rather than better, and that is normal and not permanent.  Time is your friend because it's healing and a year from now you will look better than you think is possible right now.  You are gorgeous and you're always going to be gorgeous!

Re: Please Help!!

@JessLaC One of my friends had scarring from an accident, she got a cream from a dermatologist that really helped but I unfortunately forgot the name of it. It was clinical strength and I really saw a huge difference, I would recommend going the same route if you want something a bit more potent than OTC. I had a dog bite a few years back with very minor scarring in which I had a lot of luck with using Kate Somerville D-Scar™ Scar Diminishing Serum 0.66 oz 


Hope this helps! 🙂 

Re: Please Help!!

Try a COVID mask, for starters, it covers a lot! So sorry about your accident @JessLaC . KVD Lock-It concealer, foundation etc. were made to cover tattoos, so they may cover scars well too. I've used them for small scars. Dermablend brand was MADE with you in mind, too. 


Re: Please Help!!

@JessLaC you might try a more heavy-duty concealer like the NARS Soft Matte Complete Full Coverage Concealer and you might be able to still use a lighter-weight foundation or tinted moisturizer over that if you don't want a completely full-coverage foundation.

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