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Palette comparisons

Ok so here I have the latest palettes I've gotten and I thought they all looked similar and maybe some of you might be trying to decide which one to get or compare the colors. 


The ones I have here are:

Laura Mercier

Naked 3

TooFaced Chocolate Bar

Lorac Pro 


Here they are in natural light:



and here I flipped the camera and added flash....



The two that looked the most alike are the Chocolate bar and the lorac pro



(sorry I didnt mean to chop off the names of the lorac bottom shades)

If you want swatches of some of the colors I will do some. These two are crazy close....


Re: Palette comparisons

They still sell then, at sephora in JCP and Ulta also has them

Re: Palette comparisons

i looked at ulta website and laura mercier didnt even come up

Re: Palette comparisons

Just got my hands on the last Lorac Pro at my local Ulta. So you might want to go check it out there.They are all sold out online, and aren't sure when and if they will be restocking it. And Sephora is getting rid of Lorac products all together, as I was informed from another thread here. 


Re: Palette comparisons

Thanks for posting the four palettes for comparison.  I am still on the fence on the Chocolate Bar palette.  I love warm neutrals and it is the warmest of the four palettes.  The Strawberry Bon Bon shade really throws me off of the palette.  I will wait and see it in store.

Re: Palette comparisons



are you ready???



TOOFaced Chocolate Bar VS Lorac Pro Palette:

here we go.... names working from left to right 


1. TF champagne truffle

2. LP nude

3. TF white chocolate

4. LP cream

5. TF Strawberry cream

6. LP light pink



1. TF creme brulee

2. LP Gold

3. TF Marzipan

4. LP Lt. bronze

5. TF Haute chocolate

6. LP Pewter



1. TF Milk chocolate

2. LP Taupe

3. TF Semi-sweet

4. LP Sable

5. TF Triple Fudge

6. LP Espresso



1. TF amaretto

2. LP Garnet

3. TF Cherry Cordial

4. LP Deep Purple

not dupes, but swatch worthy....

5. TF Gilded Ganashe (bottom)/ the most strange and lovely shade EVER

6. TF Black forest truffle ( top)/ I used this in the TF look yesterday


NOTE: Top has flash - bottom is with a yucky old fluorescent light in my kitchen Smiley Happy

All of these were swatched with Nxy jumbo eye pencil in milk for visual aid. I think we all add a base anyways, but I smeared it out a little on the sides so you could see them on bare skin.


OK so here is my opinion....




TooFaced Chocolate Bar WINS!!!!!!

The color payoff is crazy amazing the colors are so soft and buttery, much more smooth than the Lorac Pro. If you are looking for a dupe I would recommend this one. The only thing the LP has is the white and black and grey, if that sways you any. Oh and as mentioned the smell of the TF is very nice Smiley Happy


Re: Palette comparisons

Nooooooooooo! I'm headed to beautytester's thread immediately for a disapproving kitteh!


These are lovely - thank you for making the effort to swatch and photo. Even if you are an enabling enabler. ;-)

Re: Palette comparisons

Amazing swatches, I LOVEEEE the swatch of the TF Gilded Ganashe, it is so pretty.

Re: Palette comparisons

WOW they look seriously alike, way more than I expected before clicking on this thread. Good thing I never got the Pro like I wanted to, because I love my chocolate bar Smiley Happy

Re: Palette comparisons

You are the enabler to end all enablers, Calamity Smiley Very Happy I go back and forth and, as IllegallyBlonde has noted, I can't stop talking about the Chocolate Bar. I have the Lorac PRO already, though, so I really don't need it--even if the color payoff is more buttery (butterier? HA!). Like I told her, thank goodness it's OOs so I can shut my mouth about this palette...for now Smiley Wink

Re: Palette comparisons

This is awesome THANK YOU for all this work! Smiley Happy

Re: Palette comparisons

Good comparisons, I was curious! How long does the scent last once you apply the TF shadows? Does it linger or is it just noticeable while using the palette? 

Re: Palette comparisons

YEP! Loving too faced. I definitely like it better. Except I do love the LP Garnet.  THANKS! this seals the deal for me. You will be mine chocolate bar, in january!

Re: Palette comparisons

Oh I was just thinking about getting the Chocolate Bar palette! I got the Lorac Pro least month, and I never would've known from looking that they were this close! There seems to be a close dupe for almost every shade and they will probably look even more similar when blended on the eyes.


Thanks for this! Maybe I should get the Naked 3?!

Re: Palette comparisons

Yes. Yes, you should. It's so lovely. (sorry, devil on your shoulder over here)

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