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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

May empties and declutter: 45  (242/600)


Only two candles I would pass on, and that's wind up, this candle had potential, but it was far too strong for me, and the Nest lime candle, nope



The only product I would not repurchase is the Briogeo shampoo, that's only because there's better out there


Love em all except the belief eye cream, I just find it boring 🤦


The gisou hair mask was meh, and the ranavant cleanser was the same 😕 just not stand out 



All these are expired and I wouldn't seek them out any longer


All these were as mostly expired, I did repurchase the CT foundation today 😆 

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster  Great job! Too bad the Nest candle was to strong! 

Re: Empties - V2

@ather thank you love, I just didn't like it at all, personal preference 

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster I love the beautiful skin foundation by Charlotte Tilbury and have thought about trying this one you have too- light wonder. I see it restocked on her website. Have you tried the beautiful skin foundation?

Re: Empties - V2

@BluePaisley I think I have used a couple samples and liked it, I'll have to check and see if I have any left

Re: Empties - V2

Thank you for the honest feedback @lmaster 😊 💖 and wow! You cleared out so much this month,  great job! 🙌

Re: Empties - V2

Thank you darlin! @CynthieLu 

Re: Empties - V2



The star of this show is KILIAN Paris Apple Brandy Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray . I never would have chosen this as a fragrance for myself, but received it as a gratis and really liked it!

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum Great job on a full size fragrance! 

Re: Empties - V2

@BluePaisley thank you!

Re: Empties - V2

Some of those were pretty sizeable @lnum great work! 😃

Re: Empties - V2

@CynthieLu Thank you! Getting through the Briogeo definitely took awhile!

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum look at your empties!!! Great job on the fragrance 

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum Great empties! Impressive perfume empty! I know how long it cam take to go through a whole bottle. Great mask empties! I would like to start using them at least once a week again.

Re: Empties - V2

@Mellmars1185 Yes! They are wonderful right after an exfoliating treatment like baby facial. 

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum I love this perfume, too, and definitely wouldn't have tried it by the name alone! It's one of the two I wear most often.

Re: Empties - V2

@curlychiquita I am definitely considering repurchasing once I get through all my perfumes!

Re: Empties - V2

@lnum doesn't it feel like such an accomplishment to finish a perfume?

Re: Empties - V2

@CookieGirl1 Yes! I tend to use one at a time, two at most, so I do go through them at least once a year!

Re: Empties - V2

This month I haven’t finished much. I cross posted this picture in the Foil challenge also. 


 The Saie is a fav of mine and I will likely pick another up when I’m back down to a more manageable amount of tinted moisturizer! 

Re: Empties - V2

@ather what a great feeling to get through a face product!!