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A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge- Year 2

September is here so break time is over!

Time to start with some fundamentals. Photography has it's own set of "rules". Which of course are meant to be broken, but it's really helpful to know some basics. Starting with the rule of 3rds in composition. What you do is place your subject on one of the "imaginary" lines that cut a photo into thirds ( 9 sections). I do this rule often, but sometimes parents don't like it in their pictures and want the subjects centered. Included is images with the lines showing. Just basic set up so you can see it. One of the easiest ways to get something on one of the lines is to crop it down. When you crop an image you usually get the lines that show up, using those lines tells you where the "thirds" are, and just line your subject up with one of them. 


If you want to get really technical I encourage you to look up the Golden Ratio and learn about it. It has many names and it is way too mathematical for my brain to comprehend. To my knowledge I don't think I have ever taken a golden ratio image. I have golden triangle but not ratio. Check it out! photoworkout dot com/golden-ratio-photography/  


Hopefully you can see the lines...I should have thought it out and used a dark background. 



Photo Crop 1.jpgPhoto Crop 2.jpg


What a great first year we had!! Even if I dropped the ball sometimes! I decided to change things up this year with the themes. They will be a little more challenging this year.




April- DOF 2 images.

May- Flash/Artificial Light.

June- What you see vs. What I see

July- Break

August- Break

September- Rule of 3rds.


2022 challenges-

April- Lipstick

May- Eye Shadow

June- Primer/Foundation/Concealer/CC/BB

July- Highlighters

August- Brushes

September- Sheet Masks

October- Hair Care

November- Fragrance

December- Nail Polish

January- Blush/Bronzer

February- Candles/Wax Melts/ Diffusers



The challenge and "rules"-

1. Flat lays and staged photos only. I'll post examples below. But no faces or people allowed in your photos. (Though you can include photographs).


2. All photos you take must be your own. 


3. Post as many images as you want, you have a whole month to get creative with each theme. Post one, post everyday, doesn't matter.


4. Let's talk gear and products! Tell us about your image. List the products and colors, talk to us about your concept and how it came to be, taken with your phone or DSLR? 


Here are some helpful reads- digital-photography-school dot com/flat-lay-photography/  and digital-photography-school dot com/tips-for-getting-started-with-still-life-photography/


Here are some of my example images I've taken in the past-

Flatlay 1.jpg

Gucci Flora Gardenia.jpg

Floral Street Sunflower Pop.jpg

Gucci Bloom Eau De Toilette 1 oz/ 30 mL 

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Eau De Parfum Travel Spray 0.34 oz/ 10 mL 


Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge


This candle I can't burn, it smells so pretty, like Bergamot 🍊 It's my favorite little thing 😍 


I picked this backdrop, I thought the wicker had a pleasing contrast to the colours of the tin 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@CynthieLu  Wicker is providing a beautiful background and compliments the pattern on candle tin. Beautiful photo!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Thank you so much @fatimamummy

This one turned out soo nicely 🧡🤎

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

The mini packs such a beautiful scent @CynthieLu. I understand you not wanting to burn it, but it smells so good when lit. The close up shot, atop the wicker is very pretty. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@CynthieLu Ooh that backdrop goes perfect with the candle!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Thank you @Samtian This is my favorite little candle, I love the scent of this little fella so much 🧡 I can't burn him lol


I was searching for something to show it off and I'm really happy with the end look, texture and feel of this one 😊 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@CynthieLu The wicker gives everything an outdoor, natural vibe, like you’re sitting outside and looking out to a grove of fruits, the air perfumed deliciously!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Thank you @LCResz it's a chair that's never been used as staging for a photo in its life, I'm pleasantly surprised by the turn out 😋 yes its giving off nice woodsy vibes, I like it, and the warmth from the brown and the candle, and the goldish tin are doing a thing togeather here lol 🧡

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge


The painting in the background was done by one of my students a few years back; I bought it at our school’s art show right away. It reminds me of some of my favorite books, The Pearl and The Old Man and the Sea. 


As I looked at it today, it dawned on me that I have the perfect perfume combo to represent what this picture smells like in my head! No, not a stereotypical suntan lotion perfume but rather the scent of your skin as you lay on the sand, and you’re starting to sweat a little because it’s so warm, so there’s salt and flesh and the last of your shower freshness enveloping you. That’s what Ellis Brooklyn Amber+Salt+Myth smell like combined, so layer them together and bam, you’re on vacay 😎🐚🌴☀️

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@LCResz Well that was a dreamy way to explain the scent combo! I absolutely love how it ties in to the painting!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@LCResz - This is a gorgeous photo!  I love the pic your student painted!  The perfume bottles are the perfect accent in color, shape, and size.  Bonus points that they contain complimentary fragrances.  Wonderful creativity! 🥰

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

I like these art influences in your pictures @LCResz they make the pictures so interesting ‌‌😃‌‌

These scents are well matched to the back drop,it creates a little story, love it! ‌‌️ it's like I can smell the beach, your students painting is easy for my mind to step into  ️ 



Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

So many things I love about your photo @LCResz! That's amazing that one of your students did that - it's beautiful. Love so much that you purchased it! 😍 You're good people, LCResz. Yes, yes, yes to the Hemingway feels. Funny enough, I thought of that novel too. Love your layout and placement of the EB bottles. Very creative and it just looks soooo good! 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi Thank you 🥰 I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a lot of talented students through the years, it’s amazing to watch them grow up but they’re always kiddos to me 🥲

I’m also a huge Hemingway fan, love visiting his home down in the Keys! The 6-toed cats are easily my favorite part of the visit though!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@LCResz, you must have such an overflowing amount of pride and joy watching them grow into their own. 🥰 


I’ve only been to Florida a handful of times - once to Disneyworld as a child and a few times for work. I have the Hemingway Home on my list of places to visit; just haven’t been able to get to it even when I’ve been in that part of the US. It would be much more fun than sitting in hotel conference rooms listening to speakers talk about … wait, what were they talking about?!! 😂 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi I still tutor some of my former students to help them with their grad entrance exams (LSAT, MCAT, GRE hooray for being remembered!)


next time you’re in SoFla let me know, I will happily be a tour guide! 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

That says so much about you @LCResz! Both your investment in your students and how they respect and value you. What an impression you’ve left on them. 🥰 Awww, yes!!! I would love to see SoFla from your eyes. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

The sample of Boadicea the Victorious Delicate I recently tried out instantly made me want to breakout this piece of art from Nars and do a quick photo shoot!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Beautiful shots ⬆️ and here @LCResz !  Love the info too. (I forgot I have that Nars! Thanks for reminder. 🥰 I should haul it out!) 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

There are serious classy vibes in this PhotoShoot @LCResz very pretty idea for a picture 📸 🥰


I want to know more about this piece of art by Nars 😍 whaaaat is it?


Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@CynthieLu  The artist, Man Ray, was a surrealist of the early 20th century, and like most artists of that time, his work is dreamlike, otherworldly, even disturbing, and always interesting to say the least! If you like Picasso and Dali then you’ll definitely find Ray’s work enjoyable! 

Nars hasn’t done an interesting collaboration in a while, but who knows what they may have up their sleeves yet!

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