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Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi all,


Wondering if the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are worth hunting down? Thoughts?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Thanks @Ispend2much6 ! I think the pink lips are better suited to you tho! 💞

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  Well, yes, because you LOVE red!   

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

😂 I know I know @Ispend2much6 . I am always trying to find a happy great pink tho but I know it always involves having red in it! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤓

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

The rest of my order!  I am so, so happy with everything!

Cosmic Rose highlighter, Blush gloss, Beauty gloss.  Beauty leaves a nice stain when the gloss is gone.  Cosmic Rose is much more subtle than Crystal Nebula, and I plan on wearing that on top of foundation, not underneath like Lisa demonstrated on her video of Crystal Nebula.



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Such pretty colors for you @Ispend2much6 . She really does a good thoughtful job on her shades I think. I was worried about C Nebula too but after seeing some of the swatches posted I think it’ll be good. Anxious to see mine soon! She did say she would re-release the blush, highlighters and more velvet lips etc this fall so seems like we all don’t have to feel the panic to get this so fast! Ugh. Yet we do! 😂 @blackkitty2014 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom   Oooohh, missed that important info!  The highlighters should last quite a while; I know the blush will.  I definitely want more of the blushes.  I do love these-thanks!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

It sure looks like those blush will last forever (and highlighter too I guess)  @Ispend2much6 ! 😂

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Ispend2much6 I kicked myself for not getting Crystal Nabula instead of Cosmic Rose 😂🤣

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@blackkitty2014  It's such a guessing game.  LE will probably have those items out again, don't you think- especially if the reviews are favorable.  I think you could build up Cosmic Rose, I just prefer it spread thinly.  I'm going to try and show you in a few.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

After seeing swatches from others (PR?)  i second guessed myself because crystal nebula looked more yellow gold. However when i got it in it doesn’t look like that on me. I’d imagine the undertone is more subtle irl 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@aviscardi   I was afraid it would be yellow, too, except for some reason I am able to wear highlighters if they're a light shade of gold.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Yes same. I almost got cosmic rose because it reminded me of Ct spotlight wand but thought i should probably get a different color.  I am neutral to yellow (mostly, except dead of winter ha) and can do light golds as well like the abh amrezy hl. The new Mario hl in golden comes to mind i might try. I would normally try pearl but it almost seems too white like a warm white gold. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I received my order yesterday too! I tried all day to post between the web & mobile and nothing would go through. Well in any case i really want to take nice pics on the weekend but also want to wear one of the lipsticks ahaha priorities  🙂 I was surprised at how fast it arrived, and early so as soon as I saw the time change i put on some makeup so i could test the hl. For REF i wore: bobbi brown stay all day fdn, PMG clr, set under eyes with LM & face with HG. I used the CT spray and it sat for maybe 20mins when the pkg arrived. When i wear the CT wand i like to apply a sheer base of powder hl under like the nars one, nothing intense it just helps with the blend lines. I applied the Lisa El. hl with my fingers and didn't notice (if any) lifting, not sure if the time in between made a difference. Then i go in overtop with whatever was left on the brush to amplify. The texture is reminiscent of the CT flawless filter but much less greasy (gel like) and it actually dried down (assuming this is dependent on your base under). I don't want to get ahead of myself lol but I can't wait to try this again to wear out, it was such a pretty glow upon first impressions!


** swatches are now up on my IG (anne.visca)

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@aviscardi  Sounds great!!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

My goodies arrived today! Err, yesterday, since it’s now after midnight CT. Tried on all 3 items tonight: 

Why yes, I did accidentally go overboard while finger-applying the Pink Poetry blush. :D That stuff is POTENT.Why yes, I did accidentally go overboard while finger-applying the Pink Poetry blush. 😄 That stuff is POTENT.
Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour, Spirited Away is sheerer than I hoped for, but I like it anyway. 
Spirited Away is a rosewood that, on me, is much sheerer than any of the tinted non-astral PMG Lip Fetish Balms. That’s 3 coats on my lips in the photo, and it can’t be built up beyond that. 
I said earlier that I struggled to choose between Spirited Away and Painterly, but went with the former because I thought the later would be too similar to PMG Lip Fetish shade Flesh 3—and I’m trying very hard to at least stop buying dupes (unless I need a better formula than what I’ve already got), because my lipstick hoard is ridiculously large again. Here are some comparison swatches, if anyone’s curious. 
Flesh 3 & Flesh 5 are PMGs. Pink Poetry top swatch is blended out; bottom swatch is about 1.5 coats unblended. Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting, so Delilah has lost her blue tones. I might redo these swatches in daylight later.Flesh 3 & Flesh 5 are PMGs. Pink Poetry top swatch is blended out; bottom swatch is about 1.5 coats unblended. Photo taken in warm bathroom lighting, so Delilah has lost her blue tones. I might redo these swatches in daylight later.
Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss, Delilah is my kind of sheer to demi-sheer gloss.
My photo doesn’t show Delilah's subtle shimmer very well. It’s not in-your-face sparkly, but it does contain very fine blue glitter—so fine, I can’t feel it at all. 

I bought this shade because 1) I couldn’t resist this color and 2) I already have and love Myth. Delilah performs as well as Myth: even coverage, though Delilah’s less opaque than Myth; no goopiness between my lips; very minimally sticky; no smaste; not a ton of transfer on my cup of water; and Delilah hasn’t bled or feathered at all in the 2 hours I’ve worn it so far. I really should order more of these glosses while they’re still in stock. (Heh, I also said that after trying Myth last year.) 
Delilah almost reminds me of a Fenty Gloss Bomb shade. Note to self: do some comparison lip swatches soon. 
Enlivening Blush, Pink Poetry is just as pigmented as Lisa promised. 
You really do need just a teeny tiny bit of this blush for both cheeks. At first I was annoyed by the difficulty of squeezing product out of the tube. I quickly realized that’s a good thing, lest folks quickly squeeze out way too much product and give themselves Pikachu cheeks. The blush hasn’t faded at all from my cheek yet, but it’s only been 2 hours. I need to give it a full day wear test. 

This blush formula feels very… I’m not sure how to describe it… thin but not watery… not quite oily… nothing like the EM Cosmetics liquid blushes, which do feel very emollient (and leave much more of an oil-glow finish) on the cheeks—yet Lisa's blush does feel emollient, not dry at all. Considering how many oils are on the INCI list, I'm surprised it doesn't feel like a facial oil. It feels lightweight once I start blending it out—and it finger-blends quite easily. I’ll try it with a brush later. It plays nice with my skin texture and really does leave a skin-like finish. In that way, it reminds me of Glossier Cloud Paints (which I love). 

When these blushes come back in stock, I’ll buy another shade. Well done, Lisa! 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Love them all on you @WinglessOne ! I think I’m most excited about the blushes. Looks like those of us on the WC have to wait a day or 2 more! 😄

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@WinglessOne Everything looks great on you. I might have to pick up couple more blushers once they come back in stock as well 🥰

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

love delilah on you! I gravitate towards the same shades as well and am really trying to hone in on the formulas i love. Glosses not so much haha and now that i am 'still' wfh i really shouldn't be buying that much in general. however since masks are going away in my head it's justified lol. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Those glosses really look wonderful on you @WinglessOne .  I knew you would get Delilah- I almost did myself.  Looking at Pink Poetry on you I do think you would like MW also.  Lisa did do a good job with these- these feel like "grownup" makeup products to me, in a good way.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

My order came two days early!  I still have the glosses Beauty and Blush on the way, and the second lightest highlighter.

Sorry for the bad pictures; the lighting stinks too.  I guess we all know by now I'm not a pro at this, but I'm having fun.

Because the lighting was inconsistent, the lip shades look more similar than they are, although they are definitely in the same color family.  I'm very happy with them; they are "my shades," and I think Rose Essential is my favorite.


Crystal Nebula, Spirited Away, Rose Essential, Painterly, Muse, Mountain Walk




Rose EssentialRose EssentialSpirited AwaySpirited AwayPainterlyPainterly

Spirted Away, Rose Essential, Painterly, Muse glossSpirted Away, Rose Essential, Painterly, Muse gloss

Crystal Nebula spread thinly on left, Mountain Walk on top of Crystal Nebula on rightCrystal Nebula spread thinly on left, Mountain Walk on top of Crystal Nebula on right


Crystal Nebula with Mountain Walk.  Even though MW is very pigmented, and I'm about a NW 20, it still was easy to apply it light enough to look okay.Crystal Nebula with Mountain Walk. Even though MW is very pigmented, and I'm about a NW 20, it still was easy to apply it light enough to look okay.


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Love the muse gloss. I got that the first go around and was surprised she hadn’t released a fawn gloss to match the lipstick. 

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