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Does anyone know how to keep real freckles from fading? I have and have always had freckles but i’ve noticed that have started to get lighter. Does this have to do with not being in the sun as much and needing more sun exposure (with use of sunscreen) or is there a product that i can be using to prevent this?

Re: freckles

For me i think it’s just being outside more because my freckles fade a little in winter but come back in summer

Re: freckles

I also have freckles and notice they don't "pop" as much now that I'm getting older (I'm 41... and they seemed to have "popped" more back in my mid-30s). Is it from wearing more sunscreen, getting less sun, as I've gotten older? Yes, probably (it was hit or miss for me for sunscreen or reapplication of sunscreen when I was younger). I have also read different products will cause them to fade (Vitamin C, etc.) so I do avoid those (as much as I like the brightening aspects of them). I have also read that the warmth of the sun can bring them out, that even if you wear sunscreen, going out in the sun itself will help them "pop" more because of the sun's warmth, but I don't really know. I'm trying to keep them "popping" myself so I definitely feel ya!

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