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Where is the best place online or in store to purchase k-beauty products. I'm new to this and really want to get my skin looking fabulous again

Re: K-beauty

I love Sokoglam’s website for they a wide variety of all your K-Beauty essentials. Also CVS and Target been selling and expanding K-Beauty items. is another website to go to.

Anonymous Insider

Re: K-beauty

Hi! I purchase a lot of K-beauty products through as well as Amazon. More details in my YT video below 🙂

Try I have purchased numerous things throug...

Try I have purchased numerous things through them and am very happy.

Amazon usually has the best prices, although with sites l...

Amazon usually has the best prices, although with sites like or, or, they have a points system that translates into coupons for future purchases.

RE: K-beauty or amazon

RE: K-beauty

NatureRepublic. They do make up and skin care. It's a good go to brand and it's slightly cheaper compared to Sephora(my honest opinion)
Anonymous Insider

Re: K-beauty

So I know a lot of K beauty because I'm an adoptee and only learned about the movement a few years ago. I love Missha. They have great skincare lines and if you spend 100.00 through their site you get VIP status and 30% off all the time. They're bb creams and cushions are some of my favorite. They just came out with tension compacts and they are amazing.(


I met a rep of NuSkin while visiting in Korea and she told me that the company is worldwide as Origins brand but I haven't been able to verify.  I've tried Sulwhasoo and the hype is too much.  A good product line but way expensive and you can achieve the same results with more affordable brands.  Clio has great bb cushions and lip tension oils/lipsticks. Nature republic has some good products.  They currently are known for their royal ginseng line. You can look on Amazon and you may get that particular product for less but make sure the seller/vendor is verified. Otherwise it's expensive on the Nature Republic site.


Other brands are DrG(definitely better priced on Amazon than at the dept stores), Innisfree,TonyMoly, Skinfood, etc.  I would personally look on Amazon or go the brand's direct site.  Hope this helps and gives you ideas.

I get some of my Kbeauty items from Julep and Bomibox. I...

I get some of my Kbeauty items from Julep and Bomibox. I love the bomibox because I can try out alot of new products that I otherwise wouldn't have heard of before.

Re: K-beauty

I have used and it is great! I always use paypal and its free shipping on 35 dollars, plus you get coupons for 10 dollars off and a couple of times a year! 

Re: K-beauty

StyleKorean + paypal account (to be safe you should always use it when buying overseas)

Re: K-beauty

Someone else mentioned memebox, which is really good.


I also really like roseroseshop because you can get stuff at a discount, and they sell lots of mini sized things, although their shipping structure is odd. 

RE: K-beauty Shipping takes a while and there is a shipping cost since it's coming directly from Korea but the products are around the same price as you would buy them in Korea and sometimes a little cheaper

Personnall, I like to shop on The shipping is...

Personnall, I like to shop on The shipping is free, you always get a handful of samples and depending on how much you spend, you get gifts like sheet mask, pore strips, etc.

RE: K-beauty

Definitely be careful when shopping for K-beauty on Amazon. Check to see if the seller is the actual brand before buying. There are a few trusted Ebay shops on Amazon as well. Some products sold on Amazon can be fake or even expired so make sure to always check the dates before using something! Personally I like in person shopping because it allows me to shop without speculating on authenticity. If shopping online I like, beautibi, jolse, and W2Beauty!

RE: K-beauty

Also, CVS has a good selection of K-beauty products that were selected by Peach and Lilly. The face wash I use is Elisha Coy's Vita Capsule Cleanser, which I got from CVS for $4.99. They have selections in store and online, and they have coupons sometimes that you can use for the products. They also have a good selection of face masks.

RE: K-beauty

Althea. 😍
Anonymous Insider

RE: K-beauty

Sokoglam [dot] com

RE: K-beauty

Pink Seoul or Amazon.

Re: RE: K-beauty

Do you have success with Amazon? I do love Amazon - but I am afraid the 3rd part sellers will be selling outdated product or counterfeit 

cmfrench1 wrote:
Pink Seoul or Amazon.


RE: K-beauty

I order from Amazon, a reliable store on eBay that ships straight from South Korea called roseroseshop, beautynetkorea, the website may be outdated and the prices make it look sketchy but all of the products are 100% authentic!!! I go to stores like SokoGlam for K-Beauty recommendations, but I am a college student and it is easier and cheaper for me to buy from the stores I have listed because they are so inexpensive. Oh! I also shop directly from MISSHA 's and Innisfree 's websites, MISSHA has a VIP thing where if you spend $100 in a calendar year, you get 30% off of ALL their products all the time!
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