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Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I've noticed that for a while now, Sephora has been trying to accommodate various skin tones by offering samples (foundations/concealers) with multiple shades where as before it was just fair/light.  And I really appreciate this, however I'm never able to take advantage of these newer samples because now they contain the following:






Such is the case with the current BI deal for Laura Mercier's Smooth foundation.  But this isn't the first because I've noticed it multiple times.

Sephora, please be cognizant that you have all colored beauties who also love trying products.  In fact, it's even harder for those in these middle shades to figure out their color matches.  I know it's impossible to please everyone, but atleast try to switch it up every once in a while.  Medium tan samples are practically non-existent and not all dark skintones fit the ONE color you pick for the sample.  If you are willing to offer a range of lighter tones, why not a range of medium or darker tones?


Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I often think the same thing.  During Chic Week, I got tons of samples for light and medium skin tones but nothing for medium dark or dark.  I think that they should give more of a range.  I did eye the Becca Sampler and that was really good.  It's a start but there does seem to be a issue with what skin tones to offer up as samples.  I hope they take that into account when doing more sample offerings.  I like samples too and I spend a lot of money.  Sometimes it feels discouraging. 

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

Thanks Diana.

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

Hi Runy,


Thank you for the feedback! While our mod team doesn't have control over the sample selection we CAN forward your request and feedback to the appropriate departments in charge. Thanks for sharing with us!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I've seen Samples for Medium Tan skin tones quite a bit as of lately. I haven't seen too many for darker skin tones such as  African americans but i'm pleased with the number of samples they have offered in the Medium range. 

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I want to give credit where credit is due, which is why I noted that Sephora is making in effort over last few years when they used to only offer one light shade.  An example would be a Becca foundation they recently offered that had I think every shade. 


However, not everyone's "medium" is the same.  What may have been working for you may not work for others.  I'm not talking about exacts, I'm talking about getting into a ballpark range.  Using the Laura Mercier one as an example, their foundation colors are numbered from lightest to darkest and the shades offered are 4, 6, and 15.  What about those between 6 and 15?  I wouldn't consider that a fair distribution.

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I guess it is all relative, I feel like even the samples marked light/medium are way way dark for me, so it seems like there are lots of "medium" options from my viewpoint. I agree that there is a big gap between 6 and 15 though and there are a ton of people who fit into that range! It could be that Sephora doesn't get much say in the shades of samples the companies provide them, but at least letting them know means they can request a bigger variety! Hopefully one day we will see a bigger selection. Smiley Happy

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I also never bother with them because they're also always too dark for me.

Re: Expand color range for samples- PLEASE!

I'm with rikkie. I don't ever request those samples because they will all be too dark for me.


I do think it's great feedback for the companies though!

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