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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

Also obsessed with the UD Spray and NARS TM Smiley Very Happy


I didn't notice in the photo you had used up an entire rollerball, that's awesome!! I loooooooooveee Flowerbomb, have you smelled the new rose version? I really like the scent, but I can't justify $95 for 1.7 EDT. *sigh*


I also love Roses de Chloe, but again, can't decide if its worth the money. Its a very pretty scent, but I don't really find it complex and I'm not sure I want to spend money on it yet!

Re: Empties

Ah no it wasn't at my Sephora last time I checked! I really want to try it because I'm obsessed with the original flowerbomb, annnd roses so I feel like it would be perfect! I'll keep checking Smiley Happy 


Do I even wanna go look at how much the actual perfume is?



Re: Empties

There is no EDP, which is what makes me sad. It's only been made in the EDT version Smiley Sad

Re: Empties

Oh man. Wonder why that is? If I end up falling in love with it you're to blame... Smiley Very Happy

Re: Empties

teeheee... *hides from enabling wrath*

Re: Empties

I don't mean to be rude... but wtf? 


1. Who holds onto their empties unless it's for the Back to MAC program?  It's called trash, people.  Throw it out!

2. Who wants to see other people's trash?


I get haul videos but this is beyond me.

Re: Empties

It is also a record of what has been tried and what was liked or not. The stuff I love, I don't forget. But its the fragrance sample that I can't remember if I have tried or not, or the makeup wipes that I bought on a whim.


I also like to see what others have enjoyed or not.  If I see someone using similar products as me, I may want to try some of the other stuff they use/like.

Re: Empties

2- I LOVE seeing other people's trash.  I get excited every time I see a new picture on here. 

Re: Empties

This thread is months old with lots of participants and over 50 photos. Obviously, a lot of people in our community think it is fun. 

Re: Empties

To each his own. I like seeing that I'm making progress through my extensive stash. It's a motivator for me to try and use all my samples and products up.


You don't have to participate. You can simply skip over this thread. Taking the time to write a negative comment does nothing for anyone. I understand your opinion however I really dislike the way you worded your harsh criticism. I don't like feeling like I need to defend the way I share my makeup addiction.


It also gives a more true review of a product if someone has finished it in its entirety. I like reading what people are going to repurchase right away - it says a lot about the product.

Re: Empties

I love seeing everyone's empties because I am so terrible at finishing products Smiley Sad  *hangs head in shame*

And when I do have empties I always forget to keep them for this & throw them out. I do try to see what I can recycle. 

Also I believe Origins takes cosmetics empties year round (doesn't matter what brand). 

And I like to read who likes/dislikes which products, you can't really do an adequate review on a haul, but you can say "won't repurchase" on an empty Smiley Tongue 

Re: Empties

i can never seem to finish a product either..the only time i ever get to finish anything is if i'm sharing it with my boyfriend. we've gone through two 17.6 oz jars (which is the HUGE jar) of the borghese fango mud masks in the past year..and it hasn't even been a whole year left. i don't mind sharing with him because that makes me feel like i'm not wasting my money in the end. i feel so accomplished when i throw an empty out in the trash!

Re: Empties

Thanks, @dannyc Smiley Happy and everyone else. I knew I couldn't be the only one!

Re: Empties

Seeing others' empties inspires me to finish more of my things too. And organize the open ones. It also inspires me to pitch items that aren't working, just sitting. I've done that a bit and it's freeing.  And I get to tell others about things I've used sometimes, the good and the bad.

I love haul videos sometimes, it curbs my own impulse buying to watch them! But it's no reference point for whether that shiny new stuff even works or not. I can't keep more than 5 or so empties now after the bath salts jars purge though, I've gotten a smaller empties basket. Smiley Wink 

Re: Empties

2013-09-21 14.30.33.jpgYay empties!

- L'occitane hand lotion

- Fresh Rose mask

- Tarte aquaEye gel liner

- L'occitane Jasmine&Bergamot perfume

- Burt's Bee conditioner

- OH truth oil packet

- Philosophy peel pad


Ruined/spoiled stuff to throw away. =(

- OPI 3-in-1 top/bottom coat.

- Murad lightening gel

- Yes to Tomato moisturizer

Re: Empties

Look at all that skin care!!

Good for you!

Re: Empties

Nice job!


Did your Murad Lightening Gel turn brown?

Re: Empties

Very brown. I distinctly remember it was either clear or slightly yellow last time I checked, this time it's definitely brown. Bye bye Murad. T.T

Re: Empties

Same thing happened to mine fairly quickly. Makes me wonder what happens when you buy a full sized bottle, how long does it last before going bad?? Good thing this didn't work for me in the slightest.

Re: Empties

I use the Murad Lightening Gel, And i've had one bottle for close to a year. I wonder why it went bad? I've gone through 2, 1oz bottle and have a 2.oz bottle that's been sitting around for months and months.None have changed it color. 

Re: Empties

Brown? Why did it turn? That's odd