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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

I heard a lot of good things about the Healthy Sexy hair soy renewal spray so I bought a travel size one on sale at Ulta, but like you I have so many other things to use up that I haven't had a chance to try it yet! Smiley Sad

Re: Empties

I have a ton of hair oils but I just decided to use it this month!

Re: Empties

I already have one empty for next time woohoo Smiley Happy!

Re: Empties

I do too! I just finished off a body butter last night from The Body Shop

Re: Empties

I love using up stuff! It feels so rewarding lol

Re: Empties

I try to use up as much as I can too justify my makeup purchases, but I still buy way more than I use up

Re: Empties

I think we all have that problem here :/ lol

Re: Empties

I think I'm going to try to keep my August empties, I'm curious to know how much I actually can use in a month!

Re: Empties

Yay! hopefully at the end of the month we see a lot more pictures on here!

Re: Empties

I'll be keeping mine too.  I am hoping to go through some products before the bonus point days, but a girl can only use so much blush before she looks like a clown.  

Re: Empties

LOL!!! I must, I must, I must use up my blush!

Re: Empties

I've realized that this is impossible for me oh Well Smiley Very Happy

Re: Empties

Empties from the last 3 months. It feels good to get through products and  saving empties has helped me more consciously use up what I already have instead of buying more things to try.






Nude Jelly Cleanser- Discontinued, if anybody knows of something similar, any recommendations would be would be greatly appreciated!

Soap & Glory Body Wash- love this for the scent! 

SR Good Genes- I recently finished a 0.5 oz bottle and have been refilling it with these samples from an old promo. When I stop using this I can actually see a negative difference in my skin.
FAB Radiance Pads- effective and reasonably priced. I have a few other acids I'm working my way through so I will probably hold off on repurchasing right away. Currently using N ip + Fab extra strength pads and I definitely don't like them as much as FAB.

L'occitane Almond Shower Oil- I know a lot of people like the scent of this but I'm actually not a big fan.I love using this for shaving.

Sephora Quill lashes- These are my perfect lashes. My eyes are on the smaller side and a lot of highly recommended lashes look ridiculous on me. These are full, provide a bit of length and aren't too obvious which is exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately I ruined a pair when I started using my TTDO balm before removing them. I didn't get much on the lashes but it was enough to cause them to separate. 

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm- I always pick this on up when it's on promo. I don't necessarily notice any minimizing of lines but I like this for daytime under makeup, a little goes a long way.

Likes/might repurchase





E&J Nirvana Dry Shampoo- Good but leaves me wanting more. Can easily leave residue marks in my black hair if I'm not careful but soaks up oils better than other dry shampoos I've tried.

DDG Alpha Beta Glow Pads- Nice but can start to look orange on my medium olive skin if used more than 2 days in a row. When I use up the box I plan to try the Clarins Glow Booster.

SR Tidal & CEO- I used CEO on nights I wanted extra hydration. Did not use long/consistently enough to notice any vitamin C brightening effects. Tidal was nice but I have enough deluxe sized moisturizers I don't think I'll need to buy anything for awhile lol.

Hourglass 1.5MM Eyeliner- I actually loved this but it ran out way too fast. Right now I'm using the Clinique Skinny Stick eyeliner. I prefer the HG one and actually think the Skinny Stick might be being discontinued.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balms- Deluxe sizes from a holiday set. I love love love the formula and subtle colors but the packaging is terrible. When you get to the bottom there is actually a lot of product left that can be scooped out from the plastic part that twists up.

Meh/wouldn't repurchase:




Oribe Royal Blowout- This lasted a really time making it a good value. It promises a lot but is just average imo.

Clinique brow gel- I thought this dried out quickly. When it comes to tinted brow gel I prefer Glossier's Boybrow.

Lush Charity Pot Body Lotion- I love the ingredients of Lush products but this one left me feeling sticky.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye- the only thing I really disliked. No matter how thick of a layer I put on I felt like it wasn't moisturizing enough.



Re: Empties

This is awesome.  I have a big post coming because I have (unintentionally) been saving up since the beginning of the year.  My bag is practically overflowing at this point and now I just need to get my act together to photograph & post.

Re: Empties

Im the same way with saving empties helping me use up products I already have. Ive been on a low but in 2017 and this has helped me realize how much I already have to use.  


I too scoop out balm from from sticks that appear to be used up. It constantly amazes me how much product is left in there. I've never been a fan of using a lip brush when I'm out and about, but at home while putting on my make up, heck yes. Fresh and the Dior balms are two of the biggest culprits!

Re: Empties

When I first noticed it I was amazed too! It wasn't until my 3rd or 4th tube that I noticed it either which means I threw away a bunch of product. Also, a lip brush is a good idea, I usually snap a q-tip in half and scoop it out that way lol

Re: Empties

Yay for my first empties post! I'm usually too lazy to keep all my empties and toss them as soon as I finish, but I still have these! I got lucky, these are all likes/loves!






Mario: This was nice and I like the smell. It didn't dry out my skin and the price is friendly. I'm so excited to finally have finished this since I've had it for almost 2 years! I use it to tone after I've washed my face and it helps remove the extra makeup by my hair line. I use it to clean my neck as well.


Clinique eye cream: this is lovely. I don't have much experience with eye creams but it definitely makes the area feel more moisturized. It doesn't help with the dark eye area like it claims, but most eye products people swear by haven't worked for me, so I have no complaints. 





Lalicious: OMG i love this!!! I wasn't expecting much but it works amazingly! It makes my skin very smooth and this specific smell is heavenly. I love how refreshing the lemon scent is. I just wish this stuff wasnt so dang expensive!


Not pictured-Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: I love this also! It made my skin so supple and soft and not greasy at all. I didn't have any dry patches from using this and it didn't make me break out or anything! The only negative is I wish i didn't have a scent, but luckily it's not cloying. The sample (.33oz) lasted me a few weeks. It rocks! Idt I would buy it since there are cheaper moisturizers that have similar effects for me, but if it's ever a GWP, I'll definitely redeem it.


Re: Empties

Only on BT would someone call themselves lazy for throwing away their trash😄  


I've never heard of Lalicious but will be looking them up in a momentSmiley Happy. It'll be a long while before I buy more body lotion but they're  now on my radarSmiley Happy. Thanks! 

Re: Empties

Haha, perhaps BT warps my reality sometimes Smiley Very Happy


I'd never heard of the brand before either, but I wanted a new body scrub and took a chance. I definitely love it. I've tried a few of their scents now and the lemon is definitely my favorite. @heartsmyface

Re: Empties

Did you get that during the crazy People shop sale?  That's when I got my Lalicious.  I just used a big tub up (I think it was vanilla coconut) and now will be using my smaller tubs.

Re: Empties

April Empties!


Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleanser
Algenist Genius Bi-Phase Peel
Lush It's Raining Men Shower Gel
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Waterproof
Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask
Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture oil


Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Masque- I just like the Nourishing version more.
Lush Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo-I wish this smelled more like honey, it's very floral scented.
Sephora Pomegranate Eye mask


NuFace Nourisher & Smoother Serums- these did nothing
Dr Hart Water Drop Moisturizer- wasn't hydrating enough, I used it up as chest moisturizer
Benefit Posie Balm- this feels nice and hydrates but the scent is a strong floral scent that I could taste
It Bye Bye Under Eye- not hydrating enough
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