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Active Promo Codes #19

Codes Updated: 1/29/2020 Hey BIC! This thread has moved! Check out the new thread at:

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

If you use the Code: YAYGIFTING you will get 30 percent off the Sephora collection

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Love this ❤️

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I'll be starting a new thread after this 🙂



- The Glycolic Night Serum is listed as 5 ml, but pictured as 8 ml.







F-Balm: $5.20

Glycolic Night Serum: $24

Virgin Marula Oil: $12



@Lazybeautybeast 🙂

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Yay! I’ll be keeping my eye out for the new thread @ohheyitscindyk! A huge “thank you” to you, @Lazybeautybeast and everyone who helps to keep this thread up to date with all the promo codes! 🤗 D767DF57-8CB0-4BD2-B949-D453D6234560.jpeg



Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I’m so happy. I’ve been wanting to try f balm.  

Thank you for new thread too ☺️

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Yay, @ohheyitscindyk !  It's time for a new Thread!  Lead on!!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Thanks again, @ohheyitscindyk. Please post a link to the new thread. 🙂

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


1 oz/29 ml

$1.75 value




@Lazybeautybeast 🙂

Hope we get some more and higher value promos soon. Thank...

Hope we get some more and higher value promos soon. Thanks so much for calculating definitely helps me hold off a purchase/guide my shopping

Re: Hope we get some more and higher value promos soon. Thank...

@melanito Happy to help 🙂

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I think it would be nice to have a new Active Promos Thread 20 since it is 2020 and this thread is pretty big now! New thread for a new year 🙂

Anonymous Insider

RE: Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I would think that would be a good thing to do

I thought the same thing @gingerleigh! I asked @ohheyitsc...

I thought the same thing @gingerleigh! I asked @ohheyitscindyk if she would like to start a new thread but if she doesn't want to, you are welcome to it! I have been too busy lately to do much BICing and my computer is broken so I haven't been able to update the thread in months. Tag me when there is a new thread and I'll try to update the original post to point everyone to it!

Re: I thought the same thing @gingerleigh! I asked @ohheyitsc...

Sorry to hear about your computer by the way! @Lazybeautybeast 

Hope you will get a new one, and a huge thank you for hosting this great thread Active Promos number 19!!

Re: I thought the same thing @gingerleigh! I asked @ohheyitsc...

I'm afraid I would be better in a supportive role ladies @GG84  @Lazybeautybeast 

Re: I thought the same thing @gingerleigh! I asked @ohheyitsc...

I totally don't mind starting a new thread, I just don't know if I can do the cool pics @Lazybeautybeast does haha!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


You don’t need permission to start one lol 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I think it's just kind of seen as in poor taste to takeover/start a new one without first bringing it up with the people running it now. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


0.35 oz

$1.58 value






- Only Daisy can be added right now.




@Lazybeautybeast 🙂