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Active Promo Codes #19

Codes Updated: 7/9/19


Hey BIC!

I do my best to keep the main thread updated but you may want to check the rest of thread for the most current info.


If you want to receive email notifications for new promos, subscribe to this thread:


How you can contribute & make this list better:

- Post pictures of promos and codes

- Comment w/suggestions of how to make this list more helpful or convenient

- Post additional info for promo items: sizes, expiration dates, minimums, values, etc.

*Please read the codes list & comments to prevent duplicate posts about promos



This thread is for US codes (some codes may be both Canadian and US).

For the Canadian Promo Code board, see this thread:  


Minimum purchase requirements are typically:

* $25 for promo codes that aren't limited to VIB and/or Rouge

* $35 for VIB/Rouge promo codes


For reference, Sephora lists many Promo Codes/ Beauty Offers on this page too: 


Active Codes include (See photo or comments for details)

$25 minimum GWPs:



$30+ minimum GWPs:


VIB / Rouge GWP



RECENTLY OOS or Expired: 



Photos (last updated 7/9/19): 




So ... you get 4 samples you could go into Sephora and ge...

So ... you get 4 samples you could go into Sephora and get free for $60? Right... 😒

Re: So ... you get 4 samples you could go into Sephora and ge...

It's unlikely @EsinaJ that they would give you 4 deluxe samples of foundation in store with no purchase. More than likely they would let you try a couple by decanting a small amount into a plastic clamshell. I actually think this is a great promo if shades would match and there is a little more variation than just mid tones. None are fair enough for me but I would probably use this promo if there were. 

I'm hoping they come out with a promo code where you get...

I'm hoping they come out with a promo code where you get to pick multiple items like this, for something other than foundation soon. I need to make a decently large purchase soon, but I already own a foundation and tinted moisturizer that work perfectly for my skin.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I hate foundation promo codes. They never offer options for those that are porcelain/fair or on the deeper end of the spectrum. I would have loved to redeem this for the LM and the Armani alone, but everything is medium shades.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I finally received a targeted email for 20% off my next foundation purchase ONLY if I would resubscribe to Sephora Play😡 I haven’t let the targeted offers upset me too much but this is irritating.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

That is oddly specific... @faeriegirl 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@scott1201 I thought so too. I’m not sure who comes up with these offers but they are crazy if they think I would resubscribe to a box I obviously didn’t need just to get a discount on an item I rarely purchase.SMH🙄

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


$42.87 value




Receive a SK-II VIB+Rouge Gift, free with any online merchandise purchase of $35 or more. While supplies last. This set contains: SK-II R.N.A. POWER Anti-Aging Eye Cream trial size (2.5 mL), SK-II R.N.A. POWER Face Cream trial size (2.5 mL), and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (10 mL).



@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I placed an order just five minutes after receiving the email notification of this BRIGHTDAYS Promo deal and just received a notice that they could not complete my order as this sample is out of stock! Very disappointing. I lose out on the samples I wanted to try as they will just send my order on without the promo sample. Nothing offered in exchange. 

Plus in the same order, the rewards item I chose was out of stock as well. Sephora needs to get their stock issues in order. I don't think I'll continue be a rouge next year. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Oooo, I have been wanting to try the facial essence. And I can always use eye cream and moisturizer! 

RE: Active Promo Codes #19

MYPLAY ($50 buy in) looks like you get a mini play sample bag with 6 samples with this promo code

RE: Active Promo Codes #19

Is this brand new? Has anyone received it yet? Anyone know what are the 6 samples?

Re: RE: Active Promo Codes #19

Adding it to my cart, it's showing up as the Fall Must-Haves PLAY! Box with the items shown in the picture.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


2 ml

$5.60 value




@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Looks like another round of targeted offers went out:



Re: Active Promo Codes #19



Annoyed I didn’t get it but also still shopping at Sephora so 🤷🏻‍♀️? Lol. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Has anyone received Bareminerals Bouncy Blend Blush sample? Is it in the original but smaller package or...?

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


It's similar to the original packaging; the top of the compact is solid grey instead of having a clear window.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


$7.30 value





@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


0.4 oz/12 ml

$4.53 value




@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


5 ml




@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy