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Haul Part 2

I decided to make a part 2 to the previous thread since that thread is now way too long to look through.  Can you believe over 17,000 views, over 500 replies, 77 people, 149 photos, and 861 hearts in one thread? We love hauls.  

I did a haul today, what a surprise. Mostly from Sephora and a bit from Ulta.




Stila In Natural Palette for $15! It comes with 6 eye shadows, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter. Pretty good deal for a good product that retail at $73. Plus I got a mini Stila Stay All Day Mascara with any Stila purchase.

Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush

Real Technique Setting Brush

Nicole by OPI in Selena.




Benefit 15 hour primer. Really wanted to try this.

Boscia Blotting Sheets

Illamasqua Hydra Gel. I wanted to try this as well since I heard its a gel moisturizer/primer

Urban Decay Naked Basic

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm, brought this since I couldn't find Dior Creme De Rose.



Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

Korres Wild Rose Cream


I also got to test Marc Jacobs New perfume in Honey. OMG AMAZING. I love the smell of it. Doesn't smell like honey to me. Smells like honeydew to me lol.



Re: Haul Part 2

I've been dying to try it! But they don't carry it at my local sephora so I can't get a sample Smiley Sad

Re: Haul Part 2

mah Sephora hauls are hereeeeeeee! Altho there's a defect on the Ariel mirror so I gotta go instore in Aug to exchange it. The rollerball's super pretty tho.

2013-07-24 17.08.34.jpg2013-07-24 17.23.05.jpg



- Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Lucky and El Dorado.

- Clinique Stay Matte (to replace my first/last one of 7yrs. You know it's old when the packaging changes, and the powder feels much nicer now...)

- Nails Inc caviar top coat.

- Disney Ariel rollerball

- Disney Ariel mirror (the silver embossing around the boat is rubbed off/incomplete on the left side. ugh).



- MUFE mascara

- Buxom mascara

- Carol's Daughter shampoo/conditioner

- Fresh rose mask

- Living Proof hair serum

- Omorovicza cleansing balm

- Hourglass Mineral Veil SPF15 (100pt perk)

- Algenist regenerative spf20 (code)

- Benefit VIB set promo (sunbeam highlighter, Sugarbomb gloss, Bad gal mascara)


Re: Haul Part 2

Oh no Smiley Sad they probably won't be able to replace your mirror until August once they have more! I love the Nails Inc Caviar top coat! What does the Ariel rollerball smell like?

Re: Haul Part 2

hmm, not quite sure how to describe it, but the Ariel scent is very appropriate and kind of unique. I like bergamot and sandalwood, but they can smell too sharp/dry musculine. The hint of floral here made it more feminine and rounder. It's not half fruity like 50% of women's perfume, but kind and calm. I would say it's fresh and clean, but not like Downy or soap or CLEAN line of perfumes.

Re: Haul Part 2

Oh, I forgot to check mine out yesterday (I was out late and tired).  Now I want to go home RIGHT NOW and do it.  Instead I should get back to the work I am clearly avoiding.  It sounds even more like a perfume I'll like.  Then again, I liked the other two as well, even though they're different.  I like lots of perfumes (but not CLEAN perfumes, so I'm glad it's not like that).

Re: Haul Part 2

Haha, it's ok, your perfume's not gonna run away from you. Clean perfumes just smell like soap and laundry stuff to me. it have no basenote. This one's got bergamot and sandalwood in it, so it's more grounded.

Re: Haul Part 2

I Love the Rollerball!! So pretty!!!!!

Re: Haul Part 2

This is from Monday, my order from Sephora and Origins came in



Purchased items. 

-Ariel Kiss the Girl Rollerball

-x2 Soap and Glory Face Wash

-Origins Drink Up Intensive

-Origins Checks and Balances



-Buxom Mascara

-B&B Surf Shampoo and conditioner

-Stila Liquid Lipstick

-Hanae Mori Perfume

-Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser

-Origins Drink up 10 minute Mask

-Origins Charcoal Mask

-Origins Drink up Intensive

-Origins Make a Difference plus rejuvenating treatment

-Origins Modern Friction

Re: Haul Part 2

Ah the soap & glory cleanser! I'm so obsessed with it you just reminded me I should get another one when my no-buy is over! I randomly got this on a past online order when I needed a few more dollars to get free shipping...and totally fell in love.

I'm sad sephora doesn't carry a larger size Smiley Sad

Re: Haul Part 2

Haha They are amazing! I like having the little ones though, they're cute! Lol. I have about six of them! That should last me a good while, but i will probably still stock up on more for the heck of it, incase Sephora stops selling this particular item.

Re: Haul Part 2

Look at all that Origins! I hope that it helps clear up your acne scars!!

Re: Haul Part 2

Thanks, I just made an order for their Skintone Correcting Set and, the Brighter By Nature Pads, so with all these products I have High Hopes my skin will improve! 

Re: Haul Part 2

I'm positive in no time you'll have the brightest skin around! Lol... not in a oily way either >> in that wow look at that fountain of youth glow! lol

Re: Haul Part 2

Haha! That would be amazing!! Those darn dark spots are the only thing holding me back from good skin! I got my Dry skin under control, Acne is gone, and now these spots gotta go!! 

Re: Haul Part 2

Woah! Someone's been working had on perfect skin Smiley Happy

Unfortunately I have pores from my mother!! And unless you get some sort of laser treatment or something like that you'll always have pores -.- darn her! And my blackheads, those are just sitting happy on my nose lol

Re: Haul Part 2

Well one thing i've realized is, your the only person who notices them. I used to be concerned with them, since they seem larger than normal, but i'm the only who can actually see them unless someone is ridiculously staring at my face. 

Re: Haul Part 2

I'm sure this is the case but alas, my mirrors are all magnifying lol and of course the first thing I just HAVE to look at are my pores.


Re: Haul Part 2

Magnifying Mirrors are the Devil!

Re: Haul Part 2

2013-07-23 21.23.12.jpg

Strategic haul from Clinique, brought 2 things and got 4 things, not bad eh? I brought:

- Clinique yellow gel

- Clinique toner 2



- Moisture Surge mist 1oz

- Moisture Surge moisturizer

- eyeshadow/bronzer compact (oh, the colors didn't show up at all.... it's pink/brown eyeshadow and dusty rose blush/bronzer)

- Chubby stick (Sephora 100pts perk size)


Also got 2 Sephora orders coming (*sigh* so much for no-buy), those will go together in a separate post....

Re: Haul Part 2

Ahh thats a pretty awesome deal you got there Smiley Happy! I use to LOVE the clinique toner 2 but it started drying me out too much Smiley Sad

And share the Sephora orders once they come in Smiley Very Happy!

Re: Haul Part 2

Yeah, my skin has gotten drier throughout the year, so now I'm at the point where toner 2 is drying out my cheeks a bit even in the summer (it used to be perfect except for middle of winter). However, I haven't found anything else that feel as refreshing/clean, most feel like doesn't do anything or leaves a residue, so I'm sticking with it for now.


I'll definitely share the Sephora orders since it's got Ariel mirror in it! XD

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