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Flawless February 2024 Hauls


Love is in the air,,, please share your new hauls filled with love for the month of February here


Happy birthday to all the February babes



Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

 Not much of a haul but I decided to buy 2 new perfumes. Both smell amazing 🤩 


Versace Dylan purple from Sephora 

Eilish no.2 from Ulta


Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Nice fragrance haul @ThatGirlMadi !

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

I hope you love them, @ThatGirlMadi!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@curlychiquita Thank you

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Lovely fragrance haul @ThatGirlMadi 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@lmaster Thank you 😊 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Oooh fantastic fragrance haul! @ThatGirlMadi, is there one you like the most? 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@CynthieLu Hmm idk? The Eillsh no.2 is a great spring rainy day/winter scent I fell like It goes well with my personal style. The Versace Dylan purple is a very clean almost like a fruity shampoo pefect for any season. So I would say I like the Versace one slightly better.

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

They both sound really nice! 👌🙂 @ThatGirlMadi 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls


Amazing haul! And the way you photographed them is so beautiful! I hope you enjoy 😊 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@peculiarzmakeup Thank you 😊 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@ThatGirlMadi I love finding new perfumes that I love!  That's great that you found TWO!

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Any shopping is a haul! Great haul @ThatGirlMadi 🥰

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@ThatGirlMadi @Amazing perfume haul. 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

I innocently left the house for a trip to kohls for Amazon return...


Interesting turn of events..

  • Amazon return gave me a 10% off coupon for sephora.
  • Sephora collection was doing a sale so there I went. Surprisingly they had literally 1 of each left of the SEPHORA COLLECTION Targeted Dark Spots Serum with Enzymes 1 oz / 30 mL and SEPHORA COLLECTION Purifying Scalp Serum AHA + Zinc 1.7 oz / 50 ml which the inventory online told me was sold out within 25 mile radius of me.... 😳
  • A sephora employee saw me adding a bunch of masks into my basket.
  • She went to the back and came out with this gigantic, last 50 piece sephora mask box that was already 50% off ($25 for 50 masks) 😳 which I was able to get additional 20% plus the 10% off of... and this clean hair kit which was reduced to $22.50 and got additional 10% off hehe
  • She told me I also had some kohls cash I should use (didn't know what that was...)
  • Ended up browsing Kohls and bought some Super Greens that I needed to stock up on and some vitamins
  • Kohls lady told me not to get the vitamins and that I should go across the street to TJMaxx where same vitamins are half the price
  • At TJ Maxx Found 3 bundles of Tony Moly masks, 30 for $21 😱

So here's what my innocent Amazon return trip turned up with...








P.S. @ather I bought a dry brush... he he he 🤭

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Nice haul @jaaayp! I always end up with more stuff after doing a return 😂

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

Omg @faeriegirl I get it. I kinda want to return the OUAI North Bondi Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL I really liked it in store but didn't like it after a few days... im scared to make the trip though... who knows what I'm gonna come back with 🙈🙊

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

I mean, you were just minding your own business and then this amazingness happened!! What were you supposed to do @jaaayp??!! Walk away? Naaaahhh. 😝 Ooooh, I spy a Ouai fragrance - lovely!!


Love that dry brush! The handle on this one is a good upgrade / redesign from the previous version of the dry brush. Curious to know how often you will use it (and how often you use yours @ather ?) 

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@itsfi  ok so first I am so excited I finally can get on BIC! I try and dry brush every night. I do miss some nights but I am pretty consistent with it. I have it on my counter in the bathroom as a reminder! How often do you dry brush?

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

RIGHT?! I feel like im too easily influenced when it comes to beauty things.. try to sell me a fridge, I'll stand firm but just whisper something good about a blush or serum and I am SOLD.


I actually used it for the first time this week @itsfi and meant to update @ather ! I've never used a dry brush before and I'm not gonna lie, it was much harsher than I thought... but I got the hang of it and found it to be super relaxing. I only use it for a few minutes nightly before my shower (i dont wash my hair everyday) when I'm waiting for hot water to kick in. It makes my skin SO soft although for the circulation... hm 🤔 it does relax me and I'm like very much ready for bed afterwards but that might be a side effect LOL I do find that my skin screams moisturizer so I started moisturizing too.. i actually NEVER moisturize so I guess it's adding to my new year habits! @ather and @itsfi would love to know how you guys use/how often?


P.S. my girl cat loves this too and wants to be brushed with it while I'm trying to brush my body 😂

Re: Flawless February 2024 Hauls

@jaaayp  Awww. I am also easily influenced! Especially from certain brands. It’s like I must have it. 

I try and do it every night. I take a hot bath and usually use Epsom salts and it’s a great start to my bedtime routine. My son gets me to dry brush him every night when he brushes his teeth. He loves it too. He’s going to be super high maintenance when he’s older. 

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