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Desirable December Hauls 2022

Time to finish up the holiday shopping and maybe help others with ideas on what to get their friends and family members.


Sephora is having their last sale this month on Friday December 2 to Sunday December 11, 2022.  You can save 20% your purchase with the code GETGIFTING and 30% off Sephora Collection.  It is a one time use code at Sephora. Sephora Kohl's has their own unique code which you can find in your Kohl's wallet in your account or in your Sephora email.


I cannot wait to see what you hauled this month.





Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@heartsmyface is that the eve lom cleanser? Great haul!!

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@lmaster  Yes!!!  I’ve had a hard time finding it since Sephora stopped carrying it and I lucked out big time!  It was in a fabfitfun sale for $40 each!!!  Of course I had to grab the three max!  :D.  I haven’t been so happy about a deal in a long while!! 

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@heartsmyface have you tried beautylish? I feel like that's where I bought mine

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@heartsmyface Wow that’s an amazing haul. Love Gucci Jasmine. 

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125  It’s amazing!   I had been putting off purchasing it forever cause I needed to smell it before committing to a bottle and the travel size has been oos for a while and no samples of it were coming my way.  It’s been in and out if my cart fit a couple months now. I finally got to try it out this weekend and well, it’s mine now.  

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@heartsmyface I know what you mean. I wanted to smell it first so I would go to Sephora and spray it on every time I went. The travel size was always OOS. Then when it was in stock I got the smaller bottle and love it. It goes with my Gucci bloom one we got last year as a gratis. 

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125  Funny thing is it visually bothers me that the Jasmine bottle is larger than than the Bloom😂.   I should have been sensible and bought the smaller bottle so they’d match but I was so enthused in store and wasn’t thinking about how it’s look on the shelf at home.  

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@heartsmyface Opps I mean Gucci Flora not Bloom.  I forgot what size we got but wanted the cheaper non travel size bottle.  I didn't realize I got the same size.

Re: Desirable December Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125 Oh phew I was doubting myself there.  It was the Bloom I didn’t enjoy as a parfum but which I love as a hair mist!  The Flora is fabulous!   

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  • Clinique Bare Pop, Sephora Satin Hydrating lipsticks in 08 Stronger Than Ever; 20 Never Enough; and 18 Extreme Power.
  • The one shade I had never tried of the Clinique Pops- Bare.  I can see why it's popular.  A beautiful everyday shade, and it has the perfect amount of shimmer to make my lips look fuller.
  • 08 Stronger Than Ever
  • 18 Extreme Power
  • 20 Old Rose
  • Chikuhodo 2023 Collection (Chocolat)
  • Chikuhodo 2023 Collection (Framboise)
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