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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

It’s that time again for Beautylish’s Lucky Bags. Which ones are you hoping to snag this year regular $75, XL $150 or are you going to pass on it? Please post pictures of the ones you get. They usually go on sale the day after Christmas and ship in January so sign up to be notified of when they drop on the site and be quick because they will sell out fast.

Please post your trades here Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade 



Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@faeriegirl always nice to get a good brush in these at least! Glad you are happy with some of it!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

That's a solid looking bag, @faeriegirl!! Glad you're able to get some use out it!! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@faeriegirl I also received the Wayne Goss palette and Hindash eye liner and they seem really nice! The eyeliner has impressive staying power and the palette should be a high quality neutral workhorse, easy to grab and not have to think about. Neither is very flashy or really that exciting but sometimes you need something dependable and just appreciate the functionality! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

$177 in total in my regular bag. It's a pretty basic bag and not necessarily things I'd buy myself but I'll use everything except the ColorFix. Happy to get the cleanser, brush and liner. The Surratt just seems like overpriced lip balm but again, I'll use it. The Wayne Goss palette is also not something I'd normally pick up but looks like something I can grab that's simple on the mornings I'm running late. So it's never bad to have a really good quality basic palette and hopefully this will fit the bill


SURRATT BEAUTYLipslique Paramore $34
SONIA G.Builder Three $32
HINDASH Heroline $26
WAYNE GOSS The Luxury Eye Palette Imperial Topaz $55
GOOD MOLECULES Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel $12


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

This is great bag, @AzureRose!! Congrats!! 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@AzureRose , great bag.  That WG palette is a good little palette!   (Even though you're not feeling the colorfix, it'd work well with it.)  It's a good palette for stand alone looks as well as a companion to other palettes.  Any nude or slightly warm toned palette works well with it.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@AzureRose  Glad you can use almost everything in your bag! This year's regular bags (that I've seen so far ) are nicer than last year's. In fact, this year's bags in general are nicer than last year's. Heck, your regular bag's better than the XL bag I got last year. 😂

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Your poor XL bag last year 😂, @WinglessOne!! It wasn't terrible but yeah...

I agree the bags have definitely stepped up this year!! Every one I have seen has been good (at least IMO for what I'd use). 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@haleyvvvv  I remember a friend asking why I was so underwhelmed by last year's XL bag. "But you got a Tom Ford quad! And an Oribe product!" And sure, when focusing just on the product prices, I guess that bag was maybe kinda impressive? But none of that matters if I can't or won't use the pricey products. 😂 That Oribe Gold Lust oil is still sitting unopened in one of my donate/giveaway/trade bins. And I can't really ding the Tom Ford quad too hard since I never gave it a chance. But I'd much rather have gotten a Viseart or Natasha Denona palette. Sigh... at least I did get a Sonia G. brush and a jar of one of my favorite (and very inexpensive) eye patches. 


Anyway... I kinda wish I'd bought a regular bag instead of an XL this time, having seen how good this year's regulars are. "Good" is very subjective, but Beautylish did a better job this time around than last time. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Very pleasantly surprised by my regular-sized Lucky Bag! It was chock-full of things I don't have and probably wouldn't have bought, but I'm delighted to try practically everything out. (Forgive crappy picture; cell photography ain't my forte).

List includes:

  • Natasha Denona Glam Face Palette (Fair/Med)
  • Sonia G Pencil One
  • Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo in Innovator
  • Wayne Goss Lip Pencil in both Sepia AND Cinnamon
  • DM Colorfix in Nebula
  • Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream

Not at all bad for a $173 value! The only things I'm hesitating on are the DM Colorfix (not my thang) and the Good Molecules, since I already use a prescription retinoid. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier! 🙂



Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Fabulous bag, @Harobedb!! Congrats!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Harobedb  Oh, another very nice regular bag! If you don't already use your Rx retinoid on your neck, that's a good place to consider using a gentler OTC retinol. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Excellent suggestion - thanks!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@Harobedb  That is a great bag!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Unique Beautylish XL Lucky Bag?048AF5A2-2250-4655-BE30-CC810FD621AF.jpeg

I could be wrong, but haven’t seen this variation on Reddit or here, yet:


  • Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette - Smokey Eyes Are Forever, $75


  • Kjaer Weis The Cheek Collective - Sun Touched, $68


  • Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakes - Super Star, $25


  • Wayne Goss Essential Eye Kohl Pencil - Blue Sapphire, $14


  • Verb Ghost Oil, $18


  • Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil - Icon, $49


  • Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Essence (not on Beautylish website so got price from Good Molecules’ website), $14


  • Slip Skinny Scrunchie - Polka Dot (sold in $39 packs of 6), $6.50


  • Beautylish Yano series brush 02, $120

Total value: $389.50


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

Congratulations, @aretsuya!! This is an amazing bag!! That cheek palette!!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@aretsuya looks like you got a Great box. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

oh wow @aretsuya ! I'm super jealous you got a Kjaer Weis The Cheek Collective! that would be like my dream box item haha! I haven't seen this version yet either !

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

I’m actually putting the Kjaer Weis up for trade along with some other things.  If you’re interested, I’ll be posting on the trade thread pretty soon. 😁 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022

@aretsuyaMy  box actually just had it's label created so I haven't received mine yet so no idea what, if anything, I'll have to trade! But thanks for the heads up!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022






I forgot to include the Glycolic Toner. 

$378 total value.


Heading over to trading section 😊

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