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Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

For trades please post pics of what you will trade and what you are looking for. Please remember that Sephora doesn’t support selling of items. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets.Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 




Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade



I would love to trade these items if anyone is interested:

Hindash Heroline

Wayne Goss Topaz Palette

Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette

Sonia G  Builder 3


I am hoping for:

fluffier eyeshadow brush


lip balms/glosses/oils


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade



Up for trade:

Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz $55

Kitsch x Micro Derma roller $18

Danessa Myricks Colorfix Gloss in Toffee $18

Briogeo Farewell Frizz $24

Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream $8


Considering keeping, but may be willing to trade:

Hourglass lip treatment oil $52

Hindash Heroline Eyeliner $26


Looking to trade for:

ND Zendo OR Hindash palette or another ND palette (not interested in Tri-Chrome and own Glam Face)

Sonia G Smooth Buffer

Wayne Goss Kohl eyeliner


Feel free to make an offer.  I've participated in one BIC gift exchange and I'm on BIC pretty often.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Whole bag is up for grabs (Edit-Updated with prices/details)


Natasha Denona Glam Face Palette (light) $59 USD / $74 CAD 

Sonia G. Brush Envelope $75 USD / $96 CAD 

Wayne Goss High Shine Gloss (Tulip) $22 USD / $29 CAD 

Units Orange Series Eye Set $32 USD / $43 CAD

Ardell Magnetic Lashes (Double Demi Whispies)  $15 USD / $21 CAD

Kitsch Microfiber Towel Scrunchies $18 USD / $25 CAD

I'm open to adding the retinol if anyone wants, but not super looking to trade that.


I also have the following and the DM Mini Lightwork Volume III to add to any trades.

Lashes (Laava Lashes in Charm; ABH False Lashes; Mac 83 Siren Lash) 
ABH Loose Highlighter in Vegas 
NARS Blush Orgasm 
Huda Silk Balm in Blush 
Laura Geller Iconic Baked Scultping Lipstick in Tribecca Tan 
Milk Kush Liquid Liner in Loud 
ABH Tinted Brow Gel in Chocolate 
Tarte Maneater Plumping Gloss in Buff 
Verb Ghost Oil 
Herbivore Bakuchiol (newer formula, makes a great hydrating serum) 

I also have other things, depending on what you're looking for. With the exception of the Mini Lightwork Volume III, none are from Beautylish. These I do not want, so I'm willing to throw in a bunch to make a good deal. 

I am mostly interested in: 

DM chrome flakes 

ND Zendo or Triochrome

Hourglass Ambient palettes 

DM twin flames 

Maybe the Hindash (but rather have above)


I am NOT interested in:

J *

Lip glosses

Hair products


Swatched products


I'm open to fair trades of things not explicitly listed above. I'm in Canada (and willing to trade USA/Canada). I traded last year and have been involved in MOTM and other exchanges in the community.


Please let me know if you want more detailed pictures. Nothing has been swatched, only opened to check quality on non-liquid products. If you want, I will spray inside with 70% EtOH makeup cleaning spray. 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade



I’m looking to trade the following for some neutral eye palettes (CT or Wayne Goss) or possibly some brushes:

Hindash Beautopsy 

ND Diamond and Blush (01 darya)

Viseart petits fours Lapis

Hourglass ambient strobe lighting blush in incandescent electra

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Hi, I'd love that HINDASH Palette. I have Natasha Denona Triochrome, Hourglass Ambient PALETTE Universe Unlocked, Sonia G Buffer Brush, Danessa Myricks Chrome Flakes, Towel Scrunches for trade.@kathyasmakeup101


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Up for trade:


Hindash Beautopsy palette: $70 


Unit Orange Brush set: $91 


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Universe Unlocked - $80


Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette - $129

Sonia G Smooth Buffer Brush - $ 70


Smith & Cult nail polish in Bite Your Kiss: $18


My sister is looking for liquid eyeliners while I’m not sure what I’m looking to trade for but I’m a perfume, Tom Ford, and red lipstick/lip pencil lover so I’m open for any fair trades

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Hey @LCResz , would you want WG Imperial Topaz + Colorfix (Toffee) for the Hindash palette?  I already own the WG palette.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

@danielledanielle Neither of those items are things my sis and I are looking for, sorry. Hope you find a good trade!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Ok, good luck to you too @LCResz 

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Up for trade:


Wayne Goss The Essential Eye Kohl Pencil (Shade: Blue Sapphire)

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Smokey Eyes Are Forever  (SWAPPED)

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes (Shade: Super Star)


I also have the Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise palette up for trade. 


Mainly looking for Sonia G, Wayne Goss, and Yano Series brushes, but I'm open to other offers though. 



Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade


Hey guys!
I actually am really happy with my bag this year  but there some stuff I’d be willing to trade.

The microfiber scrunchies (I have curly hair and probably won’t use them)
The ND triochrome palette

the hourglass ambient lighting universe palette (its the darker one so idk why it was in my light box) 
And the Sonia G smooth buffer (I’d like to trade for another brush)


Let me know if you’re interested!

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

I have the hindash palette for your nd

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade


Willing to trade: herbivore prism serum, Sonia g cheek pro, Viseart Chocolat, Danessa Myricks Mini Lightwork volume 3

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Hi @dmgarcia , would you be interested in any of the following items for your Sonia G brush and Viseart chocolat palette?

- Kjaer Weis cheek collective palette in Sun Touched

- Danessa Myricks chrome flakes in Super Star

- Wayne Goss eye liner in Blue Sapphire

- Verb ghost oil

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

@dmgarcia What are you looking to trade the Sonia G brush for?

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Open to suggestions- looking specifically for Natasha Denona Zendo palette and Danessa Myricks Chrome Flakes.

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

@dmgarcia Would you be interested in trading the Sonia G brush for the Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes (Shade: Super Star) and Wayne Goss The Essential Eye Kohl Pencil (Shade: Blue Sapphire)?


Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

@dmgarcia Oh OK. I don't have either one of those but good luck 🙂

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

Up for trade 46B2A283-C78D-4B85-BE65-49C24FBDB3E9.jpegCharlotte Tilbury Walk of no shame quad

Wayne Goss Luxury Palette Imperial Topaz 

Danessa Myricks colorfix in Cocoa            

Surratt lipslique in Paramour                      

Hindash Heroline eyeliner    
Only opened palettes to check if they were intact, nothing has been swatched. Hoping to trade for ND retro or Zendo, haircare, and makeup brushes.                         

Re: Beautylish Lucky Bag 2022 Trade

If anyone received a Natasha denona retro pallet I would like to swap for that. I have a few items left but my high end items are the Yano brushnumber three which is highlighter and the Holifrog grand amino cushion cream.

I also have the Wayne Goss lipstick in Lotus and liner in Natural berry and the Danessa Myricks twin flames pigment in obsession

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