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The Perfume Challenge

Do you have a box full of perfume vials and/or a vanity covered in perfume bottles? Are you the Goldilocks of perfume, just looking for the perfect signature scent? Do you want an opportunity to post daily about how your perfume of the day smells oaky and smoky with hints of blackberry and currant, like a cigar in a whisky barrel rolling through a Mediterranean orchard on a breezy summer morning?


If you answered yes to any of the above, or you just want to hop on board for the ride, join us for a 31 days of perfume challenge starting January 1st! Some of us from the 25 days of lipstick challenge wanted to continue the fun and exploration, and since many of us have so many perfume samples, we thought this challenge would be perfect. If you don't have 31 perfumes or hate everything that doesn't smell like Meyer lemons and fresh goat cream, that's fine--we're just aiming to use the neglected perfumes we have laying around and incorporate them into our perfume rotations.


And if you want more perfume vials, there's no better time than now to take a peek at Sephora's samples section.


Edit: Anyone can join in at anytime! We're here to support, live vicariously through, and encourage everyone in their olfactory adventures!

The Perfume Challenge

I've been trying to use my minis and vials but have gotten a few newbies and a couple I really like. Lolita Lempicka's Mon Premiere is not a new release but new to me. I had been entertaining the idea of licorice in a perfume and found this. It hit the spot for sure and is nearly addictive! I've had to stop myself more than a few days and dig into my minis and vials. It has a cherry top note but warms quickly and has licorice and violets plus a powdery note with base of musk and tonka. It's not a heavy or irritating scent and it wears all day. I love it.

Re: The Perfume Challenge

I tried Eau d'Hermes, the very first Hermes fragrance. Wow! This was not what I expected! Even though this was composed before JC Elena joined the house, I guess I was imagining a sheer, JCE style citrus or something light and classically vintage like DIOR - Eau Sauvage which is also by Roudnitska.


No, this was really arresting, a hit of what smelled like hot cumin to my note. Even though the only warm spice listed in the notes pyramid is cloves and cardamom, it seems from reviews that I'm not the only one to smell cumin. Dries down to a warm leather. While it's not clean at all by any stretch of the imagination, it has a vintage freshness to it because of the citrus.


I'm pleasantly surprized this is marketed as unisex. I think it would be very daring on a woman. This might be my second favourite Hermes after Bel Ami.



Re: The Perfume Challenge

7 Virtues has a new fragrance: THE 7 VIRTUES - Blackberry Lily Eau de Parfum




Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Warm & Sweet Gourmands

Key Notes: Blackberry, Lily of the Valley, Geranium

Fragrance Description: This is a warm perfume inspired by cozy gatherings with the ones you love. Enjoy endless compliments. Bring aromatherapy joy to those around you. This sensuous fragrance features a gourmand blend of jammy blackberry and cassis top notes; heart notes of rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, and devana; and base notes of vetiver, caramel, and amber.


I found this house had mixed offerings - some of the dry downs weren't the best, but this release comes many years later and I'm looking forward to seeing if there's been improvements!

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@pocketvenus and OH MY GOODNESS it smells so yummy! I am not a fruity scent lover but the subtle blackberry with the other notes brings such a beautiful scent. I am coincidentally inhaling a box of blackberries as I'm seeing your post! Maybe this is fate and I need it?! 


I also was double-checking you can tag product again since the bug was fix and see it's working - YAY! Let me know if you happen to have issues in the future. 

Re: The Perfume Challenge

Thanks for following up about the tags @KatieBT ! Much appreciated!! If it helps, I'm unable to log into my account using Firefox so I switched to Chrome and the tagging works though not without a bug. I posted more details in The Bug Thread


It's always such a nice surprize to like a scent when the notes pyramid isn't your style! Looking forward to trying this new Blackberry Scent Smiley Happy

Re: The Perfume Challenge

Tried the new Malin + Goetz line today! I tested these on paper and let them dry down for 10 minutes. Generally, my first impressions are they are okay, unisex and nothing to outre. Reviews starting from best to worst. Sorry I can't tag the products. They're in the store though in Yorkville/Toronto! There are spray and oil versions.




Cannabis. A pleasant spicy woody scent that smells nothing like cannabis. Nothing exciting but nice. My only concern is that the performance was a little weak on paper.


Leather. I’m very picky when it comes to leather. This one is easy to wear and it’s in the birch tar vein but nothing smoky or challenging. I'd try this if you want something more butch than a handbag leather but you still want to keep it clean.


Dark Rum. I personally would never wear this. It’s very gourmand-like but not really like a spirit. In fact, the opening doesn’t smell like rum at all to me but fruit. Most people say they smell plum but to be perfectly honest, this smells like a pina colada to me. A malty dark sugar sweetness starts to come out in the dry down. Someone is going to love this.


Vetiver. Like leather, I am pretty picky when it comes to vetiver as it’s one of my favourite notes. Vetivers tend to go two ways, cleaned up and zesty fresh or earthy and smoky. M+G picks the former route but instead of a crispness, it’s more aqueous. A little smoke and iris come out in the dry down, blurring the scent. Though it seems weak and lacking direction.


Stem. The ad copy about a "deconstructed garden" is kind of ridiculous. I don’t get any kind of sense of freshly cut stems or earth. For this you need to try the Hermes garden series or Giacobetti's fig perfumes. Light and inoffensive, Stem is more of a muted muguet and freesia.


Bergamot. Opens with a peppery bergamot but there’s something in the drydown that doesn’t agree with me. Gives the scent an unpleasant opacity.


Edited to add that I am really curious about the cosmetics products from this line though. I hope Canada gets some.

Re: The Perfume Challenge

House of Sillage Tiara : Notes
- Top Notes:Tangerine, Cinnamon

- Heart Notes: Rose Oil, Peony
- Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk

Surprisingly I love this scent. It’s sweet, very feminine and the name fits perfectly. It’s liked a princess at her first ball. ❤️👍


Re: The Perfume Challenge

@blackkitty2014 - The bottle is very pretty!

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@Titian06 I think they charge a whole lot for that bottle 😘

Re: The Perfume Challenge

I received this more than a year back. Never opened it. Forgot about it. Lately every darn YouTubers promote this brand liked crazy and I looked it up. The craziest thing is they sell this darn sample set for $50 🤪 so I have to test it out right? 

Love in the air: Notes
- Top Notes: Plum, Black Currant

- Heart Notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood
- Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk

I only detect Cedarwood and musk the first spray. On my limited perfume language the combination is aka expensive incense for old ppl. 15 min later I can detect the Jasmine. Nicely developed but it won’t be love in the air for me. Edit: I might eat my words. The longer it’s on my skin, the nicer it gets. I need to test this out more. 


Chevaux D’Or:Notes
- Top Notes: Wild Strawberries, Magnolia
- Heart Notes: Black Rose, Turkish Rose
- Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Get out the here youtuber. This is launched back in 2015 don’t make it such brand new. Ugh! I immediately impressed a little spray goes a long way. Very pleasant. Strawberry scent is dominant here. It reminds me of Maisan Francis Kirdijan Oud Extract even though D’Or should not have any Oud in there. It must be the Rose. It’s definitely is lighter than MFK. I can smell the scent on my arm hours later. Might worthy of full-size bottle for collection purposes 😂


Re: The Perfume Challenge

@blackkitty2014 Thanks for sharing! I've been curious about this house Smiley Happy

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@pocketvenus I like the scents I tried so far. I believe SOL is a good perfume house.  Too bad they like to over do the bottles and charge up to the roof for it. Definitely this house is for mature audiences (not old) 😂🤣 

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@blackkitty2014 seems to be a business model that works! Though some houses are more extreme than others Smiley Tongue

Re: The Perfume Challenge

TOM FORD - Soleil Blanc

AERIN - Hibiscus Palm


I got Aerin Hibiscus Palm sample the other day. It’s an instant love but it’s almost a dead on dupe for Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. I think HP is a bit stronger than SB. Now I can’t decide which one I should get a full-size bottle 🤣😂

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@blackkitty2014  - The one that costs less!  💰💰💰

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@Titian06 A lot less 🤣😂 I was thinking that too. I just get the Aerin and ditch TF Soleil Blanc next sale 😘

Re: The Perfume Challenge

I tried the Jo Malone lavender trio yesterday. The coriander lavender is probably the most versatile of the three. Easy to wear, dewy and aromatic, it’s the most lavender-forward one. In the Wisteria fragrance, traditional girly spring florals overpower the lavender. Silver birch is also lavender forward, but it is edgier/cooler.


I also tried TF's Rose Prck. Its rosy opening is softened and blurred with tonka. The dry down gets pretty tonka-heavy but instead of going in an overly sweet or dense direction, this is countered with an earthiness I’ll attribute to the turmeric and pepper. As such, this a more mature rose than what the notes pyramid would suggest but it's nothing terribly exciting. @blackkitty2014 this is definitely not a fresh, luminous rose. The opening is quite rosy but the tonka really comes out strong in the drydown. There are scents that are more of a straightforward rose than this.

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@pocketvenus Thx for the feedback on both JM and TF. I think I need to go sniff it next time when I’m around a department store or something 😘🥰 (but I have a feeling I wouldn’t like this)I haven’t bought a TF perfume liked forever after Noir de Noir. I was hoping one day the house will release a smoky scent kinda similar to Jasmine Rouge but with rose scent instead of Jasmine. Jasmine Rouge is still my favorite perfume from TF

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@blackkitty2014 Unfortunately, RP's dominant character to me was from the tonka, so not smoky or peppery. Jasmine Rouge is lovely <3

Re: The Perfume Challenge

@pocketvenus I was so very curious about that TF fragrance.  I was hoping for something musky and dank with my rose scent--kind of like Miss Havisham's party table. lol  


Thanks for posting, as always.

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