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The Perfume Challenge

Do you have a box full of perfume vials and/or a vanity covered in perfume bottles? Are you the Goldilocks of perfume, just looking for the perfect signature scent? Do you want an opportunity to post daily about how your perfume of the day smells oaky and smoky with hints of blackberry and currant, like a cigar in a whisky barrel rolling through a Mediterranean orchard on a breezy summer morning?


If you answered yes to any of the above, or you just want to hop on board for the ride, join us for a 31 days of perfume challenge starting January 1st! Some of us from the 25 days of lipstick challenge wanted to continue the fun and exploration, and since many of us have so many perfume samples, we thought this challenge would be perfect. If you don't have 31 perfumes or hate everything that doesn't smell like Meyer lemons and fresh goat cream, that's fine--we're just aiming to use the neglected perfumes we have laying around and incorporate them into our perfume rotations.


And if you want more perfume vials, there's no better time than now to take a peek at Sephora's samples section.


Edit: Anyone can join in at anytime! We're here to support, live vicariously through, and encourage everyone in their olfactory adventures!

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge



I re-visited this collection over the weekend while running errands for this thread.  I dunno! I am convince I don't care for anything lime, lemon, or citrusy. Or, at least care to smell like it.  It all smells like Palmolive (soapy) to me! lol!


The Scent of Peace: Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk


Park Avenue: Notes: Mimosa, lemon, chamomile, paperwhite, rose, musk, ebonywood, vanilla


Little Italy: Notes: Clementine, grapefruit, mandarin


West Broadway: Notes: Lime, lily of the valley, sheer musk


Hamptons: Notes: Lime blossom, bergamot, white jasmine, magnolia, amber, sandalwood




Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18: Wildfox by Wildfox.


A nice light floral, musky, powdery, mildly sweet fragrance.  It's nice, but sadly doesn't last long on me.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18:  Penhaligon`s Blasted Heath


Head Notes:
Aquatic Accord, Seaweed Absolute, Clary Sage Absolute

Heart Notes
Green Leaves, Clearwood™, Tobacco Absolute, Whiskey Accord

Base Notes
Alaskan Cedarwood Essence, Gaiacwood Essence, Vetiver


Argh, I smell like cheap aftershave. Or better yet I smell like this:



Day 17: Valentina Oud Assoluto
Day 16: Aerin Evening Rose
Day 15: Degree Shower Fresh (missed day!)
Day 14: Ramon Monegal Lovely Day
Day 13: Alexandre J White Leather
Day 12: Rupaul Glamazon
Day 11: Lancome La Vie Es Belle
Day 10: Jo Malone Nashi Blossom
Day 9: Penhaligon's Quercus
Day 8: L'Artisan Parfumeur Nuit de Tubéreuse
Day 7: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1960
Day 6: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1950
Day 5: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1940
Day 4: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1930
Day 3: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1920
Day 2: Besame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance 1910
Day 1: Cartier Baiser Vole



Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Bahahaha @Geminichilde! The notes sound interesting - such a bummer that you smell like the sea captain 😂

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Lol, it's terrible! 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

cool, great content

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18: Bvlgari Omnia Coral - this is a really nice scent, well balanced to be sweet and floral without being overpowering. I didn't realize until I was writing this that it's an eau de toilette, so I shouldn't be surprised it didn't last terribly long (4 or so hours on me). I still enjoyed it.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18: Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud


Oud, Amber, fruits, and cumin, all come together to make a very sexy scent that is perfect for a night out, but heck, I wore it to work and got a lot of compliments! 


Notes: rose, saffron, agarwood (oud) and citruses.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day Eighteen: Byredo's Bal D'Afrique vs. Tocca's Colette


I thought I might try these side by side (? wrist by wrist?) given that multiple people have compared them. The fragrances share a lot of notes. I would say on my skin that their openings start off more closely - bright with a gentle sweetness - but they diverge a fair bit in the dry down.


BA's opening is juicy - it's a citrusy/woody pineapple, (pineapple is not in the note pyramid but I read that's from the marigold) which remains luminous into the dry down. Amber also fills out the scent nicely. C has a vibrant citrus opening but it's less fruity (no pineapple) and has a powdery vanilla based dry down.


Other than that, I would say they are similar performance wise so far. C feels thin compared to BA, but interestingly, it seems to project more. This might be because I tend not to like powder or strong vanilla so maybe I was just more sensitive to those notes.


I would say if you prefer juicy, pick BA and if you prefer powdery, pick C.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18: V&R Spicebomb Yes, it is indeed spicy, and like a bomb in that it blew people away from me because I smelled so awful. Now that it's finally fading, it smells like I burned cinnamon hearts and vanilla toffee together in a microwave. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18- 

Acqua Di ParmaBlu Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia 

Notes-Sicilian Almond, Star Anise, Bergamot, Orange, Green Mediterranean Almond, Ylang-Ylang, Cedarwood, Vanilla, and White Musk.


I like this one. I just got it as a sample the other day. It sadly does not last on me at all. Very light scent.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

I couldn't help looking at that brand name and thinking that a brand called Water of New York or Water of Nebraska just would not have the same ring to it.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Jan 18: Tom Ford Cafe Rose EDP deluxe sample: I like it. Though I can't detect either Rose or coffee.



Jan 1: Acqua Di Parma Rose Noble EDP sample vial.
Jan 2: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP.
Jan 3: Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme EDP sample vial.
Jan 4: Armani Prive Rose Alexander EDT sample vial.
Jan 5: Hanae Mori Hanae EDP.
Jan 6: Dolce & Garbana Light Blue EDT
Jan 7: Tom Ford Shanghai Lily EDP deluxe sample.
Jan 8: Tom Ford Orchid Soleil deluxe sample.
Jan 9: Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glaciale sample vial.
Jan 10: Aerin Ikat Jasmine EDP sample vial.
Jan 11: Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis mini.
Jan 12: Hermes Le Jardin De Monsieur Li EDT sample vial.
Jan 13: Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance EDP sample vial.
Jan 14: Marc Jacob Daisy Dream EDT sample vial.
Jan 15: Jo Malone Nectarines and Honey Blossom.
Jan 16: YSL Black Opium EDP sample vial
Jan 17: Versace Eros Pour Femme EDT.
Jan 18: Tom Ford Cafe Rose EDP deluxe sample

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

i love this one, it'll likely feature in my own challenge at some point, too. but the rose comes through so strong for me ! i won't say more because i'll wait until i pull it out, but it's interesting how people all smell something different.......

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Really @blackkitty2014?! I find the rose to be really strong with this one! I can smell the cafe too - I just wish that was the prevailing note 😄

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Hehehe ... Yes! I'm still looking for my rose and cafe 🙂 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today is By terry Ombre Mercure.


I thought it would be regular spice on me , but it got very powdery on me and I like it! 

I was surprised at this one. Iris and Violet with some warm. 


Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

I like powdery!!

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18:  Nest – Midnight Fleur


Notes:  Exotic Woods, Black Amber, Patchouli, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid


Another great Nest fragrance!




Day 17:  Nest – Dahlia & Vines

Day 16:  John Varvatos – Artisan Acqua

Day 15:  Versace - Dylan Blue

Day 14:  Marc Jacobs - Daisy

Day 13:  Atelier Cologne – Figuier Ardent

Day 12:  Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

Day 11:  Cartier – Vetiver Bleu

Day 10:  Atelier Cologne - Sud Magnolia

Day 9:  Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue

Day 8:  Escada – Joyful

Day 7:  Escada – Born in Paradise

Day 6:  Moschino – Moschino Fresh Couture

Day 5:  Chanel - No. 5 L'eau

Day 4:  Elizabeth & James - Nirvana Bourbon

Day 3:  YSL - Black Opium

Day 2:  Pacifica - Tunisian Jasmine Lime

Day 1:  Juliette Has a Gun - Not a Perfume

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 18: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Notes: Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk


I like this one, and would consider buying a rollerball of it! 🙂 It has great staying power, too.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Yea!  This one is fun!