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Post in Fragrance Fans

Fragrance Junkie Central

I know there are a few of us on BT that are fragrance addicts, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place where we can share our thoughts.


This is not to take away from the lovely What Are You Wearing Today, Fragrance Edition thread, but more a place to post longer reviews, chat about new brands or releases, and just shoot the breeze on anything good and smelly 🙂


For me, I recently acquired 2 new decants that I've been anxiously awaiting.  Ever since Lachaton mentioned that MMM was releasing a new scent called By The Fireplace I've been itching to get my hands on it.  My decant arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to marinating in it this weekend.  Secondly, I recently picked up a tiny sample of Shiseido Nombre Noir.  Supposedly it is one of the most expensive failures in perfume history - made by Serge Lutens for Shiseido back in the 80s.  Of course, with a backstory like that, I was dying to get a sniff 😄


What's new on your scent radar?  Do tell!



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@ZombieMetroAnt Notes are said to be bergamot, cardamom, jasmine and tobacco. I love cardamom!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Jerome Epinette is back at it with a new release for Floral Street, Arizona Bloom.




Fragrantica describes it as an Oriental Spicy unisex fragrance. Notes are listed as coconut, black pepper, salt, musk, jasmine, oakmoss, amber, fig leaf and cashmere wood. Sounds nice to me, although I personally see zero connection between coconuts and Arizona.

RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

Artilier cologne vanilla intensee. THE BEST

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Gucci is releasing a new Bloom flanker, Profumo di Fiori. 


Another Morillas release, this latest chapter highlights the freshness, floral quality and depth of Tuberose. It offers a contemporary twist to the first scent in the range, Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum. Profumo di Fiori offers a blend of Tuberose Essence heart notes, with Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Ylang Ylang flower top notes, balanced by a warm musky blend of Sandalwood, Oris Concrete and Benzoin notes as its base.


Does anyone have a favourite Bloom version? I think mine might be Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori Eau de Toilette For Her 3.3 oz/ 100 mL Eau de Toilette Spray I love green scents and this one is a very approachable, wearable green.


As an aside, the ad campaign for the Profumo flanker is by Floria Sigismondi who some might remember as the Canadian behind the Marilyn Manson music videos. So it comes as no surprize that this one is a little darker than previous campaigns 💀





Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@greeneyedgirl107 💚💚💚 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

A couple new releases today, starting with new permanent additions to Jo Malone called the Lost in Wonder collection.




The line features two scents, Fig & Lotus Flower, a graceful and light floral Cologne, water-fresh flower petals balancing the sweet juiciness of ripe fig and

Cypress & Grapevine, in the Cologne Intense range, an aromatic fragrance with evergreen foliage. The intensity of the scent is grounded with a dry down of amber.

Le Labo's next city scent, Citron 28 will be based in Seoul. A combination of freshness and structure, “Citron 28” features notes of lemon, ginger and jasmine atop a base of cedar and musk. Developed based on the original “Citron Boheme,” the fragrance expresses the balance between the original and the conservative.  

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@pocketvenus Both of these seem like interesting scents.  I love many of Jo Malone's fragrances.

RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

Le Labo’s city exclusives event is coming soon and for this year they are introducing a new scent Citron 28 (Seoul)


It features notes of lemon, ginger and jasmine atop a base of cedar and musk.

Re: RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapj Very interesting concept.  

RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

I wish they had a discovery set with all the city exclusives!

Re: RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Cyncynn I believe they do but they also only sell it for a limited period; usually the month leading up to the city exclusives drop.

Re: RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapj @Cyncynn I've seen these but I think it's only available at Le Labo boutiques and not department store counters. And yes, not available year round.


p.s. I totally missed your post the first time around Mochapj, so I re-posted the news! 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I just received a free sample of Lipstick Fever💄 from Juliette Has a Gun Mini Trio Gift Set and I love it!


I usually don't like perfumes since they smell too sweet or floral, but this is different.  In their description, it says Lipstick Fever smells floral and fruity but I personally don't smell that.  To me, it smells more woody and maybe a bit spicy.

I think this perfume is like the red lipstick of perfumes.  Great for a night out!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@RAWRitsRED nice! Curious how this compares to Lipstick On by Margiela 💄

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@RAWRitsRED - I looked at the notes on the company's website and it has patchouli and cedarwood, which is probably what your smelling.  It also has iris and violet, which I don't find overly flowerly.  I think the other notes were raspberry and vanilla.  Overall, it sounds like it should be a nice perfume.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central


I thought I smelled cedarwood!  Sephora has a different description for some reason.  I love that it's not a sickening sweet smell since those usually give me migraines.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Life has been chaotic so I've been a bit tardy posting updates. There are quite a few


Diptyque is offering travel atomizers that are customizable. I feel the design is a real departure from the rest of the house




Fans of violet may be interested in Hiram Green's Vivacious. HG makes beautiful soliflores with Moon Bloom being one of my favourite tuberoses so I'm curious to try this one out. Luckyscent describes Vivacious as follows


Vivacious is a violet-themed perfume that takes its cue from those prim Victorians who adored this precious flower so much. Updated for the 21st century, this scent has a happy and carefree flair. The fragrance opens with bright and joyful bergamot that seamlessly merges into a floral bouquet of flirty violet and spicy carnation. Waxy orris smoothly anchors this boisterous heart and soft, powdery amber adds a warm and luxurious finish.



bergamot, violet, carnation, orris, amber




Marc Jacobs has launched Perfect. I can't get it to tag but here's the Sephora link


The ad copy is very fuzzy, trading on ideas about self-love and self-acceptance. I used to really enjoy Marc Jacobs' fashion but could never get into the perfumes.


From Sephora, the NOTES are Daffodil, Almond Milk, Cashmeran. This perfume opens with juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil that reveal a comforting heart of almond milk and finish with a soft dry down of cedarwood and cashmeran.



For another creamy 2020 release, we have Etat Libre's Soul of My Soul


Like the earlier releases of this line like Spice Will Flow, I expect this will hit N. American shores eventually. From NST Perfume


Soul Of My Soul speaks of the fire god of Persia and the gods of India — the worship of offerings such as Mesopotamia, milk and clarified butter to honour the gods. A creamy explosion, the musk scent intermingles with iris butter and transmits the powerful balm of vanilla, followed by the friction of tonka against benzoin for a sweet yet powerful sign off. Additional notes include bergamot, incense, pink pepper, rose, suede accord, sandalwood and georgy wood accord.


It's a little annoying that there's reference to the fire god of Persia, which I'm assuming refers to Zoroastrianism and "the gods of India" as if they are all the same? Like, Hinduism has many gods representing very different things, so this is just really sloppy writing. Unless the expected audience is solely comprised of readers ignorant of other religions and the intention was to invoke generic notions of the exotic gods of the Orient, sort of like the ethnic aisle in a grocery store. Hopefully the fragrance is a lot better than the ad copy.


Last but not least, Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria has two new releases, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz/ 75 mL Eau de Toilette Spray which features blood orange, mint and woody notes and Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Granada Salvia  which features pomegranate, sage and white musk.



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@pocketvenus The one from Marc Jacobs seems interesting. 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@tjffc It's available on Sephora's website now 🙂

RE: Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Soul of my soul sounds interesting!
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