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Fragrance Junkie Central

I know there are a few of us on BT that are fragrance addicts, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place where we can share our thoughts.


This is not to take away from the lovely What Are You Wearing Today, Fragrance Edition thread, but more a place to post longer reviews, chat about new brands or releases, and just shoot the breeze on anything good and smelly 🙂


For me, I recently acquired 2 new decants that I've been anxiously awaiting.  Ever since Lachaton mentioned that MMM was releasing a new scent called By The Fireplace I've been itching to get my hands on it.  My decant arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to marinating in it this weekend.  Secondly, I recently picked up a tiny sample of Shiseido Nombre Noir.  Supposedly it is one of the most expensive failures in perfume history - made by Serge Lutens for Shiseido back in the 80s.  Of course, with a backstory like that, I was dying to get a sniff 😄


What's new on your scent radar?  Do tell!



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapj I got to smell a few new fragrances in store today.  I will probably not purchase any of them but if I did it might be Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Toilette Lumiere . I don't care for the original much as it is a bit of a nose tweaker depending on how my allergies are flaring but this smelled wonderful. I'll have to get a sample first based on my sensitivity to the original. I tried Armani Beauty Terra di Gioia Eau de Parfum 1 oz/ 30 mL Eau de Parfum Spray on opening has a super 70's scent to it but it passes super quick. Like, it's the 70's! April Fools! The other two were Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Illicit Green Eau de Parfum 2.5 oz/ 75 mL eau de parfum spray and Valentino Born in Roma Coral Fantasy Eau de Parfum  Neither were terrible but I have so many perfumes and just got some others so these just didn't seem like stars of the show at first whiff. I can confirm Illicit Green is very vanilla and Coral Fantasy is very fruity.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapj Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Intensement Eau de Parfum would be correct. Won't let me edit the whole reply. I wondered why the bottle wasn't colored correctly in store. This is also Intensement so I would definitely want to get a 1.2 ml first.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central



One last one for today. Hiram Green is releasing a fougere, Arcadia. I liked HG's chypre, Shangri-La which was a very soft take on the genre, like a blurred out Mitsouko. Not my style but excellent nevertheless. I wonder if this fougere does the same thing, blurs everything out.


Notes are bergamot, lavender, jasmine, rose, spices, resins, tonka bean, aged patchouli, New Caledonian sandalwood

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

This sounds wonderful, @pocketvenus ! 🥰

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central



Jazmin Sarai is releasing an LE of only 88 bottles based on jasmine! ❤️


The moment you walk down the street and your senses enliven at the unmistakable scent of jasmine in bloom.

Its petals are waxy, sweet, indolic, singing in unison!

Its leaves are green and fresh, springing from their fresh soil.

The sun beaming its ginger rays upon the splendour.


Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, ginger co2, Jasmine Grandiflorum India, Jasmine absolute Egypt, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine leaves, soil, a touch of musk.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

This sounds nice, @pocketvenus ! 😍  Are you going to try to snag a bottle?

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Titian06 I'm not sure to be honest. Shipping for a sample is $14.00 which makes one sample over $30.00?? I never buy without trying because I'm soooooo picky. It seems most people are more cavalier than me as the 15ml is already sold out! 😛

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central



I love a good green and the notes for Bistro Waters from DS & Durga sound interesting. 


Inspired by the NYC restaurant scene in the 90's, when veggies got fancy," Bistro Waters is a James Beard-worthy serving of greens (lime flower water, bell pepper) peppered with savory herbs (coriander, nutmeg). Our compliments to the chef! Additional notes include mandarin, pear, pea flower, basil and moss water




MALIN+GOETZ Tomato Candle 9 oz / 260 g 


Inspired by matthew and andrew’s passion for gardening at their hudson valley home, our tomato candle is a fresh and verdant scent that opens with a beautiful mélange of freshly-picked herbs – aromatic basil, calming lavender and cool mint leaves. vines of green ivy intertwine with the rich sweetness of a perfectly ripe tomato, melding with hints of uplifting mandarin and woodsy petitgrain to engage the senses. notes of earthy cedarwood and green pepper give the scent a soft, clean finish, recreating the abundance of aroma that permeates through a flourishing vegetable garden in late summer


New Jo Malones:




I'm not a fan of white musk so I think I'll pass on this Moon collection. The nose however, Mathilde Bijaoui, has done some fragrances that people here like including JM's Myrrh & Tonka and Etat's Like This.


Lavender & Moonflower

"Embrace the evening with a soft, serene scent. Aromatic English lavender nestles among a cocooning note of white musk and night-blooming moonflowers." In 50 ml Pillow Mist, candle and diffuser.


Moonlit Camomile

"An evening wander filled with possibility. The enchanting freshness of feathery English camomile leaves mingle with blue moonflowers, glimpsed in the garden after dark. Enveloped in the gentle sensuality of cocooning white musk. This promises to relax and enchant the soul." In 100 ml Cologne and matching 50 ml Pillow Mist.


There's also some new ones for the summer


Sea Daffodil

"The rarity of the sea daffodil means it is a protected species and an extract cannot be obtained from it. This inspired [perfumer] Alexis Dadier to create an exclusive accord that balances the solar floral ylang ylang with the warmth of vanilla and creamy sandalwood. ‘We tried to represent the environment in which the flower grows in the accord, which has sea and sand and sprigs of vegetation growing all around. There’s a solar element too: a kind of holiday air suggesting warm sun and summer. And, of course, there’s the fragrance of the flower itself. Sea daffodil belongs to the lily family, but it’s not as spicy as the conventional lily; it’s much more delicate and transparent. Because it grows near the sea, it has an aqueous quality.’ A scent that explores the duality of elements: luminous yet solar, transparent yet sensual."


Bitter Mandarin

"To create the perfect pairing for Sea Daffodil, we sought to capture something of the spirit of the Mediterranean in fragrance: the essence of carefree days, enchanted evenings and sultry summer nights. ‘I remembered how people drink orange spritz aperitifs in the summer, combining bitter citrus flavours with fizz. I realised that we could use a mandarin accord created by perfumer Michel Almairac as the basis of a fragrance that could capture the summer freshness of mandarin with the bitterness of the spritz,’ explains Celine [Roux]. ‘Throughout the development of Bitter Mandarin, we always had the sparkling quality of the aperitif in mind, which we recreated using bergamot, yellow mandarin and petitgrain – an oil extracted from the leaves of the orange tree,’ retells Michel Almairac, the nose behind the colourful, happy scent that captures the carefree spirit of summer."

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central


JM Moonlit Chamomile smells like a really nice spa; it is instantly calming and makes you want to slip into silky pjs and drink some tea. It has a stay at home and lounge around kind of vibe, as the scent itself doesn’t project and stay very close to the skin, however the longevity is pretty good, as I can detect it in the morning after wearing it to bed. As you can see, my pillow pet has claimed it for his own, so it is bed time ritual approved!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I'm so glad you and the unicorn like this, @LCResz ! 🦄  I need all the help I can get with sleep.  This sounds like something I should try.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@LCResz, ahhh, it's unicorn approved!! 🦄 I was wondering about this scent the other day. Thank you!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@pocketvenus - A couple of these sound interesting, particularly the tomato candle. 🍅🕯 I'm not sure about the moon ones...there's something about the word "cocooning" that turns me off even though that has nothing to do with how it actually smells. 🤣

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Titian06 Yes, I love earthy, green scents. Both the candle and DS&D intrigue me!! Yeah, the moon line seems more like a winter appropriate line than a spring one?

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

New from DSD; Bistro Waters, savoury perfume


Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

A new-to-me line of fragrances I’m so excited to try out: Henry Rose. Conceived by actor Michelle Pfeiffer, she wanted to create fragrances that follow high ethical standards. From the brand’s website, the fragrances are: 


I greatly admire and want to support ethical and clean products, so this brand really speaks to me, plus the 9 fragrances currently being offered seem intriguing. I order the sampler set and so far have explored two:


Jake’s House: a super clean and fresh fragrance, totally unisex, reminds me of my CKOne obsessed teens in the best possible way.

Flora Carnivora: a dupe for Gucci Bloom, the tuberose is insanely gorgeous. It’s what you wear to a lunch date at a fancy outdoor cafe. Seductive and ladylike all at once.  

The sampler comes with a $20 code towards a full sized bottle, but I’m already debating and I’ve only just started trying out the scents. I may be in a lot of trouble 😬 


Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@LCResz, sometimes trouble is good for us, no? 😆 This brand caught my eye as well. Thank you for sharing your notes on the two fragrances. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the other scents. 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@itsfi I’m in trouble deep for sure! So far Queens and Monsters has been my top pick, but then I’m a sucker for sandalwood. Last Light and Dark is Night are two great takes on another favorite of mine, patchouli. Honestly there isn’t a dud in the set, there is something for every taste in this house, from clean and fresh to deep and dark. They now have a new rose-centered scent, Sheep’s Clothing, that I’m looking forward to trying out as well. 

I hope retailers like Sephora get hip to this house soon, it’s a great brand that deserves more exposure.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@LCResz, oh wow! I’m even more intrigued than before. The names of the fragrances are so fun too! I would love if Sephora brought this brand on board. ♥️

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@LCResz Thanks for sharing! I'd love to hear what you think of the others 🙂

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

This sounds great, @LCResz !  Looking forward to your comments on the remaining scents! 💖💖💖

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