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Post in Fragrance Fans

Fragrance Junkie Central

I know there are a few of us on BT that are fragrance addicts, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place where we can share our thoughts.


This is not to take away from the lovely What Are You Wearing Today, Fragrance Edition thread, but more a place to post longer reviews, chat about new brands or releases, and just shoot the breeze on anything good and smelly ๐Ÿ™‚


For me, I recently acquired 2 new decants that I've been anxiously awaiting.  Ever since Lachaton mentioned that MMM was releasing a new scent called By The Fireplace I've been itching to get my hands on it.  My decant arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to marinating in it this weekend.  Secondly, I recently picked up a tiny sample of Shiseido Nombre Noir.  Supposedly it is one of the most expensive failures in perfume history - made by Serge Lutens for Shiseido back in the 80s.  Of course, with a backstory like that, I was dying to get a sniff ๐Ÿ˜„


What's new on your scent radar?  Do tell!



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

How does Ellis Brooklyn Salt compare to Jo Malone Sea Salt? Thanks! ๐Ÿค—

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Holiday candles are getting more popular with each year! To me the two classics will always be from Diptyque and Cire Trudon. 


Diptyque's set always has a conifer, an amber or spicy gourmand and a "cleanish" scent. This year the blue candle is "Coton."



Trudon has a new addition this year, Altair, a rose oud in addition to Fir (conifer), Gloria (spicy woods) and Gabriel (smoky).




Other brands that are offering holiday candles are

  • Acqua di Parma's Bosco: Pine, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood
  • Byredo's Symphonique: anise, bitter orange, ginger, beeswax, clove, cedar, bran
  • D&S Durga's Portable Xmas Tree: Spruce, Fir, Pine
  • D&S Durga's Chanukah in the Desert: cypress, balm of Gilead, desert juniper, saffron, amber
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Mon Beau Sapin: conifers
  • Penhaligon's Anbar Stone: tonka, amber

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I noticed my The Maker discovery set is evaporating in their bottles. This was already a set I was a bit regretful about purchasing. I have been revisiting this purchase so it doesn't just waste away. I'm not sure why, these perfumes don't bring me much joy. Most of them are tedious. There were a couple that I found interesting or liked but now that they've aged they've become very similar in their drydown. Very cologne-y like the drydown of a man's fragrance. Is the typical mens drydown musk? Wood? Dusty, dry wood maybe? To varying degrees that's the base of this set. These seem like the top and midnotes and some base notes have been evaporating but the very base is still the same and thus more noticable. Maybe the ones I felt were too one note will be more interesting now. Haha At one point I had considered purchasing Wild but now that I believe this will degrade before I can use it all then this isn't as much of a consideration.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Thanks for sharing, @Margalee !  

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Margalee ๐Ÿ˜ฌ that's not good. Thanks for the warning, I have the set I haven't touched yet.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I got to smell the Donna Karan Orchard St. I was *this* close to blind buying. So glad I didn't. The opening is amazing. Appley, fresh, carefree and then IMO that same sickly style of amber or what not that Eilish no1 has in it. Totally destroyed the fragrance for me. I might test it sans perfume anywhere on my body bc I like the opening so much and really thought this would be a winner. If you like Eilish no 1 and wish it were less heavy in the sweetness of the amber and like fruit then you might actually really like Orchard St. The appley goodness lasted oh, about a mere 10 minutes for me.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

The number of times Iโ€™ve had a great fragrance destroyed by sickly sweet amber ๐Ÿ˜ญ Skylar is particularly bad for adding that to like half of their perfumes 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I recently bought the Kayali discovery scent and I really loved the Vanilla 28. It's such a deep and mature, but not old, vanilla. I also liked the Eden Juicy Apple, but thought that one was very subtle, especially compared to the vanilla. The others I wasn't the biggest fan of personally. 

A sample I got recently that I really enjoyed was the Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giola. It's such a bright, fresh, scent. 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I just got my hands on KAYALI YUM PISTACHIO GELATO | 33 INTENSE Eau de Parfum Travel Spray .33 oz / 10 mL eau de parfum spr... and it is so....deeply interesting! It was completely different from what I expected, and I know I'm not alone in this experience lol. It's different but in a good way. To me it's not sugary or sweet, but it is boozy and nutty and warm, with top notes of whipped cream and marshmallow that quickly dissipate. I think I expected something intensely sweet, and this isn't that. 


The best discovery, however, was layering it with Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist (for some reason the tag won't bring up this product). The pistachio note really comes out this way, and the whole things is sweet and boozy all at once. It gorgeous and intense. Also, the Kayali bottle is BEAUTIFUL!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@thelastrecluse Good to know. I've been interested in Kayali Yum Pistachio and the Intense for awhile. You might have enabled me on this one! Heh heh

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Margalee Happy to help! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@thelastrecluse LOVE this scent, had to have it in a full size from first scent. It reminds me of almost a whipped pistachio topped key lime pie but in the best possible way. Such a unique perfume.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@QueenMarceline Whipped pistachio on key lime pie sounds AMAZING!!๐Ÿ˜

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@thelastrecluse Definitely check it out if you get the chance. โค๏ธ

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Not a new fragrance drop from one of my favorite brands with one of my favorite notes ๐Ÿ˜ Right now it seems to be a soft release with only the travel size available but Iโ€™ll be snapping this up once it comes to Sephora. It has notes of lychee, rose, raspberry and champagne ๐Ÿฅ‚ 



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@OlfactoryObsess That sound like it could be interesting, the notes seem up my alley. ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@OlfactoryObsess Not new... gives me hope that Midnight Fleur will be brought back around. I like Nest very much so I will have to look for this one. Hopefully it's not a bathroom rose like one of their minis I have smells like bathroom spray.. 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Iโ€™m curious as to how to get the samples in order to try them to buy the perfume, anyone know how?


Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Imjustjudy You can sometimes receive Sephora fragrance samples online ๐Ÿ™‚ Many manufacturers sell samples directly from their websites. There are also stores like Luckyscent, Surrender to Chance, Etiket and so on that sell samples online and on site.  

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central


This one might be nice. The nose is Oliver Cresp and the notes are tomato leaves, green mandarin, geranium, patchouli. But I found the recent releases like the matcha one to have a LOT of fillers.




Henry Rose's first "masculine leaning" scent is Menace, a watery fougere that features an invigorating blend of zesty lime and tangerine with crisp marine notes and Mediterranean cypress, anchored by rich cedarwood and sensual musks.




LV does a rose-oud with Myriad. Assam oud, Grasse rose, Bulgarian rose, saffron, cocoa, ambrette, white musk, moss.




JHAG's latest is an Ode to Dullness, A floral musk with a minimal and creamy composition, like a break in the tumult of a fast-paced world. This indisputably comforting fragrance wraps the senses in a veil of softness and invites introspection. "Ode to Dullness" celebrates the apparent banality of everyday life and the poetry of small nothings, simplicity in art, and the ordinary in sublime. Velvety notes of Star Anise, Cashmere Flower, Sandalwood, and Tonka Bean complement each other and form a soothing trail. 


Sounds like it could be a comfy skin scent.



Le Labo does Lavande 31


Top notes: bergamot, neroli
Heart: lavender
Base: amber, musk, tonka


From the image, looks like there's some jasmine and oakmoss too.

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