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Purple eyeliner for tightlining

I have the Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in black that I use for tight lining, as well as lining the rest of my eye.  This was suggested by a CM in a fee standing store, so I went with it.   I've been on a purple makeup spree lately, and I was wondering what people thought of tightlining using purple.  Is tightlining something better done in black or would purple look good also (depending on the rest of the makeup)??


I was debating on getting the same eyeliner by Nars in the color Bourbon Street.  I'm wondering if there are better options out there, an eyeliner for tightlining thats so amazing and I'm missing out???   The Larger than Life liner works well, it does need to be reapplied after so long, but for the most part stays on and acts waterproof.  I was thinking that is the best it gets when working in an area that stays wet on your eye.  I'm up for suggestions for black or purple eyeliner.  



Re: Purple eyeliner for tightlining

I tried MUFE aqua eye, it works if you go over it gently but repeatedly. As for soft pencils, I'm currently using Stila Kajal eyeliner in Topaz (recommended many times on BT) for waterline. I think any dark color will work for tightlining, tho I only use nude cuz it makes your eyes look bigger/more awake.


I also have Buxom Insider eyeliner in white. The construction is a bit rickety/unsturdy but it's nice and creamy for waterline. And it have purple/black options:


I know you asked about tightlining, but if they are soft enough for waterline they are definitely good enough to tightline.

Re: Purple eyeliner for tightlining

Bourbon Street is beautiful -- I don't own that one, but I looked at it when I bought rue St-Honoré recently (the dark blue one). I do own Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 6L (a deep plum), and I really like it. I think dark purple is gorgeous for tightlining, personally, but that's just me.  Another great black is UD Perversion -- the formula is really soft, though...sometimes I had to stick it in the refrigerator for a few minutes prior to using. Once it's on, though, it stays!

Re: Purple eyeliner for tightlining

I have the MUFE aqua eyes also, i bought a holiday set and it has that purple in it.  I don't think they are very good for tight lining, its as if the pencil is too hard.  Is that the case with yours as well, or is it just my pencils that turned out that way?  Ive always wondered if i just had a bad batch or of thats the way they are supposed to be.  i usually like a softer pencil, but not so soft it smushes.

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