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Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

I am looking for a nice pallet for the summer I am not sure what to get. Urban decay 3 is too much glitter for me. 

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

The Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special palette might do the trick for you! It is shimmery, but not so much glitter.



You can purchase it from Amazon or direct from Sleek. Bonus: It's like 11 dollars. Smiley Happy


If you like Mattes you might want to look into the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette. IT has a 25% off sale going on right now, so it would be a great time to buy.

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

Oh This looks so pretty thank youSmiley Happy

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

No problem! And a bargain palette never hurts (too much), right? 

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

How is the pigmentation in this pallette? Never heard of them, how would you compare it to ud or too faced? 



Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

With Sleek, it varies, since they are not a 'high end' brand, but a drug store brand with some high quality products. The Oh So Special palette is pretty well-reviewed and looks insanely pigmented for the price. The Sunset Palette is also another one that is universally well-reviewed and considered exceptional quality for the price. Some of the other palettes you might have to research further, but I think either of these choices are good bets!


I know emily noel / the beauty broadcast on youtube reviewed the Garden of Eden palette, too, if you're interested in seeing a video with thoughts.

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

I am actually really loving Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Palette 4.0 in The Happy Place, these aren't my swatches but I bought this palette on Sunday and I am in love with it!  It is a touch more peach than pink but I love all of the colours and it's a great quad.  I also want to pick up The A-list and The Dream Sequence.  I love Bareminerals Eyeshadow, there is very little fallout (like next to none) and the pigmentation is wicked.Bare-Minerals-Ready-Eyeshadow-4.0-The-Happy-Place-Swatches.jpgBare-Minerals-Ready-Eyeshadow-4.0-The-Happy-Place.jpg

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

Hi Lulupiee,


Clinqiue makes a nice pink/brown palette that includes some matte shades.


All About Shadow - Quad

Pink Chocolate



<3 Melissa

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

 How is the pigmentation in this pallette? Never heard of this brand? Thanks!!

Re: Pinkish eyeshadow pallet?

Thanks for you thoughts!


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