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Fancy Blue (NOT waterproof) eyeliner

I am looking for the Fancy Blue liquid eyeliner that washes off with water. It’s nowhere to be found. I am wondering where I might find more of it. Sephora seems to not inform their stores about a cancelled product because none of the stores told me it was cancelled, but NONE of the stores or online have it.  Is there a warehouse I might check? Thanks!

Re: Fancy Blue (NOT waterproof) eyeliner

If it isn't showing up in store or online then it won't be in a warehouse either unfortunately. Was it Sephora collection? That is a line that goes through frequent upgrades in terms of product lines. It could be something that will be relaunched or it may be discontinued completely. 


And, there was a discontinued products list that got updated occasionally for stores back when I was still working for Sephora. (For about a decade, but I retired in 2019.) I don't even know if they were still doing it when I left bc it was not referenced frequently. Things get changed and updated so often that its hard to keep a form like that accurate for very long. 


If you are very attached to that particular liner you could always try ebay? Sometimes folks will sell unopened ones places like that for discontinued items. 


Re: Fancy Blue (NOT waterproof) eyeliner

Thanks -- I have searched EVERYWHERE! and yes, I am attached to the brand and the color! No one in the stores seemed to notice they were out until I asked. I have reached out via FB to Sephora (which is how I found the community!) and no one seems to actually know anything about it's absence!

I have checked FB Marketplace, EBay, and every google search I can think of. I cannot believe that ALL the bottles have been sold!  Thanks for your thoughts. I will keep looking!

Re: Fancy Blue (NOT waterproof) eyeliner

If it’s discontinued you could also check places like tjmaxx, sometimes it does end up there. 

It is unlikely that they’ll be able to sell any to you if it isn’t showing up anywhere. They don’t have any incentive to keep unsold/discontinued product in a warehouse, being much more likely to liquidate it or destroy it.


Often things go on sale and sell out long before the sku is removed from the website. Hope you can find a good dupe! ❤️

Re: Fancy Blue (NOT waterproof) eyeliner

Thanks! I am hoping that maybe somebody on this site has found some thing that might replace it. 

iSO “popping” cobalt blue liquid eyeliner that can be removed by soap and water. 


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