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False lashes for hooded eyes?

I'm new to the false lash game and just started to learn how to put them on. I'm practicing with some cheap ones so I don't waste my money but want to get nice ones soon! I have hooded eyes (I'm Asian) and these dramatic Ardell ones I'm using make my eyes look too heavy. What does everyone use for a natural/fuller lash look (I have puny pathetic lashes) with a thin lash band, but won't cost me like $20 per set? Not too set on the type (doll eye, cat eye, etc.) yet so I'm just looking for a place to start, maybe drop $10-20 and practice with.


I hear that Etude House and Dolly Wink are good places to start. House of Lashes I hear is good too but the shipping here to Canada is too $$$. Appreciate any suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Re: False lashes for hooded eyes?

 I'm Southeast Asian and have slightly hooded lashes and am also new to the game; I've found a little trick: study your natural lash shape.  Yes, most of us Asians got stuck with the weak lashes, but all lashes have their own little pattern.  Like mine for example, have slightly longer lashes at the end, so I use cat-eye lashes and have found that it works best for my eye! I've also seen falsies that have shorter lashes so maybe that might do the trick, since the lack of eyelid will make even the short lashes look dramatic. Also, have you considered maybe instead of full lashes, trying individual lashes or band lashes? That way you can cater to your eye shape without having a "one-set-fits-all" deal.  In regards to Etude House or Dolly Wink, have you considered buying them from Ebay instead? I live in the States and most of them are free shipping for me, so it could be the same for you.  Also, some of the lashes are shipped out from right here in the States, so it might be free for you too ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: False lashes for hooded eyes?

there is an eye lifting gel for hooded eyes by a company called transformulas ...worth a try x

RE: False lashes for hooded eyes?

I rarely wear false lashes with my hooded eyes. I'm not Asian but I definitely have very limited lid space. I found anything too thick made me eyes look smaller. Personally when I do go for false lashes I go for the individual lashes (relatively cheap at the drugstore) and place the longer lashes on the outer edges of my eye and go shorter as I go toward my inner corner. I find it looks more natural while still giving me a bit or sheerness so that my whole lid and eye space isn't covered. If you'd rather go for banded lashes I'd go with very soft fluttery lashes.

Re: False lashes for hooded eyes?

Just out of curiosity, which Ardelle lashes did you try? I have hooded eyes as well, though probably not quite as hooded as yours might be. I have only ever used Ardelle, in number 110. Some of them are quite long and dramatic, but those are pretty natural looking.

Re: False lashes for hooded eyes?

i don't have the packaging anymore but it's one of their really dramatic ones, longer on the outside with lots of volume. they close up my eyes and don't look right haha. haven't tried the 110s but i hear they're good! maybe i'll pick them up

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