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Dry Under Eyes

The area under my eyes always seems to dry out and flake no matter how much water I drink. I think most face masks and creams actually make it worse! Any suggestions? 


Re: Dry Under Eyes

I have dry undereyes as well, especially in the winter months. Every night I put a small amount of coconut oil on my undereyes and let it absorb over night. You'll wake up feeling fresh faced! Give it a try 🙂

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I use a very small amount of Nivea Creme (depending on what other products I may be using). It's very thick, so I warm it up on my fingers first and gently tap under my eye area. Due to its consistentcy I only use this at night. It's about 4-5 bux for a tub that will last forever. It's works wonders for me, but as everyone's skin is unique, I would test it out before applying to the delicate eye area. Best wishes! 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

Consistency...sorry, autocorrected 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

Sephora makes some great inexpensive mask.  Take a look and pick the one you might like or try a couple.  They really are nice and don't cost a whole lot.  The under eye rose one is also very nice and was just posted in Elle magazine as one of the best for puffiness and dark circles.  Afterwards use a under eye cream to moisturize.  It's a matter of finding the one that works best for you.  Perhaps something with Aloe in it.

Re: Dry Under Eyes

@bling4ruby I like Clinique Smart Treatment Oil for when my eye area gets too dry: 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

@bling4ruby I have the same problem because I use a retinol product and the thing that helped the most is 100% Shea butter. I just use it at night and problem solved. I still use a regular eye cream during the day though.

Re: Dry Under Eyes

What eye cream do you use? It may be an ingredient in your eye cream that you are sensitive to? 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I've tried quite a few. I started using Origin's Ginzing most recently but after a few days in a row it seemed to make my under eye area a bit more sore! 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I'm not sure what your regular routine is so I'll just throw out a few suggestions and hopefully one will apply.


1) Try using a hydrating serum in addition to a moisturizing eye cream.

2) Check the ingredients of the cleanser to ensure that it's not not the culprit drying out your under eyes.

3) Don't overly powder or "bake" under the eyes.

4) Mattifying products can make things worse so ensure your makeup like primers,  concealers, and powders aren't to blame either.

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I don't think it's the last two. I typically don't put much makeup there and I've tried switching my products up a few times. Any idea what ingredients I should be looking for or looking to stay away from?

As for the second idea, I don't actually use a cleanser. I just exfoliate in the shower, but I don't exfoliate that around my eye area and I follow up with cetaphil moisturizer after my shower to take the last bit of mascara off and moisturize. I've tried a train of other moisturizers (fresh, belief, peter thomas roth, glam glow, caudalie, first aid beauty, origins, Dr. Jart +, and laneige) and this seems to be the only one that doesn't bother that area. As for hydrating serums I've tried fresh, clinique, and caudal. Do you have any suggestions for a hydrating serum?

Re: Dry Under Eyes

Hyaluronic acid serum under your moisturizer.

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I've been using Kiehl's avocado eye treatment as an around the eye moisturizer.  It really helped with my eczema!  I also use the benefit booing hydrating concealer, which does not look dry at all. 

Re: Dry Under Eyes

I keep hearing about this avocado cream! I'm sold. I'm going to try it out. Thanks!

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