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This is a rant more than a question!!!!!

I am really upset right now, so I condidered not writing the e-mail but I must rant or I'll explode. I just got home from my local Sephora where I stood in line for 1 hour and I got in line at 5:50pm for the sale kickoff. By the time I got to the cashier they were out of bags. My problem is that I understand giving 20% off for friends and family but they should not get a bag if you don't have enough for your VIBs! It's not like I showed up at 8PM but I was in line beofre the kickoff even began. The last person to get the bag was a sister of a VIB who stood in fron of me. We had a conversation while waiting and she made it a point to tell me how expensive Sephora is and that she only came because of F&F!!!!!!! AND SHE GOT A BAG!!!!!!!! I spent over $2,500.00 this year so far at Sephora and you are more than welcome to verify this!!!!! AND I GOT NO BAG!!!!!! It's not so much the bag but the principle!!! For what I spend at Sephora they should send me a bag. I do professional makeup and I receive Por-discount of 30% at MAC and yet I choose to shop at Sephora because of the variety. I may need to rethink this!!!! I am sooooooooo unhappy right now and soooooo angry. Matter of fact I was very close in posting a SEPHORA RANT to my You Tube account but I reconsidered. I'm afraid I'll appear totally psycho. Anyone elso out there have a problem with this?


Hi, Ladies. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and...

Hi, Ladies. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and shared your experience with us. We’re listening to all your feedback and are so sorry to hear that the totes ran out too quickly. Smiley Sad


We hope we can make it up to all of you and promise we’ll have more next time. Please forgive us!


Re: Hi, Ladies. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and...

Agreed, thank you for listening to your customers.

Re: Hi, Ladies. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and...

I second what honeylemongirl said. Now I don't feel so bad because I feel like we were heard..... Thank you!

Re: Hi, Ladies. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and...

Thanks for responding to our feedback so promptly. I like that the forum acts as a way to communicate with Sephora, and not just with our fellow fans.

This is so sad to hear, and I can resonate that going to...

This is so sad to hear, and I can resonate that going to this "VIB" event yesterday didn't make me feel very special at all.  I got there at 6pm and the line was already out the door.  And that was about the only special thing I saw: there were no samples, no chocolates, no apple cider, ONE person assigned to doing makeovers and at 6:01 she was already booked for the whole night.  Within 10 minutes no one was available to help me find anything.  That store does not carry Lorac or Too Face, so I couldn't purchase what I wanted.  The thing is- you set up a program to tell us we're special because we are big spenders- yet you make up fight to the death for perks we should be getting without seeing fine print like "with purchase," "with purchase of $50 or more", etc.  I've already paid WAY beyond $350 - why do I have to purchase for my perks?  In addition, stop sending out emails about VIB perks telling us to "get it while it lasts" because it seems like they are well aware they've not made enough for every VIB.


Anyways, I was just extremly disappointed at the VIB event, which is one of the major perks of being a VIB- well Sephora if you are listening I didn't feel special at all.  Absolutly nothing special happened at my store, and it's sad to here my fellow beauty lovers had to put up with things like giving non-VIBs bags and giving away the bags all day, etc.

I totally agree with everyone. I think that the idea that...

I totally agree with everyone. I think that the idea that you AND a friend can get a VIB bag is RIDICULOUS when those of us who can't get to a store because there isn't one for hundreds of miles, don't get them because we spend tons of money on line instead of at FS Sephora. I think that they SHOULD mail out VIB special perks to every single VIB at a predetermined interval. Even if that means sending birthday presents WHETHER YOU PLACE AN ORDER OR NOT. If you've spent tons of money, getting something without having to spend more will only make you feel appreciated-- which will probably get you to spend more rather than getting jipped so that someone's sister, who didn't spend a dime all year, can get a bag when you didn't.

But I'm preaching to the choir, here........ 🙂

Oh lord, Sephora was a madhouse today. The line literally...

Oh lord, Sephora was a madhouse today. The line literally looped and bent in zig zags all around the store till it came BACK to the cashier's station. RIDICULOUS.


In my head, I thought "this doesn't really feel like a very exclusive sale OR party", but then I realized that there are tons and tons of Sephora VIBs. Just on this forum alone, almost half the users seem to be VIBs. So I empathize with them a bit.


And, to be honest, I had forgotten that the tote bag was even part of the deal until someone told me that I couldn't have one because they had ran out. Oh well, I'm not too torn up about something I didn't know I could get till the moment I was told I couldn't get it. If that makes sense. Smiley Indifferent

I live in Portland, OR and I got to the store around 7pm....

I live in Portland, OR and I got to the store around 7pm.  There was a long line, almost out the door, and they were already out of totes.  Since they had run out of totes, they were substituting and giving away Dior travel makeup cases instead (larger than the typical makeup bag, its like a rectangular 2-level bag).  They also were giving out samples to everybody who was standing in line (some clinique skin care samples, or kat von d eye shadow primer samples).  They ended up running out of the Dior bags pretty quick as well (seemed like everybody was getting one, so they probably weren't giving it just to VIBs).  After they ran out of the Dior bags, they were offering either a Bare Escentuals compact thing or a Sephora baseball cap.  It was really nice of them to give out substitutions when they ran out of the tote. 


My only gripe is they they didn't have enough staff on the floor... the advertisement said they'd be giving makeovers, but I couldn't even get somebody to help me with a color match for a concealer.


So anyway, thank you to the Washington Square Sephora for the Dior bag.  🙂

I absolutely agree!!!  This has happened to me twice so f...

I absolutely agree!!!  This has happened to me twice so far.  It's crazy and people who aren't even VIBs are getting the VIB gifts.  Its not fair.  I spend a lot of money at Sephora as well and I hardly ever get the benefits for it.  They should send the bags directly to the VIB's.  I'd like to get a gift for just being a VIB for once.  Without having to fight crowds and spend money to get it.  Maybe they should have VIB levels depending on how much you spend.  That way you end up taking care of your best customers.  The more you spend the more freebies you get and you would be guaranteed to get them.  It would be fair.  If they can keep track of points then they can keep track of levels.  Any VIB can get perks but the ones that use their points and consistently shop should be rewarded.  That way they don't have people shopping just for the freebies.

Thank you so much for saying out loud exactly what I've been thinking! Its great that Sephora gives this VIB discount, however if they're gonna call this event night a VIB party they should definitely make sure that ALL their VIBs are taken care of. I was early to the the event (I went around 5 just to browse) and they ran out of bags. The associate told me they've been handing them out ALL day. Totally lame, it was supposed to be given out for the event night. I didn't go to this event just for the tote, but, if they say they'll have something, they should have enough on hand.Or at least used better judgement than just handing it out to everyone. I know from the pic that the tote is small and vinyl, but its still cute. Plus, it's ecofriendly, I for one would have happily used this bag when I make purchases instore. The quantity issue doesn't just pertain to this event either. I've been a VIB since the program began and they've ALWAYS had limited amounts of VIB goodies to go around. I mean you can't even order something online and get a VIB bonus because its gone within that weekend its given (emails are usually released on Fridays with the VIB deal). Then instore they only have like 10 VIB goodies to give away. I live near 4 different Sephora locations (2 that are never busy and 2 of which are really busy locales) and they always run out early. I usually call ahead of time before going shopping to ask if they have products i want in stock or a VIB goodie instore. Sometimes, I have to shop online because of low store stock. For many VIBs shopping online is the only or best option for them. They should increase the quantity of VIB goodies available online and not be so limited.  I love sephora, they fulfill all my beauty needs. The BI and VIB programs are great incentives to shop here. However, if I'm gonna spend the money to earn the status of VIB, I should be given ample opportunity to claim the VIB goodies. Every VIB member should be able to have whatever is given out, it shouldn't be so limited. For an event like this, it shouldn't have been a one day (technically 3 hour thing). It should be spread out over this weekend, people have jobs and other responsibilities. I know that you can always just order online to get the discount, but there's something amazing about walking into a sephora and being able to test out products before purchasing and also discovering other great products you wouldn't have bought if you didn't try it out.

Aw sorry to hear this! I was really looking forward to ge...

Aw sorry to hear this! I was really looking forward to getting the tote but I figured it would be out the first day but I had no idea there would have been a line or such a huge turn out. I love Sephora dearly but something similar like this happened and I was really upset ! I hope in the future Sephora could prehaps send the gifts to us personally or something of that nature.

I feel your pain.  I'm a little irked myself over this VI...

I feel your pain.  I'm a little irked myself over this VIB promotion.  First of all, it was so soon after FF that it doesn't really even matter.  Second, I agree that the VIB gift and other "exclusive treats" they advertised in the email should be reserved for VIB's - at least for a few days to give every VIB the opportunity to go.  What about the VIB's who had to work or have children and couldn't go tonite?  (My son had a basketball game and wasn't going to tell him I'm not coming so I can go to Sephora.)  I'm bummed I didn't get my bag either but considering that I usually get all the other" freebies" (my husband argues that they're nowhere near free with as much as I spend) I guess I can't complain too much.

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