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No way to upgrade credit card without making a brand new account

This is more a PSA than anything else - I'll try to be as short-and-sweet, yet detail-filled as possible.


For two years now my husband and I have called periodically and been told by Comenity that you *cannot* have a store card AND a Visa/Mastercard card (confirmed for Sephora, VS, and Ulta) at the same time.


What they don't tell you (and we found out today after several phone calls, they probably don't even *know*) is that you are FORCED to tie a store .com account to a credit card. Sephora is the most notorious for this because even if you close your store card to apply for the Visa, that .com account is forever linked to that credit card, open or closed.


My husband's genius workaround? He made me a new .com account and applied me for the Visa, and voila. I will lose out on a handful of rewards from my original account, but considering Comenity misled us into thinking we HAD to close that account to get the Visa (not true at ALL), there is nothing I can do about that card now. A ding to my credit report because of terrible customer service, yay!


I wouldn't bother contacting customer service at either - apparently no one is aware of this forced needing an account process (if you apply for the card in store, they will take an e-mail down and make an account for you, which, good luck managing that online). There is seemingly no way to unlink a credit card profile to your store account either, but you can CLOSE your account - at Sephora anyway.


This is the most primitive application I have ever seen for a credit card and I genuinely don't know whether to blame Comenity for such garbage practices, or Sephora for their outright idiocy at being unaware this happens or any way to address it. From the looks of the community posts here, Sephora (and other Comenity) credit card is a nightmare from hell.

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