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Never Again!

Worst customer service ever! I have been a Loyal VIB Rouge customer for years and NEVER Again! Last week I went in to browse products at my local sephora where I saw the tacha silk primer now comes in a mini I was so excited that I used my credit card that I new was close to being maxed out to buy it. 

The lady behind the counter said the card had been declined and I said bummer must have been  sign that I should wait till pay day! So I put the primer back. 2 days later I returned with cash to buy the primer I grabbed it and went to the counter to pay when the SAME sales lady comes to me and asked why I was back so soon to buy another primer. 

I remind her that my card got declined so I was back this time with cash to buy the primer.

She then tells me that my card went through and I already have the primer. 

I then tell her she needs to look at her security cameras and check her inventory because I PUT THE PRIMER BACK! When i was told my card was declined. 

So I asked since I had already paid for it can I have the product? 

She says no. I can not simply take product. 

So I quickly ask to speak to her manager.

I waited 30 min for her manager to return from wherever she was, for her to tell me that yes I can take the primer home. I paid for it and I can take my property home with me.

Cut to 2 days later when I have a leave in conditioner that I had bought a week prior that I wanted to EXCHANGE  for something else more expensive then the leave in conditioner. The sales women asks for my recite and I tell her I dont have one but I DID use my beauty inside so the purchase will be on there.

She then proceeded to tell me in the most rude tone that I MUST have a recite to exchange anything there and if I don't there is nothing she can do.

I reminded her that I have been going to that same sephora for years! That I have used my beauty inside to look up recites for YEARS including just last month! 

She then shoved the return policy in my face and said all returns AND exchanges must have a recite. 


I will take my thousands of dollars to ulta from now on. 

And I will be sure to let everyone know in my Facebook beauty group that has over 500K subscribers in it how i was treated and not to shop here if they want to avoid being treated the same.

Sorry Sephora your CANCELED!

Re: Never Again!

First sales lady makes no sense accusing you of stealing when you went back to make a purchase. Why would someone go back in to buy something that they stole and already have... Then having the nerve to refuse something you paid for. It's like she was the one trying to steal from you! Isn't her job mostly to help with sales anyway, not handling the thieves. 

Re: Never Again!

Honestly, the quality of employees has rotted over the years. I remember shopping at Sephora as a teen with my first paycheck and enjoying the sincere, mature, knowledgeable staff. I was amazed how they would coordinate and defer to one another to make sure I had the right product. And they were so chill. Now it seems like they hire mean girls as long as their makeup is on point. It's gotten to the point where I wonder if they ignore me because I'm a man or something.

Re: Never Again!

Hi @KhalesiReigns,


I am so sorry to hear this! You can return or exchange any gently used product in store as long as you have your receipt or proof of purchase including your Beauty Insider account. I will send you a PM for further assistance. 




Re: Never Again!

Did they change the return policy???

Re: Never Again!

Not since last month they didn't. I wasn't even trying to return anything just exchange, and for a more expensive item!

RE: Re: Never Again!

With an exchange, your products is still being taken back by Sephora which then goes to waste, there’s no differences between a return and exchange, as they end up being waste anyways.
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