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Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

BI Appreciation Image.png

We are updating the Beauty Insider program with exciting changes to benefits, which you can learn more about here:


In celebration of our Beauty Insider members, we are offering exclusive access to this year’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event. Here's the breakdown:


Rouge, you shop the event early beginning Fri 8/24. This means you get 20% off on the hottest beauty products before anyone else. You can continue to shop the entire event through Monday 9/3.


VIB and Insiders get to shop, too! Starting Thursday 8/30, VIB will receive 15% off and Insiders will receive 10% off your purchase.


You can use your discount one time online or as many times as you want in-store. Check your email to get your code!


Want more details? Check out our FAQs:

What is the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event?

This is a special event to celebrate our Beauty Insiders and the recent changes to the Beauty Insider program. This promo is a great excuse to splurge, restock favorites, and start stocking up on fall newness.


What’s the offer?

Rouge gets 20% off, VIB gets 15% off and Insiders save 10%. Plus, Rouge (we see you!) gets to shop early before VIB and Insider.


What if I like to order online?

That’s cool. You can redeem the offer on both US and CA sites. Please note that online orders are one time use however you are welcome to shop as frequently as you’d like in-store.


Can I redeem the offer more than once?

Online you may redeem the offer one time but if you forget something the first time around, don’t even stress. The offer can be used as many times as you want in-store.


What’s my code to shop?

You can shop one time online with your code below based on your tier:




You can also bring your barcode into store to use as many times as you want. Check your email to get your store barcode!


Dates, please?

Rouge: Fri 8/24 - Mon 9/3

VIB and Insider: Thurs 8/30 – Mon 9/3


Wait, why are the dates split?

As a benefit of our top tier of membership, Rouge gets to shop the event early.


Is this offer available in Canada?

Yes! Some Canada stores may be closed on Mon 9/3 for Labor Day so be sure to call your store for holiday hours and closures.


What about Sephora inside JCPenney?

The offer is valid in Sephora inside JCPenney stores however, the offer is not valid on


Are there any exclusions?

In one word, yes. In lots of words: The offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, gift cards, Flash shipping or PLAY! by Sephora subscriptions, or combined with any other promotional offers. Not valid on purchases of Dyson, customizable sets online or through Sephora’s Customer Service. Clients are limited to three Drunk Elephant-branded items per transaction and three Tatcha-branded items per transaction. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details.

RE: Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Right??? People have been complaining for sooooo long about Rouge benefits not meeting their expectations. Now that we have a surprise sale and earn more points per’s not enough. I understand Sephora is far away for some people but the next sale is not that far away. I do think they’re making sure that the actual owners of the account are the ones that are really shopping. It’s hard to wean that out online but easy to do in-store by asking for ID. Makes sense to me! I did some damage today and knowing I get to do it again in a few months makes me super happy! ❤️❤️❤️

Re: RE: Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@darlyndar y’know! I hadn’t thought of that but it totally makes sense. If it’s unlimited online there’s a much greater chance for others using someone’s discount code. Checking id’s lowers the risk of scamming in store. Makes the inconvenience more justifiable. I haven’t used my online code yet as a result though, because once it’s used it’s game over. And I’m so indecisive. It is nice to see Sephora is trying. 

I'm with you, like this is VOLUNTARY, when compared to ot...

I'm with you, like this is VOLUNTARY, when compared to other things. Also, I feel like making a general complaint is ok if you need to vent, but be respectful. Most of the people you come into contact with are not the ones who made the policy. I feel that sales like this occurred because people made helpful/useful observations as well as spending their dollar elsewhere. I remember the mess with November's sale last year. I was lucky enough to get one of my big orders, but waited three weeks for it. Others had entire orders cancelled, so the one time use code does stink, but I get it. I definitely complained. Maybe next sale it could be a weekly code? Like reset it for each week, but still one time use?

I agree! Yes, I'm slightly disappointed that the code is...

I agree! Yes, I'm slightly disappointed that the code is one time use in case I forgot an item BUT I would honestly prefer the code is one time use and get my items in a timely matter. In the past with these coupons, the warehouses get so backlogged that shipments get delayed at least a few days sometimes longer. My order will be here in 2 days! That means more to me then more than multi-use code. Thanks again for the extra discount @SephoraBIC!

Re: I agree! Yes, I'm slightly disappointed that the code is...

Your items will get to you in two days @Lazybeautybeast

? Thats interesting. I placed my order right when the sale started and mine has yet to ship. So the same can't be applied to other countries/different parts of the country. This one time use code has zero to do with backing up the warehouse, this company is worth a billion dollars - they can hire more staff/start their seasonal staff early. It has everything to do with an attempt to drive sales into stores for the reasons I have previously stated. They will see how it back fired when they take a look at the numbers. 

RE: Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I’ve been wanting to say these very same things! I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously, I’ve never seen so many people complain about a surprise bonus sale. If you aren’t happy with the terms of the sale, don’t shop. I personally can’t wait until next week when I can shop as a VIB. My basket is all ready, and I’ll make Rouge with this purchase. Then I’ll be heading to a Sephora store to make a purchase with my new 20% off Rouge. If I could make a second purchase online I would, but I’m not going to complain about getting 20% off my favorite products. I personally think that there will be the regular November sale since this is a special appreciation sale to launch the BI changes and I bet it’ll have the same terms as the old sales always had. But that’s just speculation. For now I’m going to enjoy this sale and not complain because every detail of the sale doesn’t suit me exactly.

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Have they not sent the email with the barcode yet? I am rouge and I have not received it yet. The Sephora at JCP here always gives me a hard time if I don’t have that email.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @happysally1,


I'm sorry you didn't receive an email regarding our BI Appreciation Event! I just refreshed your email subscription. Can you please add our email addresses to your address book so you don't miss out on any of our future emails that we send out?, and


Also, the store should be able to apply the discount to your purchase if you provide them with your BI account information and mention the discount at the cashwrap. If they're unable to do so, I recommend asking for a Store Director. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!




Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I haven’t gotten it either and have also had a hard time at Sephora inside JCP without it. 

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @Shiela92,


You should receive an email in the near future regarding this promotion! If you don't receive the email, please send me a private message so that I can refresh your email subscription. Additionally, the store should be able to apply the discount to your purchase without the email. Please just be sure to mention your account information and the discount prior to paying. Thank you so much!




RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I never did receive any notification of this sale. No email at all. Smiley Sad I was told they were still sending the emails out. The sale already started and still received nothing.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @val2222,


I'm sorry to hear you didn't receive an email regarding this promo! I've refreshed your subscription. Please add us to your address book or safe senders list so you don't miss an email:, and You should receive all of our promotional emails going forward!


Additionally, as shown above, this promo is valid between Fri 8/24 - Mon 9/3 for Rouge members and the promotion code is YESROUGE. Happy shopping!




RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Guys all this complaining for them finally making an extra effort to run an unexpected sale out of season. Maybe they don’t have extra manpower for the online shipping logistics this time given how large their customer base is (not many companies other than amazon do). Would you rather they not run any sale at all with all the complaining? I for one hate shopping online because I live in a high crime area so stuff gets stolen, my mailbox is outdoors so stuff melts and decays in the hot sun while I’m at work, and I hate the wait being part of the instant gratification generation. This amount of complaining is going to result inthem next time saying ONE TIME USE IN STORE OR ONLINE. Why do you think brick and mortar stores across America are going out of business and malls are ghost towns??? Yeah and people losing jobs when malls close!!!! We need to support brick and mortar stores more guys!!! Next they’ll probably do ONE TIME USE ONLINE only like everyone else.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I am a single Mom of 4 kids who works full time and attends school. If you could go and do my shopping physically, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, online is usually my only option.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I get what you are saying and it’s valid.  I would love to support a brick and mortar store if there were one near me. I think many people tend to forget it’s a big country and a lot of people do not live near big cities. I’ve lived in large cities and I terribly miss all of the conveniences and options. The JCP 30 min away doesn’t even have a Sephora. Yes I appreciate the discount but, as mentioned by others, my feedback is please consider those who for location or other reasons cannot make it to a physical store. Honestly the one time use is fine with me as I saved a lot of money.  

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@yuline I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to provide constructive feedback so that if they decide to do this in the future it can be a win win for both Sephora and the customers. Many people would love to make larger purchases (more business for Sephora) but due to out of stock items, they can’t. I understand that customers can always try checking their local stores (which I tried to do) but many items aren’t available due to no stock or that it simply isn’t carried in store or at that particular store. For example, a couple items on my list were sold out online and both of my local stores (I have two in my city) didn’t have them. With stock constantly fluctuating online, it would be nice if we could try to pick up those extra items as they become available. 

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I completely agree!! Instead of everyone complaining about it being a one time use online, why not just buy everything you want on one order or wait until the November sale? We’ve waited a long time for Sephora to make changes to the beauty insider program and as a nice gesture they’re hosting a 20% off sale, so why not thank them instead of complain more.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Dude, sales aren't a "nice gesture" - they're intended to make people purchase stuff they may not otherwise. Between limiting customers to one online order and switching their Canadian shipper from Canada Post to FedEx and upsetting thousands of customers, it seems Sephora is going out of their way to make online shopping far more inconvenient, which is not something we owe them "thanks" for. 

RE: Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Exactly! I cannot understand these comments making it seem like this massive company is doing us a favour by having a sale and adding more perks to this program. VIB Rouge has been a disappointment for a while, even the rewards are always out of stock. People are so ridiculous

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

This sale is perfect timing; I'm just about out of moisturizer and was about to dig into my sample stash!

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Agreed as well - there were a couple of things I needed by not enough to buy without a discount  I’m glad I was able to get them now rather than wait till November 

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