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Today is January 4, 2021. I placed my order on DECEMBER 9, 2020. The last email update I received from Sephora was on December 23, which said in part Although your order left our distribution center in plenty of time to be delivered on or before 12/24, the pressure on shipping carriers this holiday season is unprecedented." That statement is completely FALSE. According to the tracking information, my package was shipped to the NY Distribution Center on December 24. That did NOT give the post office "plenty of time" to deliver my order "on or before 12/24!" Why did Sephora lie?  Why did it take Sephora 16 DAYS to ship my order from Maryland to New York? The USPS has NOTHING to do with Sephora's Distribution Centers!


The email goes on to say, "USPS has informed us that due to this high volume, they are not able to provide regular tracking updates and expected delivery date as they normally would on all packages. However, USPS has reassured us that even if no delivery date is shown, the package is still on the way." I am SHOCKED by the lack of responsibility Sephora is taking in its inability to get orders out to customers, and OUTRAGED by the blame Sephora is placing the the United States Postal Service for THEIR COMPANY'S FAILURE TO PROCESS ORDERS AND HAVE THEM READY TO BE PICKED UP BY THE USPS IN A TIMELY MANNER!


I sell online, and have personally dealt with the significant delays that the USPS is struggling with. While some of the packages I shipped did take up to 10 days to reach their destinations, NONE of my packages took 25 DAYS! According to the Sephora website, My order was shipped on on December 24th, and reached the Metro NY Distribution Center the same day. My order has been "IN TRANSIT" from New York City, which is 30 MILES AWAY for 11 DAYS! THAT'S INSANE & COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! This delay has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE USPS, and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SEPHORA'S INCOMPETENCE! 


The fact that Sephora is blaming the USPS for this delay is totally irresponsible and unfair. Putting the blame on the USPS for what is CLEARLY Sephora's responsibility, and failing to keep customers informed and updated on their orders, claiming the USPS can't provide tracking, is a BLATANT LIE, and completely unethical. If the USPS can provide me, and other online sellers and companies that utilize their services with tracking for packages shipped out, it most certainly can provide Sephora with tracking information. It's not the USPS that is failing to provide Sephora with tracking information; it's SEPHORA that is FAILING TO PROVIDE ITS CUSTOMERS WITH TRACKING INFORMATION! STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! 


I truly believe that MOST people have understanding and compassion during this trying Pandemic. We are all in it together. We are all affected. We all know people who have been sick, or died from Covid-19. It is a difficult time, to say the least. I would understand if Sephora had sent an apology email, stating it was struggling with staffing issues due to Covid, and acknowledging their inability to keep their promise to have items shipped in a timely manner. I wouldn't be angry, nor would I feel that anyone was to blame for the severity of time it has taken to receive my order.


But Sephora did NOT state that they were having issues due to Covid; they blamed the United States Postal Service, and kept tracking information from their customers ON PURPOSE. I believe this was done to keep customers in the dark, because if we saw that our orders were sitting in Sephora Distribution Centers, not going anywhere for WEEKS without any explanation, we might complain! It's time for Sephora to TELL THEIR CUSTOMERS THE TRUTH, AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR PALTRY SERVICE!


Every Sephora customer who has been waiting for orders to be delivered for nearly a MONTH, with NO UPDATES or apologies for their orders failing to arrive should be given vouchers or partial refunds for the UNJUSTIFIED DELAY, along with the BRAZEN AUDACITY to place blame on the USPS for Sephora's irresponsible, disrespectful treatment of its customers. My order contained holiday gifts for others. It was placed on December 9, 2020. I was informed on December 23 that the package was on its way, but may not be delivered by December 24. Today is JANUARY 4, 2021. The holidays are a week past, and additional time and money had to be spent on gifts that were never delivered. Sephora needs to step up and make amends to its customers, as well as to the USPS. This delay is ON SEPHORA, and they need to take ACCOUNTABILITY and own their failure to provide services promised.


#Sephora, #Sephorashipping, #SephoraShippingLies, #Sephoralies, #Sephorablame, #shippingdelays, #lies, #blame, #usps


Hi Danee-


It's officially been over a month (32 days) since I placed my order. There has been no update on my tracking since December 28th- that was 13 days ago. Monday it will be 2 weeks since I received an update. At this point, I think that Sephora should ship out my order again, because I don't think that my order has been lost, and you promised me it was on its way. The package was last seen at the NY Metro Distribution Center, which is less than 30 miles away from me. There's no other logical reason for a package not to get to me by now. 


If Sephora is still having issues with shipping, I would be willing to pick up my order at my local Sephora. The only thing is that I'm not sure if the store carries all of the items I ordered. Maybe it would be easier for Sephora to ship the items which are not currently in stock to the store, as opposed to to me? I'm just trying to come up with a feasible solution to this issue. Please let me know what I should do. I have attached a photo of my order to this message.


Thank you,


Amanda Wolfe


Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 12.52.07 AM.png


Hi @AmandaLeeee,


I'm sorry to hear about this. I will send you a private message in just a moment.




Same. Ordered on December 9th and then it was shipped on the 21st, after I complained. My package has been sitting in Maryland since. 

I hate to make a stink but here we are, a week after Christmas and the package is now caught in some kind of postal service disaster. A package I have been charged for and may not see for many more weeks.  Ive got another shopping cart order set to go but I refuse to buy it until I receive my first one. 



Hi Peaches,


I understand and empathize with your frustration. I just sent a moderator at Sephora a private message after they responded to my rant, asking them to be more forthright and transparent with what is actually happening in their warehouses. Apparently, everything is shipped from Maryland (for the Northern East Coast, I assume) to other local distribution centers. I don't understand why they ship from Sephora warehouse to Sephora warehouse, instead of shipping directly to their customers, but I'm sure they have their reasons. Either way, the USPS is giving tracking information out to other companies, as well as individuals. When the USPS ships to their hubs, packages are scanned, so even if something I ship to California is not scanned by my local post office, I will get tracking information somewhere along the way. 


Sephora is hiding behind the USPS, blaming them for the delays, which is wrong. I'm sure that they have been deeply affected by the pandemic, and are having issues processing orders due to the combination of lack of staff and surge in online orders. At this point, most people can understand, and appreciate the struggles and difficulties that Covid has placed on companies. I don't see why Sephora doesn't just state that they are being deeply impacted by the pandemic, and apologize for their inability to get orders to their customers in a timely manner, and stop pretending that shipping delays are solely due to the USPS being overwhelmed. I don't appreciate being lied to, or having part of the story omitted in order to manipulate me into believing a half-truth. 


I'm sure that once the USPS has your order, you will get it within a day or two. I hope it arrives soon! (I also will not be placing another order with Sephora until I receive my previous order, and have called the Sephora Credit Card company, and explained that I refuse to pay for items that I have not received. I suggest you do the same!)


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, prosperous, and HEALTHY New Year! Stay Safe!




Hi @peaches123,


I sent you a private message.






I am in the exact same boat. I placed an order December 8th and I have no idea where it is. I checked everywhere on the tracking page to see if I could cancel it and request a refund, but there are no options at all. I placed a second order last week that has an estimated arrival date of the 11th, so I’m kind of convinced my December 8th package is lost since the shipping information hasn’t updated since the 28th of December. 


Hey Lynne,


I hope that the moderator was able to help you. I don't think your package is lost. I think that it's in a local Sephora USPS Distribution Center, just like my package is. If you look at your tracking, you can see when the shipping label was generated, as well as when the package was accepted by the USPS. My order was placed on December 9, my pre-shipment info was sent to the USPS on December 16, but the USPS did not receive the package until December 21, and it did not leave Maryland (which is where the orders are put together) until December 24. As of December 28, the package was supposedly "in transit, arriving late", which I believe is a lie, because I live 30 miles away from the New York Metro Distribution Center, and there's no way my order has been "in transit"! It's sitting in the distribution center, and will be sent to me after all of the other packages sitting in the distribution center, which arrived prior to mine (yours included!) are scanned and sent out for delivery.


The USPS is/was overwhelmed this holiday season, and so is/was Sephora. I just wish that Sephora would be more upfront with their struggles, and not blame the USPS for the delays. It took them 12 days to put my small order together! That's almost 2 weeks! Of course orders are going to be delivered late, when they are not able to be assembled and ready to ship out for 2 weeks! Sephora gives free shipping because they have a deal with the USPS, which affords them the ability to offer free shipping. I don't know what that deal is, but I am pretty sure that Sephora is involved in the shipping process. I just wish they would admit to being responsible for it.


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, prosperous and HEALTHY New Year! Stay Safe!




Hi @Lynneburns,


I will look into this then send you a PM.




Same and worse! I don't understand how can I receive and return within allowed time frames with given delays. Took 10 days to receive from the time I placed and order and a month for them to process a return. Now stuck with store credit with the company that's just. laughing in my face by tricking me into keeeping my $$$$


The fact that they changed policy right in the middle of pandemic to store credit is just ruthless


#sephora #returns #customerservice #refund


@ES12345 Just curious, did you manage to get your money back? I have also made a purchase 3 weeks ago, but due to delays from BC, the product has not arrived yet. I am concerned that should I need to return it, it will be out of the allowed window. Just curious if you were successful! Thanks 


Hi @LizKaren,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'll send you a message.


Best regards,



Hi  ES-


I don't understand. Are you saying that you received your order too late to get a refund for things you didn't want??? If that's the case, you MUST call Sephora Customer Support, and if you can't get through, write a new post on the Community Page, and tell your story there. First off, other customers need to know that there was a policy change that prevents them from getting their money back. Secondly, you need to call Sephora out on making a change  like this during a time when the majority of people who placed orders during the holidays received their products late, or are still waiting for them to arrive, which is totally unethical! Please let me know if you get a better response (hopefully, get a refund). I feel terrible for you, and for everyone who will be affected by this policy change, who don't yet know it exists! Good luck! I hope you are able to get your money back! ❤️Amanda

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