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Dandruff and Curly Hair

So I know this has been asked a million times, but I need a shampoo or treatment (even an oil!) that will help my dandruff. It’s extremely overwhelming and hardens on my scalp so I have to scratch it for literal hours to get a clear scalp. Like I can make piles of it because of how much is on my head. Even if it’s not a product, does anyone have any advice or life savers? I think I should also mention I have dry, curly, frizzy hair. So if possible, nothing that will dry my hair out more. I’m looking for something that won’t break the bank either. 

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

Absolutely love Verb Ghost shampoo, and when I get a really dry scalp I use the DpHue apple cidre vinegar hair rinse. Both of these products are gentle to the scalp. The verb ghost shampoo is super gentle and is clean, safe product!

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

Hey! For shampoo/cleanser, I recommend using Sunday Riley clean rinse, and I personally use VERB conditioner + Moroccan oil curl creams. My curls have never looked better. Plus my dry scalp has essentially been cured with the clean rinse. 

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

I too suffer from dandruff and have 4c hair, I've been recently introduce to this product by head and shoulders it's called head and shoulders royal oils it comes in a beautiful blue and gold bottles. I've only been using it for about a month but I've seen a really change in my dandruff. 

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

I've been treating my scalp with a combo of mustard oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil.  I let it sit for hours then wash it out.  I've been using a scalp brush as well.  I used to hold off on hair washing (because my stylist used to tell me not to wash my curly, dyed hair so often).  Well, I had to change that since the pandemic, for some reason. I'm not washing my scalp way more often (hair less) but at least doing a scalp cleanse.  Apple cider vinegar also works.  Also, I've noticed that using a humidifier in my room has helped with dryness on not just my hair but skin and eyes (I have dry eyes).  

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

Have you tried using a scalp brush (they're also referred to as shampoo brushes or dandruff brushes)?

It helps remove flakes and product build-up, but also helps the shampoo (or dandruff treatment) get down to the scalp.

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

Yes!! I recently got one and it has most definitely helped. Thank you!!!!

Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

I had the same issues with my hair. Tbh the things that helped the most was using the teatree shampoo. I also got a really good medicated shampoo from my dermatologist so I suggest seeing one. It has worked wonders and I also got an oil treatment from him. For the dry issue I really love using Pacifica's Coconut pro strong and long creamy oil mask, that comes in a mini right now on their website you can buy 3 and get a fourth free in travel size and there only 2.50 each. I love this because a little goes a long way, its a great hair mask and i don't use it on my scalp so it doesn't contribute to product build up or make my dandruff worse. 


Re: Dandruff and Curly Hair

Thank you so much 

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