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Newbie needs helps

  • Hi everyone,


I am new to putting on makeup. I only started about a month ago. I'm having trouble finding a primer that fills in those lines around my mouth, the wrinkles on my forehead, and of course those pesky ones at the concert of the eyes. I also, have blotchy red patches that I want to cover up. I have tried a few primers, NYX pore filler, L'Oreal Infallible and E.L.F to e adjusting face primer, none of which have worked. I would appreciate recommendations on what products work best for taking care of those annoying fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. #saygoodbyetounevenskintone #flawlesscanvas #byebyefinelines #saybyetowrinkles #skincare #skincareroutines #primer #premakeuproutines

Re: Newbie needs helps

Sometimes the answers start at skin care @MrsBCaper 

If your routine is missing something to really hydrate, address redness and your fine lines the primer has too big of a job. 

Now some great primers are,

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Secure the Blur Makeup Magnet Primer 1.18 oz/ 35 mL 

NARS Pro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Universal 


But maybe tell us your day/ night routine and go into details a bit on what your seeing happen to your makeup

Re: Newbie needs helps

Thank you for the tips, and suggestions on what may be the cause. I will give your tips a try and see what comes of it. I appreciate your advice. 

Re: Newbie needs helps

Newbie needs helps @CynthieLu Every morning I put cleanse my face and put on a moisturizer for dry skin. I noticed my skin was rather dry, so I focused on that. I use Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream. While it's hand cream, it is also for use on the face, elbows, knees and lips. Its great for extremely dry even cracked skin. I suffer from an inflammatory arthritis and another medical condition that causes swelling in my leg and foot. Because of this, my skin is worse then most with dry skin. Hence my choice in moisturizer. My face has never been so soft. From there I would put on a primer. With the NYX I found that it dried my skin, even rolled up into little pieces. Best way to describe it would be as if your skin peeled after a sunburn and you rubbed it leaving little rolled up pieces of skin. That's what the primer did once I got rid of my dry patches using the moisturizer. I assume that the primer itself dried out after application. With the L'Oreal it is supposed to smooth and refine canvas. Mattifying primer stops shime and blurs imperfections. When I use this it doesn't give me the smooth canvas. It doesn't fill in my lines around my mouth, eyes, and forehead. Neither one of these products even out my skin tone either. So, I got e.l.f. tone adjusting face primer. I figured that this should hide the red patches, and fill in those lines and wrinkles.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles above my top lip and corners of my mouth, and the wrinkles on my forehead still show. I have tried to see what would happen when I don't use a primer and still the same thing




Here is a few pictures to show what I'm talking about. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken with a filter to make my complexion smoother.


This is an unfiltered, totally bare face. This is perfect to show the redness I want to hide.

Re: Newbie needs helps

@MrsBCaper What your describing is called Pilling


"Applying too much moisturizer or layering too many products together without allowing adequate time in-between steps for your cream/oil/serum/essence to sink in properly makes it harder for other products to grab onto the skin, causing it to roll up on the surface in the form of tiny beads or balls that flake off."


It can also happen just becuase ingredients in our different skin care products don't get along tograther.


So, a few things can cause it, but it just may mean in this case that your face moisturizer, may have ingredients that don't agree with the ingredients in your Primer.

You can give me time between using the two,  allow your moisturizer 30 minutes to absorb before putting on your primer,  but it could still Pill Up.

You may have to try to find one that dosen't react with your moisturizer.


I hope this helps 🩵

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