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Hi I'm almost 15 and I have this really dark, raised mole almost on the middle of my forehead, a little bit to the right and just above my eyebrow. I've been covering since 5th grade with side bangs and they get extreemely annoying and I'm a freshman in highschool now and it's really time to grow them out or start pinning them up. I am soo tired of them, they get in my eyes, my best friends always imitate me sweeping them to the side every few seconds, and I know that it does not look good putting your bangs down every single day and never moving them. Only my family and my best friends have seen me with my bangs up and I really need that to change. So my mole is raised and I need a heavy full coverage concealer/foundation/whatever to hide it. I don't really care THAT much that people can still see a slight bump, I just want something to cover the darkness. So basically I want it fully concealed. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a little bottle of something so I was looking for something that actually works for under 30. PLEASE HELP!! I've never put foundation on or tried anything to conceal it...


Ah, the beauty marks.

You love them one day, hate em the next. I love mine, except for the fact some look like a star constellation on my neck. I had 3 removed last month and the self confidence factor greatly improved. I have insurance, so the cost was between $30-$50 each mole depending on diameter size. The dermatologist does this in house and literally numbs the area with a very tiny needle (feels like a mosquito bite maybe even less), then she/he shaves the mole off, sticks a bandaid on and VOILA! Finished. Mine healed in 1.5 weeks, but she told me if it's on the face itself it would heal in 4-7 days. I mean that's always a great option since the derm. will check your entire body for moles that look suspicious for skin cancer as well 🙂


Spend $20-$40 on good concealers every 6 months or so...

or get it removed for about same price w/ insurance. Without insurance it's around $150-$200


Where did you remove your moles at? 


I have heard good things about Dermablend also. I will add that although a tiny bottle of concealer can be expensive, it will last year forever. Consider getting a brush to put it on as well - it will help blend it.


I am a very mole-y person and I have had moles removed from my face, back and stomach. It isn't a huge deal and generally doesn't leave a much of a scar. It is something to talk to your parents and your doctor about. I'm all for loving yourself as you are, but I also see no harm in fixing something that really bothers you. I've had moles that were very large (like the size of a magic marker cap) and was happy to see them removed.


Dermablend (at Ulta) is supposed to cover tattoos, etc.  I watched their video; it was amazing.


I remember reading somewhere, probably 20 or so years ago, that Madonna used a pencil on her mole to accent it.  She said that the Victorians did this.  Just another way of embracing who you are.


I also understand wanting to cover it.  I had severe cystic acne and wanted so much to be able to hide it.


Can you talk to you mom about how it makes you feel?  Tell her you would like to talk to a dermatologist about it.  S/he would be the one to tell you if you are a good candidate for removing it.


I had a mole removed many years ago, and I can't tell you how much better it made me feel--and that one was on my back!


I have had a mole on the tip of my nose for 40 years. It has always bother me and I was always afraid kids would call me a witch. I also had one by my mouth. As soon as I turned 18 I had the one by my mouth removed. The one on my nose I have learned to live with. ( I have tried to have it removed twice but it grows back) I have realized that I see it more than others. I have to admit that I have not really found a foundation that really keeps it covered really good. KVD has been the best so far. I have learned to play up other features to distract from my nose.


Wow, i felt like i was reading a post about myself....i ha e a mole on the tip of my nose aldo i hate it soooooo bad im 33yrs old and i really wanna get removed but cant find a dr to do it....people are always tslling me to pop my pimple or asking what it is i get so embarassed.....


I know you want concealer tips, but I have to agree with Sparklekai and Ladymeag.  🙂  I too, have had a mole on my forehead all my life.  Mine's above my left eye, almost centered on my forehead.  When I was your age, I hated it.  I felt very self conscious about it, and it didn't help that I also struggled with acne, so I felt my whole face was one big mole at times.  But I'm 15 years older than you are now, and I have grown so used to it that I don't even see it any more.  And what's surprising, is that no one else sees it either.  Babies still smile at me, guys still hit on me, girls still get catty (which I've learned often means they feel threatened by you, so it can be a good thing or a bad thing!  ha ha).  It feels like a part of me, now, and I don't hide it anymore with bangs.  I went to the dermatologist a couple years ago, and he offered out of the blue to shave it down for me if I want.  I was actually offended that he thought I needed it gone!  🙂  But... if you do want a permanent solution, you could do that: have your derm shave it down.  Then it'd be just a brown spot on your skin like a freckle.


On a different vein, the Chinese believe the the location of the moles on your face have deep meaning and insight into your personality and future.  My mole's location means that I enjoy wealth and traveling, but I have bad decision making, am impulsive and indecisive, but still people will have a lot of affection for me.  Ha ha  Do I believe this?  Well, of course all are true.  But I'm sure those are true for a lot of other people too, regardless of moles.  But the thought that my personality could have been slightly predestined and revealed in my mole is a fun, happy thought too.  🙂


During my teenage years, I always was buying concealer to cover acne (it was pretty bad) and now I only use it when needed, a dab. You'll one day realize no one 'really' sees it, just you.


From the drugstore, physician's formula conceal rx covers well - made to cover everything and long wearing - and you don't need a lot. It's liquid to a powder finish, just a dab/pat lightly on the mole.


Picture of this concealer


i have a mole under my right nostril...when i was younger than you i used to try to hide it.  Lucky for me i grew up in a time when cindy crawford was very popular and she embraced her mole.



i learned to do the same and what i realized is that people didn't pay as much attention to it as i did!  If you are going to conceal it the kat von d lock-it tattoo concealer suggested below should work.  if you use a foundation or a bb cream that may take the color down a little so you feel you don't need anything else


But consider embracing yourself as you are!  i know it can be hard, especially at 15 but you will be you for the rest of your life!  the early you learn to love your little quirks the easier things will be down the road!


I'm going to second this. I have a raised mole on my jawline (directly below the corner of my mouth) that I hated when I was 15 - there's no covering something raised that's in the middle of your face in a way that it isn't still obvious what you're covering. Part of what broke me out of hating it so much was I dated someone that had a raised facial mole and not only did it not bother me, it was cute. 

If you want coverage options, I would suggest the Kat Von D Tattoo concealer and Lock-It Tattoo foundation. Very full coverage and you should get a more erased effect with this. 


Okay, I know you really wanted something under 30, but I really reccomend the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer even though it's 45. I'm 15 too and it's kinda a splurge but it's amazing. Cle de Peau is also AMAZING but it costs a fortune. But things more in your price range would probably be MUFE or Tarte. The KVD did have some coverage but it wasn't full in my opinion.  Checkout what LaiceeB18 said (:


I have a few suggestions to try. These are all things I have tried or my sister.


~ TARTE Smooth Operator™ Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer... The waterproof is nice but I never tested it out so I'm not sure if that is actually true... but it did cover up all of my nasties so it might help.


~ KAT VON D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer... It covered a tat so I figure a mole would be no problem.


~ MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer... My sister uses this and loved to coverage. I personally don't know much about it but.... 😛


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