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Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Too Faced Concealer.png


Too Faced and Sephora have partnered to give select members of the Beauty Insider Community early access to a brand new launch from Too Faced: Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer.


Not only does this product conceal, it also contours, highlights, and all with a long-wear natural finish. The formula contains skin-loving ingredients for a photo-ready complexion.

We want to hear your thoughts on this new product! Please share your first impressions and looks on this thread. We look forward to your feedback!


RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Thank you so much to TooFaced and SephoraBIC for giving me this incredible opportunity to try out this new product! Too Faced is one of my favorite brands and I definitely got the butterflies when I was chosen for this 😍 The colors that were sent to me are Snow, Porcelain and Honey, with Porcelain the shade they thought would be the best match for me.


When I first received this product, I was in the middle of moving and did not have access to all of my tools;I attribute this to not having the best first experience with the concealer (spoiler: it gets better!). The first time I used this product I applied the shade Porcelain with a synthetic brush and did not like the result. At that time I did not have a tan so Porcelain was slightly too dark on me and the brush made the application pretty hard since the product tends to set very quickly on me. I brushed this experience off since the color wasn’t right and tried the shade Swan next. Swan was a much better fit for me, but the brush application still wasn’t working and since I had yet to unpack my sponges I wasn’t feeling too good about posting about the product. Everyone was loving this and I wanted to love it too! I know that how it’s applied makes all the difference so I went out and bought a Real Techniques sponge and a BeautyBlender.


I tried the RT sponge first and it still wasn’t blending the product as effortlessly as I had hoped. It was tough to get it to sink in and play along with all of my other face products and I was getting very frustrated. At this point a few weeks have passed since I don’t usually wear concealer (or much face makeup at all) in the summer and was doing my testing on those few days I would put on a full face. I have tanned since my first application and Porcelain is now my right shade, with Snow being too light. I finally broke out the BeautyBlender and omg the difference that it makes! The softness of the sponge compared to the RT and the brush helps the application of the concealer blend in seamlessly. I still have to work fairly quickly with this product compared to other concealers and don’t apply to an area I am not immediately blending out, but the end result is gorgeous. It does not budge or crease and looks so natural. Because it sets so quickly for me, I don’t even really find the need to set this with powder, but a light dusting of an Hourglass ALP works nicely. I have yet to try contouring with Honey, but I am looking forward to it! If you’re looking for full coverage with a natural finish, I think you will really enjoy this concealer.


Thank you so much again to Too Faced and Sephora for partnering with me for this release, I so appreciate it! 💖💕


TLDR: Full coverage, natural finish, sets quickly, use with BeautyBlender 👍

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

@Mcakes so glad you've mastered the application and found out the key to perfect application!


I agree that using a Beauty Blender helps for seamless application. This may not be your favorite technique but I tend to lean towards the lazy girl beauty technique and just tap the concealer on using my finger 😄 I think I'm also may be a bit of a control freak and I know I control the product best when apply directly. Both the BB and tapping on with my finger seem to work well!

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

That's a good idea @KatieBT ! That method works for me with foundations too. Thanks for reminding me that sometimes the best tools are the ones we're born with 😉


P.S. Can't wait to finally meet you in person for Sephoria Heart Heart Heart

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Glad to hear you got it to work for you! and thanks for the tips in your post! 🙂 @Mcakes

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Thank you @Guessgal ! 😄

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Congrats @Mcakes


Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Thank you @angel7594 Heart Heart Heart !

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

I received three shades of this concealer complimentary from Sephora to try, and two of the three work well with my skin tone to highlight and contour. I use the Vanilla under my eyes to brighten and hide dark circles and I use the Honey to contour in place of my regular bronzer. This concealer definitely holds up better with setting powder. I found it settles into the fine lines around my eyes like most concealers, and it looks kind of obvious when I forget to set, so don't forget your setting powder folks! With that being said, with setting powder it holds up beautifully, and does not dry out my skin or crease nearly as much as my Shape Tape. The coverage is good and it blends nicely into my IT CC cream. Overall it is a good product and meets the quality standards that I've come to expect from Too Faced.IMG_20180702_143753_514.jpg




Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

The enabling is real! Sprinted to a Sephora to pick this baby up and I am in love so far! Bravo @toofaced this concealer affictionato is hooked!! I think the shade is a bit light and you can tell this stuff is good because I’m actually thrilled that I get to buy another and will be covered in the Winter 😄


RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

I received this concealer on Monday and all I can say is wow! The coverage is amazing and I’ve used it over top of several different foundations from drugstore to high end and it wears beautifully. The foundations I tested it on we’re Maybelline SuperStay, CoverFX, and YSL All Hours. Let’s break down from start to finish: First, baking with it is amazing and no creases or under eye bumps, I tested it with RCMA Colorless Powder as well as Laura Mercier. Both with great outcomes! Next, wear throughout the day stayed strong and true to original color. No oxidizing (which is a big deal for me being so fair) and it held up well when I would freshen up my makeup with my Evian Mist at certain times. Last, removal was easy and I felt like it comes off without much work. Being that I use it mainly under the eye area, it’s important to have a product with staying power, but that comes off with my facial cleansers easily and not with a ton of pressure in such a sensitive skin area. Overall impression? This will absolutely be replacing my Shape Tape! The ingredients are amazing and the product stays true to shade. Yay Too Faced! The only sad thing about this is that the warm beige one I received as part of my kit is too warm for me. Other than that, the Snow is absolutely for highlight and the Swan I mix with BB cream to create a fuller coverage foundation perfectly. Thank you Sephora! 😘

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Glad you're loving this @FalsiesFan! What a review... I need to try baking with mine!

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

I'm so excited to try this concealer!! Does anyone have an idea of what shade I should get if I use the shade "Caramel" in the Nars radiant creamy concealer?

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Wow, Wayne Goss is *super* into these 👍👍👍


"I love it... I absolutely love it. I think it's better than Nars... in fact, I think... it *is* better than Nars, and its better because there's more product for the same price... and that really, really sticks out to me."


Dang 😎

Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Hi Everyone, I too received the new concealers to try so Thank you Sephora and too faced! I have had issues logging on and posting, infact totally bummed I could not ask my questions on the tata harper chat because of this. I was finally able to post today, phew! I have had a chance to play with the formula, but I can't post how it looks yet as the shades are slightly off for me, so I am hoping to go in store and purchase my shades as I quite like the formula! So much better than shape tape (drying) and I don't think i will go back to shape tape ever! I have normal to dry skin and my under eyes get super crepey usually. I received the shades vanilla, natural beige (light medium neutral) and honey (cool). I lean more olive/golden/warm in the medium range, so I will see whether I match to Golden beige, Sand or Warm beige for the eyes and face, mocha for sculpting. I am so hard to match so it is totally no one's fault there..I am super grateful to recieved and test these as I may not have known otherwise that I neeed this in my life! For me, I do always set my concealer so this formula You do need to set as it us creamier in texture. The best part I loveee about this is the size! As a person who uses concealer everyday and foundation only for special days, I find the 15ml size perfect for me as I run out if concealer faster than anything! No complains there for the price. Thank you again, swatches coming soon!

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Congratulations on receiving these @Anewxa! It’s great to hear that they feel great on dry skin! I hope that once you’re able to grab a shade that works well for your skin tone you’ll enjoy creating many different looks! ☺️

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Woohoo! I hope you love them as much I do! Let us know your thoughts as soon as you’re done playing with them 😉☺️

Thanks! I been trying to post since I got these I was soo...

Thanks! I been trying to post since I got these I was soo excited to be selected! It just the mobile version is bit wonky and I get log in issues with browser lol. So I just lurk or heart comments 😁

RE: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

After almost a week of playing around with this product I have to say I am completely blown away by this product as a concealer. Over the course of my makeup journey I’ve tried dozens of full coverage concealers (my favorites being Tarte’s Shape Tape and MUFE’s Full Coverage Concealer) but this one has replaced them both in my holy grail category. This product is full coverage, long wearing, it doesn’t crease and it doesn’t look cakey. It is beautiful and I can’t get over the amount of product you get for the price. I love the packaging, the wand, the formula, everything! Too Faced knocked it out of the park with this one. As soon as I run out I will repurchase. I also really enjoyed this product as a highlighter, as a contour I didn’t find that the shade really suited my skin tone, (in saying that however I’m more into using powder contours). Overall I think this is a great product for highlighting but a must have as a concealer. Thank you again to Sephora and Too Faced for the opportunity to test out this wonderful product. I can’t put into words how extremely grateful I am to have been chosen for this ❤️

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Hello all! I'm coming in to join the conversation on Too Faced's latest Born This Way concealers. I received my concealers this weekend and have tested them out so I'm here with my thoughts! 


I received two concealers- one to highlight and conceal (?) and one to contour with. I received the shades Swan and Light Beige. Swan is one of the fairest shades in the collection while light beige is in the middle range. Swan is definitely TOO light for me- even though I am pretty fair- so I would say it made a great "highlight" concealer. Light Beige I initially thought would be too fair to be able to give me a nice, sculpted contour but of course I was wrong as it blended out into a beautiful contour. I used a beauty blender to apply both concealer shades as I would normally do to apply my concealer.


Here are my final thoughts on the concealer in general: HOLY MOLY! The COVERAGE? Amaze-balls! This concealer is going to be replacing my Tarte Shape Tape after I have finished my last bottle. The coverage is (believe it or not) higher than Shape Tape! The formula blended out smoothly and worked well with my HG undereye setting powder- Kat Von D's Brightening Powder. If I had to choose a color to match more of my skin tone to actually conceal with, I would have chosen Porcelain or Vanilla, however, as Swan is too fair for me to spot conceal with. Overall, I would like to say AMAZING JOB to Too Faced for taking concealer to a whole different level! You have definitely set the bar high for your rival companies in regards to concealer. IF you could take this formula and make a full coverage, long lasting, transfer resistant foundation- I would be ever so grateful. Again, amazing job to everyone who took a part in launching this new line and BRAVO!


Thank you @SephoraBIC and @toofaced for the opportunity to receive this gratis for testing purposes. I truly enjoyed working with you both and look forward to hearing more about this new collection of wonderful products!


toofaced1.jpgtoofaced2.jpgToo Faced Born This Way wand vs. Tarte Shape Tape wandToo Faced Born This Way wand vs. Tarte Shape Tape wandLight Beige on top, Swan on bottomLight Beige on top, Swan on bottomtoofaced5.jpgtoofaced6.jpgtoofaced7.jpgContour using the shade Light Beige blended outContour using the shade Light Beige blended out

Re: Feedback Wanted: Brand New Too Faced Concealer

Looks great @gonerogue thanks for sharing your pics!

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